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jump start my kaleidoscope heart

already out of foolproof ideas

[but i haven't thought of you lately at all.]
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urgh. *wretchface* revision. but good luck to any of you who have exams right now! which probably isn't many. you weird people with your December exams.
my notes currently include words like dominant, victim and BILBO.

I am amassing a long list of fic to write. this isn't good.

Lush do the best face cleaners ever. it tastes of salt and fruit, which is rather unpleasant. for once, I didn't mean to try it though. which is unusual.

I'm just so... tired, I guess. I'm sleeping lots, just tired. I can't wait for these two weeks to be over.
...I'm also a little worried? okay, a lot worried.

I need to sort out if I'm going to London and things like that. I really do want to, though. fun things? yes plz. ZOO? even more yes plz.

I hate my shitty memory combined with alcohol. went out with Katie, Max and Andrew on Wednesday and many hilarious things were said. however, all I remember is Max yelling 'you're a fag' through the wall and Andrew inappropriately dancing at Max's back. while Max was, um, otherwise occupied. good times, good times. also, never put make up on without checking what the weather outside is like. ahaha, drowned rat look is so in.
I also need new converse. like, yesterday. hopefully I'll see Emmy soon, but thinking of buying some red cons as well. or green.

also, HAY. five months till I'm 21. awesome.

[i know you want to run away.]
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we can has house? )

my god, I totally cannot wait. Chloe and Katie are going to talk more to the landlord tomorrow so. we'll see. there's a few little issues like storage space for the back room, but it can be worked around.


'Pretty. Odd.', huh?
Panic make me gleeful, if not bemused by their punctuation. but hey, just release the goddamn uk dates already.
I'm eyeing the window of time between the Europe mainland dates and the Honda Civic dates hopefully. June is too far away.
I might have to try and convince Katie she wants to see them, haha. but I already have a list of 3 people to go with.
but oh god. I am so looking forward to this. I've been checking the website daily, moreorless, to see the updates on the puzzle.
also, disappearing exclamation marks ftw.


last night was fun, if not slightly bemusingly awkward, in the best possible way.
good nights always end with wet converse and static in my ears.


I feel detached from situations.
this isn't my life defining moment. or does it define my life by saying that?
my logic is always circular.


I have my Skullcandy headphones. ♥
they're green and shiny and awesome.

[i laughed myself to sleep.]
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last weeks are always hectic. more like, totally stress.

I went out and treated myself to my favourite drink ever [cream based java chocolate chip frappuccino with a shot of espresso and a shot of peppermint = bliss, okay?] and a magazine. so now I have a calendar with Gerard Way's creepy face on it. awesome, y/y?

Christmas shopping has been done - for myself. my parents were just basically like 'well, here's the amazon account. you can spend this much money.' I was going to get a ds lite, but I may as well wait until my birthday - everywhere was sold out. duh, I guess. so, included in my list of things is Supernatural, House, Zelda and a few cds. and the rest will go towards going shopping with my grandma. squee, we're taking my cousin as well this year - a semi-emo-ish 15 year old. ahah, he's one of my favourites.

going home pretty soon. Saturday, to be precise. so hey, who is actually still around Birmingham? I'll chase up people at some point soon.

uni wise. um. I'm still a terminal slacker, you know. but I had my project meeting today and I was reassured on a number of counts:
- that I appear to have made some progress.
- that the one idea I have is a good one, and I should concentrate on that one.
- that my supervisor is going to be marking it, ahaha.
- and the best part - it's going to be used in lectures.
quick fyi: my third year project is to design a demonstration for a first year electromagnetics class. it's something... practical! in my second year, we made this weather station thing that, as soon as we'd finished it and got it marked, was wiped clean and disassembled so the next year along could use the same components. but this is something that I can design and it will be made and will actually be useful! oh god, you guys don't know how much that means to me.
so if I start raving about magnets any time soon, just tolerate me, k? ahaha.

Hi Adam. Am I doing it wrong?
If you're asking about life then yes. Completely.

...I always knew there was a reason I liked Rock Sound.

Hellogoodbye tomorrow. been listening to the support acts. that's... uh, that's different.

[let's take a walk out on the broken glass, come on come on come on.]
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interest meme from [livejournal.com profile] the_sell_out

world domination
who doesn't want world domination! [I had a conversation about this the other day - it would be nice to delegate things.]
touchy boylove
see: Panic! at the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Fall out Boy.
death kitty
a fairly emo range of clothes. with cat ears on. I've got one of their jackets which has a hood with cat ears on [which amuses drunk people] and I adore it.
expect the unexpected
back, a long long time ago when I used to watch Cardcaptors [so a little while before I began this journal], one of the characters would always be 'expect the unexpected!' but... wouldn't that make it the expected?
some people [mainly my dad] are all 'yeah, squirrels are just rats with good pr', but honest to good, I think they're adorable. on holiday one year in Canada, we kept seeing this little black squirrels everywhere in the middle of a city. it was rather cute.
ninja pirates
the only solution to the never ending war between ninjas and pirates. you have to admit, they'd be pretty fucking awesome.
I deal with binary a lot on my course - binary addition, logic, that kind of thing. and I don't know, I kind of like it. proof that I do like my course? maybe.


I woke up! coffee is my friend, yo. [people don't let me have coffee normally.]
me and John went Halloween costume shopping - or at least, he brought all of his costume bar a wig, I went 'fuck it' and brought eyeliner. I also had a java chip peppermint frappuccino [did you know I have to google this every fucking time?] that was just what I needed. also, Starbucks makes me think 'you smell of Christmas, Jon.'
[from thursday. I procrastinate on lj.]


in other news, I totally have a crush on Lyn-Z from MSI. she has a really cute smile! [and is really bendy. really. bendy.]
wriggly wriggly joy.

and Pete Wentz, I think you're kind of hysterically amazing. you dressed up as Ryan Ross for Halloween.


you know there's always one person in a flat who plays really loud music? I think that's me.


I woke up and my hair was pink.
[seriously, there's a story behind this! back in my first year, I dyed my hair pink randomly one weekend, and when it got around to my tutorial, midway through, my tutor turned to me and was 'your hair wasn't that colour last week!' seriously, just in the middle of the session. we were talking about it on the train to expo, and the 'I WOKE UP AND MY HAIR WAS PINK' was coined. it got us some weird looks.]
but yeah. I woke up and my hair [and the walls and my face and my shoulder] was pink. Pete Wentz bangs. but in pink.

but I've talked to Sophie, who says I should dye all of it pink/red. it would match. I'm wearing black trousers, a red long sleeved top, a Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirt [black], red and black gloves, red and pink converse and a black cadet hat. oh god, i adore this hat. I've always wanted one, but they look retarded because my head is too big. now I have one.

we saw the most awesome t-shirt ever. robots in disguise.


one of these days I need to get my ass in gear and fucking work.
one of these days.

[you might wake up and notice you're someone you're not.]
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In other news, our microwave is broken! I was talking to Matt [the guy whose friend came with to mujs] and he's pretty sure he knows who it is. The same person who keeps leaving food in the sink and the sides and cooker messy.

I have a new alarm clock and confusion over how to sort my riding lessons. Especially with money. Blargh. I guess I'll have to talk about it on thursday.

I feel super giggly. go figure.

[maybe maybe someday I will update properly. now wish me luck.]

[what a fantastic way to kill some time.]
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dear god, I cannot work out how to pay my fees. =_= or pay for my internets. but! should have internet in my room soon, so I'll stop posting these really quick entries.

I'm watching a lot of House at the moment, and it's actually really good. plus, I'm developing a theory that my favourite characters are always the pretty boys. [plus, I'm sure I used think Jesse Spencer was cute way back in the day.]

saw people at the weekend, and proved I have ridicolous luck with gachapon and pokemon cards. however, none of those were for me. I also brought hideously cute tshirts. there were also lulz.

there's interesting fic being posted all over the place, but I might go look at freshers fair, since the freshers are taking over the computer lab. plus, I meet pina in an hour, and go to annoy sophie at the stall too.

...I played stepmania last night. weird.

[place all your bets and watch me loose.]
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have I mentioned I'm hideously materialistic at times? like, I'll go out to see people, and I'll always come back with something. when I met up with Tegan and Nik last week, it was NME and two cds. today, when I went to swap ds games with Nik, it was some skin toner, two sparkly lip glosses and some hair products. sparkly hairgel, people. SPARKLES. plus, I kind of love the smell of Shockwaves hair products. I have this wax mousse that I swear smells like apples.
how can I resist?

[things I buy too many of: notepads, pens, lip glosses, cds, pants.]

I had a really randomly nostalgic moment this afternoon. I had my window wide open, and was just looking at the pink clouds, even though the streetlight was already on, and couldn't actually see the sunset. I love being in a city, but at times, I like being around here. like, we're just on the edge of the suburbs really - you don't have to go very far to find fields. and a quarry. ...I never figured that one out either.

I'm going to miss the puppies like whoa - when it comes down to it, I've been walking them every day, and feeding them most days at least once. I won't miss the crying whenever we leave them alone, like when we eat. [they're kept in their bed then, to stop them begging at the table/sofa.] I'm gonna miss my parents a bit too. [I miss my brother like a hole in the head. he's not the worst, but he's not the best.]

but... yeah. I can't wait to get back. I think. although, it'll will be better once everyone is back.

tomorrow will be all go. I have most of my washing to do, and all of my packing. and figuring out how to compress my notes. or something. because for some reason, my mother wants me to take them all back. guh.

and lj is no longer going 'no u' at my layout. thank god.

[I'm not sure if my fandom amuses me or makes me feel sad or makes me feel happy. all that's to be said really - the bassist from MSI is hot.]

...maybe I'll, like, go play maple.

[i'm sinking like a stone in the sea.]
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squee. shoes. and clothes.
Finally went shopping for my birthday present with my grandma. and um, since my parents were like 'oh yeah, we'll pay you back for Reading', um, I went a little crazy.
total gets: boy fit jeans, a pink stripy hoodie, penguin and star t-shirt, yellow animal t-shirt, black Rocket dog flats [with hearts and skulls, how cute], matching bra and pants, and socks. :D I blame the shoes and the jeans and hoodie on Emmy, since we were talking about them last week.

so I'm currently wearing the flats to break them in/stretch them. ugh. pain. the size up didn't fit at all, but these are a little tight.
...I totally want more.

also, goddamit, I'm addicted to reading One Piece. I'm currently on chapter 384. ¦D

I also have desires to cosplay. uh, shit.

I want to go back to Manchester and swim. swimswimswim. *makes like a fish*

[you were the worst idea that i have had tonight.]
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I have a strange desire for a polaroid camera and some skullcandy headphones. the second is all your fault, [livejournal.com profile] shuraiya.

I turned on my phone and three requests to do something today, one after the other. popular?

I got my birthday present off my brother today. it's a random poppunk cd that I've had on my pc for a few months [and adore] but it was meant to come with stickers and there weren't any left. but I have a hand written note saying they'll send me one when they have some more in. ¦D

My memory is a strange thing. i can remember some things from when i was younger rather vividly. Like random events. but the things that matter, that's a different story.
A few years ago, a girl from my old school got in contact with me. or at least, her parents, I'm not sure. but long story short, she told me something. told me not to tell anyone. and as things go around, I guess they needed evidence or something. didn't remember any of it. didn't even remember her telling me not to tell anyone.

...I'm going to go eat toothpaste now.

[i've wished summer away waiting for these days, and now i'm just trying to hold onto them before they disappear. what mark have i left - on the world, on someone, on a small small part of something bigger, on myself? all i have to show are pointless ambitions and moments of happiness. won't you come lie in the grass with me? watch the sun set and count the stars? make an afternoon last forever.]

[we're all gonna fall back in love again.]
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Today is a good day apart from one thing. which I shall address first.
my freaking hair straightners are broken and give me static shocks. this is obviously the reason why I was half an hour late.

However, clothes. glee glee. I have a black tshirt with white headphones on [with a little cord to a drawn on pocket], a grey shirt with rainbow stripes, a blue hoodie with rainbow hearts and socks. For the grand total of £14.50. I also have other assorted junk like snacks for the weekend. and Cherry Tango. blisssss.
although, I'm wearing the one tshirt under the other, and i don't know if it looks okay. I love layering tshirts, but my mother says it looks bad. so, who knows.
also, I spent most of this afternoon with one of my favouritest people in the world!
...and did I mention mychem, bitches? aha.
Panic make me happy. just, ugh, how are you so pretty?

oh god, i am so tired. and it will only get worse.

so basically, I will see you all on Sunday evening! me [and most of my flist based in England, i think] are heading to Tokonatsu. an anime con. in a field. \o/ I'll have my phone on me, so text me if you need me, aha. and I'll probably make a phone post.
catch you on the flip side.

[my tongue will taste of gin and malicious intent.]
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so, huh, chocolate. I'm currently trying out my new chocolate facemask, and it's a little itchy. I won't tell you what it tastes like, because even I'm not that stupid to try it.
[list of things I have eaten: apple conditioner, strawberry bubble bath, and most recently, chocolate/coffee/orange shower gel. '...it has a soapy aftertaste!' '...well, yeah.']

Emded up in town with Nik, Neko and Mike yesterday, and I brought junk. :D I'm not that much of a girly-girl, but when I buy cosmetics/bath stuff, I go all out. So I have three things from Lush [shower gel, face wash and a face mask, which means, damn, is my skin nice] and some stuff that turns eyeshadow into eyeliner. Also, Appletizer, but I drank that.
Neko's shoulder is now her face. Anyone who knows me should know how many 'your face' jokes I make. I'm the very model of maturity.
It's so good to see people. Just to hang around and make silly jokes and look around shops and watch people blowing bubbles. and the doughnuts. ....could have done without going in every computer games shop in Birmingham though. [not quite, but nearly.]

My great uncle is in hospital. The kind where it's unlikely he'll come back out again. Which is just kind of... meh, on so many levels. There's issues with who the doctors tell what to and all that, as well as the whole, well, not likely to come back bit. I feel sorry for my grandma.

Home makes me stress.
But we watched Heroes, so that's one good thing.

[we'll shake up this town and shoot down the stars for our enjoyment.]
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I am swimming in hoodie.

Turns out that girls large- was a large. I misread the page XD
It's a little long and a little too long in the arms. But oh well. But literally, swimming in it.
It will be fantastic in winter.

...Plus, it's a Panic hoodie. :D

Is there any song on I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love that isn't about vampires? srsly.

...Oh my god. Hemingway is the coolest dog ever.
[new fob video with catgirls, breakdancing post men, and talking dogs. i am happy.]

[That's all you need to know, you have it or you don't.]
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Well, you know. That's really fucking weird.
England. Are doing well. In a cricket match, of all things! So hay there, alternative universe.

I am unable to go into the city centre without buying cds, it seems. Today it was the first MCR album, and the two Taking Back Sunday cd/dvds. My weakness.

Exam went kind of well - apparently the same questions were on the 05 and 06 papers, but I'd been going through all the notes. Which we didn't need. Feh.

Multiconvos are kind of love.
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[Let me be honest, let me be the one to shake you home.]
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It's really great knowing I don't have to be in the labs for 9. So half the time I turned up at 10 anyway, shut up. What's not great is looming exams.

However, my birthday is just over a month away, how did that happen? I'm totally not sure what I'm doing - I mean, I plan to do something in Manchester after the exams, but as for my actual birthday... I might do something at the weekend for more people, but anyone want to come just hang around with me? I'll chase after people later anyway.

Me and Keith ended up going shopping [yep, I make him go make up shopping with me. I attack him with the glitter blushers.] and they had gifts if you spent over a fiver. It's a little make up bag with faries and flowers on it [but is still possibly kind of ugly] but it had eyeshadow and nail polish. Um, not that I really wear nail polish. But it's shiny nail polish.
I'm just a whore for anything pretty and sparkly, it's true.
Also, it's cool to hang out with Keith, for we make far better friends. And I get to sound all pretentious and shit while actually helping.

I'm going to be awol pretty much all weekend - going to the cinema, then out, then home. It's a weekend of madness. I'm going out for the lovely [livejournal.com profile] eleclya_m's birthday tomorrow, and on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, it's my grandma, my brother, my uncle and my dad's birthdays. Pretty freaky.
I got my dad the first Life On Mars dvd, which kind of sucks, since I would rather like to watch it. Just to see where I actually know. [We were watching the last episode, when Sam stands on the roof... And me and my dad were both 'that's not Manchester!]

Also, Pinali should never take me out drinking, she encourages me to have shots. Come out with me more, Pina!


3 interests, 3 icons meme. Comment? :P

Battle Royale
- Japanese horror/thriller, I guess, film about a class of high school students dumped on an island and ordered to kill each other. A little fucked up, kind of gross. But interesting, The sequel kind of sucked, but I enjoyed it, as weird as it is to say.

Fruits Basket
- One of my favourite anime/manga series, with a really weird plot. As I described it to my mother when she was watching it with me 'So, there's a family, and they all get turned into animals when they're hugged by a member of the opposite sex. And this random girl goes to live with them.' ...And really, it's better than it sounds. It's a lot about family, and finding a place to belong and being accepted for yourself.

- Kind of an old interest, but they're interesting animals, I guess.

fireflies sparkle
- It's some of Kurt Halsey's artwork, and I like fireflies. And I like sparkly things. It was also part of my effort to stop having so many anime icons.

potc - yo fucking ho
- Got this right after Dead Man's Chest, when I was 'okay, need icons!' I like having icons to represent being pissy, because I get annoyed a lot. And plus, Norrington is kind of cool, even if he is one of the bad guys.

fall out boy - pete - narnia
- So I love Fall Out Boy, but I also like making fun of them. And a picture like this is just asking for it really. Because he is hanging up in a closet. [It's a picture from the lyrics booklet from Infinity On High] Oh, Pete Wentz. You kind of terrify me at times.

[I die everytime you're on his side.]
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...so like, Panman replaced the Mujs forums for a bit today. I seriously laughed at that one.

I've also got myself a wifi usb thing, so awesome. And uh, I need to stop spending my money.

One coursework down, one piece of project work almost done. So like, if I can get it working tomorrow, it means I have fuck all [apart from the report] to do and then it is over.

People! Come see me! I beg you! But also make me revise.

Annnd apparently we're off to Satan's tonight. Hmm. And um, I'm late.

[i know, she knows, i'm not from new oscott. ...well, i'm not.]

Also, I can hear when Man United score. Like, I can hear the screams from the football ground. [or whatever just happened.]

[In ashes to ashes, I'm falling, falling. In ashes to ashes, I'm losing, losing.]
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Meme gankage from [livejournal.com profile] shuraiya, wherein you leave a comment with the person who is posting the meme and they go into your interests - they pick three of your interests and have you explain them in an entry! And then other people ask you to pick their interests! :D

Kicking the Iso
- Okay, you may or may not know I used to date [livejournal.com profile] isonekobaka. There was great angst and emo revolving around it, whatever. And some point after the breakup and getting to be friends again, there was kicking. Because I'm a little bit violent. And kick him. A lot. And in our 'oh my god we are so totally cool' way, me and a friend added it to our interests. And then other people added it. So it kind of spiralled. Jesus condones kicking the Iso! [Someone added the interest on a spoof lj.] We love our drama! ...No, really, we don't but it's all good now.

Pocketsized pop-punk boys
- Because Panic! At The Disco are tiny. They're probably not that tiny, but it is just how the fandom sees them. They're so tiny and cute. It's really a case of stealing interests from comms I'm in. [and plus, I'm kind of really into them at the moment.]

Cheap plastic toys
It's a throwback to when I still liked Gundam Seed. They had it in their interests, and I thought 'hey, that's kind of funny.' And plus, I love cheap plastic toys. I have two tins full of random junk on my desk, current contents including a Hello Kitty pencil topper, some Naruto phone charms, hairclips, my keyring chewtoy [it's bendy and comes to pieces, fun to gnaw on], paper clips and some badges.
In fact, I have a whole drawer dedicated to my random cheap toys and shiny things. I'm like a magpie.


Today was kinda fun. Bar the falling asleep every five minutes because people decided to drag me into multiconvos at midnight!
I'm not complaining, mind you.

At lunch, ended up playing frisbee with Keith, Rob and Rob's friend [k I suck at knowing people's names] and later joined by more people in our year. And yeah, I suck at frisbee. But it was fun.
After that [including demonstration of our project, but that's boring] met up with Pin, Ani and random quiet person. And it was fun. Stealing cherries! Innuendo that wasn't. ['Swallow!' *chokechoke* 'D: Stop being twisted!']

And there was also shopping, because when isn't there shopping. I said 'keep me away from the make up because I always have to buy some!' and Pin says 'I need to go look at the make up!' So I brought some. And then Anisha goes 'I want to go to TK Max!' And I always buy t-shirts there. However - lilac t-shirt with a dragon fly and the text 'I'm a great catch' is win.


This song is one that always makes the hairs on my arm stand up and makes me shiver.

Loads of songs do that. Kind of crazy.

[We only want to sing you to sleep.]
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Okay, shopping for clothes sucks. I do have a pair of jeans that was a) cheap and b) fits perfectly, but... yeah.
Kick boxing time!

Gets - Primark jeans, that are actually gorgeous and have pockets and are not skinny jeans. As I already said, they fit nicely. I love baggy jeans. Although they are somewhat lacking with pockets - going from combat jeans with hundreds of pockets makes me sad.
Animal tops~ Okay, I'll admit it. I have an addiction to Animal tops. But there's a light green one [with a camper van on the front, I am so cool, not] and a black and pink one.
Jewellery! Brought some cheap lame earrings [which I may or may not be allergic to, but the pretty wins] and a shell necklace.
Make up, for I am a make up whore. Seriously. I have brought about three different eyeliners in the last few weeks. Why do I need blue eyeliner? Answers on a postcard.

Ugh, seriously, I am not wanting to go to uni! Plus the sunlight is kind of blinding.
I like procrastination, and I hate C.

I also kinda need to tidy up. Already.

I cannot wait until Pokemon. For serious.

"We all have things about our friends that make us slightly envious. Not in a bad way, but in a 'WOW! I wish I had that person's hair/eyes/money/relationship/toenails/whatever!' So tell me what about me makes you envy me... then post this in your LJ and see what makes me envious of you."

[okay, go on, who's going to the predictable thing and say 'your chest'?]

[edit: most useful hour in uni ever. I got halfway there and stopped to talk to one of my group members for an hour.]

Voice Post:
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8D So hay, we got voice posts.
And wow, I sound like that?

I have hobo gloves and new trousers. :3 S'all good. And pajamas~

We also got attacked by Scientologists interviewers and gotten given £10. Free money is the win.

[Break from the mould, never do what you're told.]
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In Affleck's, there's a shop that sells anime stuff, including a poster of Squall and Rinoa. With the Final Fantasy X-2 logo. Ahaha, what? Also, in HMV, on the film dividers was entitled 'Crazy Guy With Kung Fu'. Unfortunately, the movie wasn't actually called that. We also killed a model in Travelling Man, and decided that Gloomy Bear is the result of Kody + candy floss.

So, yesterday. Despite all the odds, was a pretty rocking day. There was some fuss with pen drives and late reports and the possibility of losing 50% of the marks for said report which I don't want to talk about. However, met up with Pinali after my group meeting, and we mall-ratted around. She is far too lovely. And I am far too giggly and prone to yelling 'thumbs!'. And have no control over spending - I ended up buying two pairs of arm warmers and new converse, because hey, black-and-pink. They weren't even being displayed, but I asked one of the people, and they were all 'Don't think so, but I'll go check.' Turned to Pin and was 'The last time this happened, I ended up with a ds.' And it turned out they did have them. So I'm happy.
We also went to mujs, which - while I still am totally uninterested in all the anime being shown - totally rocked. Which is good. I ended up going to the Grovel with a couple of people - who know [livejournal.com profile] eleclya_m as well, god, I feel like a stalker - and sat and drank and talked for a bit. Because, yay, socialness. Because I'm always nervous about the differences between what people say and what they mean. People might say they'll ask me along to do something, but might never do. Hmm.

To be honest, there were loads of really funny things said last night, and I don't remember any of them. Like, I swear we were going to tell Loki something, but I forget.
...Oh, yeah, that was it. Somehow, me and Pinali are Loki's offspring. Because we are internet memes, and Loki is the internet.

Also, I realised how much of a geek I was. My favourite xkcd comic is the one with the mathematical functions and the heart and I never could figure out the last one. [Because my course is almost as geeky as I am, so we know maths. I'm sure we know more maths than the maths students.] I figured it out the other day, and I was so happy. Ahaha, I'm awful.
[...should i, like, quit with all my geeky rambles? i seem to keep doing that lately.]

[I'm sitting here, wearing a Nightmare before Christmas shirt, black and pink converse and stripy red arm warmers. All I'm missing is the skinny jeans, but ew, no. If I ever wear skinny jeans, shoot me.]

[Best friends, ex-friends till the end.]
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Okay, I'm pretty much loving Infinity On High. Apart from This Ain't A Scene, but you knew that. I want a mini shopping spree yesterday - brought Infinity on High, some new underwear and stuff [omg emo pants :D].

'we are backstage at civic hall in wolverhampton - a city outside of london.'
...Uhhh, what? Haha. Although, as Ellie pointed out, for some Americans, anywhere that isn't London is outside of it. I'm still giggling over this a little.

Emo music is bad for me, it makes me giggly. It doesn't make me emo, just hyper. Hyper is a bad thing, because I have stories stuck inside my head, and I can't get them out. Which makes me sad.
Although I'm making schemes and extracting promises from people to come with me the next time bands tour. I'm crazy like that.

I did go to the doctors, finally. And everything is moderately sorted - the diagnosis is that everything will be better if I lose weight. So I need to really look into judo or karate or something already. But it all kinda works out, I would like to feel better about what I look like. Although - 34FF? Booya. That's always an ego boost, right.

So, oh yeah. It's been a great weekend.

[oh wait, there's the crash.]

...I'm going to laugh at myself now, because I am so goddamn emo. :3 I love myself. ♥
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