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jump start my kaleidoscope heart

already out of foolproof ideas

[friends only.]
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comment to be added.

[i'm a ghost overground on parade.]
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We don’t tell each other what we think of each other enough or how much we mean to one another. It's nice to just reach out sometimes and give a little love, so make my day and post a comment anonymously (or while logged in) telling me how you feel about me, what you think of me or anything you like.

Then post this on your journal and see what people think of you.

anon commenting is on. go wild.

(no subject)
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[livejournal.com profile] derventiodiva, [livejournal.com profile] lone_star_aggie, [livejournal.com profile] thelavalampgirl!

suggest rules you think we should get rid of, due to sheer number of rules.

[also, I'm totally drinking if Seb is reminded of the safety car rules, ahah.]

the rules, as lifted from the facebook page. )

[i am on the mend.]
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let me just say this.

[livejournal.com profile] kiraras_lemon is a fucking star. she is one of the people who I know will always help me out, listen to me and tell me when I'm a complete idiot.
and when it's okay for me to say 'no, i can't do this.'

thanks for everything. ♥ when all these exams are over, you, me, and a fuckload of bandom dvds.


i am on the mend,
at least now i can say that i am trying,
and i hope you will forget,
the things i still lack.
yeah. yeah.

[we've got so much thread and space to waste, waste, waste.]
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Walker: And what's the problem if Ryan and Brendon were actually dating, you know? There's not really any problem with that.
Smith: Because they might be.

you boys are always my favourites.


other news, one down, three to go. I FEEL APPRECIATED!! and all that.

[so progress report - i am missing you to death.]
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last night, I was feeling really worried about my exam - more specifically, oversleeping and missing the exam, since it's been a long time since I've had a morning exam.

so of course, I woke up somewhere around 4, and have been awake since. so those 5 alarms I set? kind of useless. well, in 5 hours, this one at least, will be all over.
at least showers make me feel more human.

now time for last minute revision!

[it's still dark out. come back, summer!]


people should come to manchester soon.

[but i haven't thought of you lately at all.]
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urgh. *wretchface* revision. but good luck to any of you who have exams right now! which probably isn't many. you weird people with your December exams.
my notes currently include words like dominant, victim and BILBO.

I am amassing a long list of fic to write. this isn't good.

Lush do the best face cleaners ever. it tastes of salt and fruit, which is rather unpleasant. for once, I didn't mean to try it though. which is unusual.

I'm just so... tired, I guess. I'm sleeping lots, just tired. I can't wait for these two weeks to be over.
...I'm also a little worried? okay, a lot worried.

I need to sort out if I'm going to London and things like that. I really do want to, though. fun things? yes plz. ZOO? even more yes plz.

I hate my shitty memory combined with alcohol. went out with Katie, Max and Andrew on Wednesday and many hilarious things were said. however, all I remember is Max yelling 'you're a fag' through the wall and Andrew inappropriately dancing at Max's back. while Max was, um, otherwise occupied. good times, good times. also, never put make up on without checking what the weather outside is like. ahaha, drowned rat look is so in.
I also need new converse. like, yesterday. hopefully I'll see Emmy soon, but thinking of buying some red cons as well. or green.

also, HAY. five months till I'm 21. awesome.

[and we'll have halloween on christmas.]
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so, the [livejournal.com profile] nightmare_xmas reveal! ♥
[my fic is now over at [livejournal.com profile] premixed if you fancy reading.]

also did another quick friendslist trim. sigh. people keep abandoning lj.

revision makes my head implode.
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[i know you want to run away.]
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we can has house? )

my god, I totally cannot wait. Chloe and Katie are going to talk more to the landlord tomorrow so. we'll see. there's a few little issues like storage space for the back room, but it can be worked around.


'Pretty. Odd.', huh?
Panic make me gleeful, if not bemused by their punctuation. but hey, just release the goddamn uk dates already.
I'm eyeing the window of time between the Europe mainland dates and the Honda Civic dates hopefully. June is too far away.
I might have to try and convince Katie she wants to see them, haha. but I already have a list of 3 people to go with.
but oh god. I am so looking forward to this. I've been checking the website daily, moreorless, to see the updates on the puzzle.
also, disappearing exclamation marks ftw.


last night was fun, if not slightly bemusingly awkward, in the best possible way.
good nights always end with wet converse and static in my ears.


I feel detached from situations.
this isn't my life defining moment. or does it define my life by saying that?
my logic is always circular.


I have my Skullcandy headphones. ♥
they're green and shiny and awesome.

[cigarettes keep you skinny and your mind off the rain.]
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someone got kind of bored today.


+1 )

now all I need is an actual haircut. also, fear my squinty eyes. I can't control it.
...and yes, that's a vg cats shirt. I have the best boyfriend.

[if you started breathing, i'd court you exclusively.]
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who is this Michael that my parents keep talking about?
[my mother can't read 'My Chemical Romance'.]

packing all my stuff up into boxes again. tomorrow is going back day.
I'm getting stressed being here again. sleepy sleepy not good.

I am in serious need of a haircut. and some hair dye.

[when i'm talking to myself, i'd always rather be talking to you.]
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new layout~ [livejournal.com profile] kthxrawr!
that... really shouldn't have taken me most of the day to edit. but it looks so sexy.

[you don't have to worry.]
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there's no snow. I feel somewhat cheated.

new years was awesome.

so much to say, so little words. I have a Heffalump.

[i confess, i'm messed up.]
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year in review meme )

so yeah. '07 has been a hell of a year. ♥

ALSO WHEN DID I BECOME THE GIRL WHO KNOWS EVERYTHING. or has a burning desire to find everything out.


I'm off to spend new years eve with some awesome girls.I have zelda to play on the train, and the promise of alcohol and showers. [umm. our shower here is broken.] I have epic fic to read when i get back.
catch you on the flip side.

[i've been here once before, you keep me running in circles.]
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yesterday was amusing in the end. for a while, I hid upstairs with the eldest of my cousins - he's 3 years younger than me and is off to uni next year, probably the same uni as me, aha - playing with his iPhone and talking music. iPhones are kind of super annoying to navigate. but he's got pretty good music taste - likes Fall Out Boy, Brand New and a fair amount of indie too.
he was an elf again. oh man, that never ever gets old. this year, he had no tights. err, do not want.

although looking at the entry I just linked to, oh god, were the puppies ever that small? they were almost pocket sized back then.

Boxing Day is the only day I can get away with having apple pie and ice cream for breakfast. :D

I just watched the adaptation of one of my favourite childhood books - Ballet Shoes. had a load of well known English actors and Emma Watson was actually quite good in it. they added random romance in though. but I remembered what a brat Posy was in it. I didn't like her much, ahaha. her dancing teacher has a stroke and her reaction is 'I'm not crying for Madam, I'm crying for me. what about my training?' she runs away from home to see a Russian dancing instructor who offers her a place in an academy in Prague, when her guardian doesn't have enough money to keep them in England. so her eldest sister gives up her dreams for it. [performing in movies as opposed to theatre.]

god, so tired lately.

[don't call me up when the snow comes down.]
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public service announcement.

Merry Christmas, motherfuckers! ¦D ♥

ahaha. have a fantastic day~

...I don't know whether to be amused or not that my parents keep buying me Doctor Who gifts. I have an annual and a sonic screwdriver. pwned.
I also have a ds lite that is not a Christmas present. pwned x2.

did anyone else see the Shrek Christmas special thing? oh god, Puss In Boots playing the the fuzzy thing on top of his hat. 'I have shamed myself.'

[last year's wishes are this year's apologies.]
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the year in review meme - post the first line from the first entry of each month.

So wow, the whole going home and sleeping thing?
the fall out from Ellie's new year's party, messing up my exams, breaking up with my boyfriend. also, high winds caused an exam to evacuated, which I find hilarious. [scaffolding was falling onto the building apparently.]

im on ur frends page, stalkin u.
I posted memes. also, got into bandslash and was never quite the same again. changed my user name. also, I think this was the time I began talking to [livejournal.com profile] eleclya_m more again, and added her to lj. *squish*

Yesterday's moment of looking like a complete spaz [bar the being unable to open doors and find my way around buildings, but that's all normal] - going to the library and checking 4 somewhat trashy teen novels.
I read an awful lot of books. met [livejournal.com profile] boonehwabbit and began going to mujs more! this was the month when I got told there was a real possibility of me being bumped down a level on my degree, from four years to three. this wasn't happy making.' the Leeds and Reading line ups were released, and I died a little inside.

Monday was a fantastic day.
spent some time hanging around in parks with a pretty awesome girl. had a minor crisis about my lack of faith and it being Easter. I got Reading tickets and Pokemon Diamond! my ongoing 'something' with a friend of mine got weirder, with me eventually backing off. spent an awesome day in London with some awesome people. invited myself to a birthday party and came out of it with a crush and some new friends.

That was, um, potentially rather stupid.
I told someone I liked them, received a somewhat non-committal answer and spent the rest of the month spazzing out about it. my computer died a horrible, horrible death. term finished and exams began. as generally goes with exam times, I brought a load of cds and pens.

Three down, one to go! It went... okay?
exams finished, noodles were eaten, partying was done. someone said 'wow, you have friends now.' I moved back home for the summer and turned 20. people thought I was 18.

I seem to keep doing this - ending up coming home from things a day early.
went back up to Manchester for a day, expressed my desire to life with Sophie a lot. had long talks until 5am. [the friend mentioned above gets weirder.] this summer, I spent a lot of time watching dvds, ironing and walking puppies. that's like, the whole of this month. also, emoting over Lord of the Rings, saddest film in the world, y/n? I get my exam results, and all is okay for another year!

so it turns out, I am being paid for ironing in mychem tickets.
I did a lot of ironing and puppy sitting this summer. also, Tokonatsu, Amecon and Reading, three events of sheer awesome. people guess that I'm 17.

I really don't understand this, lately I just feel really happy.
I move back up to Manchester, see all my friends again and watch porn. ¦3 I met a guy and post the first of many flailing entries about him. I also begin spending a lot of time on Katie et al's sofa. I also spend £50 on gig tickets in my first week back.

quick heads up to all who live relatively near me
I post lots of pseudo cryptic entries. Sophie ends up telling the guy I like him. I am hideously embarrassed. more time is spent on the sofa.

world domination - who doesn't want world domination!
I see two gigs on two consecutive evenings and get into uni for 9am the morning after to do coursework. I'm awesome. I get a boyfriend. [all that flailing paid off eventually.] I almost get hit by a bus, but have an awesome day anyway. conversations in lyrics are had via text.

drunked livejournal posts are always the win.
moreorless a constant blur of 'oh shit, deadlines.' saw Hellogoodbye for the second time. then I moved back home for the holidays. ahaha, that's about it?

so, 2008. I have a fair few things to look forward to.
- new Panic album! aha, yes, I'm sad. but I'm also slowly getting a group of people to go see them live with me.
- Amecon and Auchinawa!
- HOUSE. oh god, you have no idea how much I'm looking forward to living with Katie, Sophie, Jade and Chloe. ♥

I need to make a list of who I have actually seen live this year.

[we kissed on a corner then danced through the night.]
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ugh, would anybody be willing to quickly read over a fic for me tonight/tomorrow? preferably someone who isn't squicked out by bandom, ahaha.
it's... almost done. just incredibly late.

in other news, my report was handed in, I'm at home, and it's bloody freezing. we have a christmas tree and my dvd burner has quit working.
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[how can i check lost and found if i'm too busy getting down?]
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I can has pick and barrier?

awesome like whoa. Hellogoodbye were good at Reading, but awesome tonight. many implications at sex with Say Anything. who were also good.
Go:Audio were also good.

dying now. brb.

[we're havin havin havin fun.]
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so at the moment, I'm really whoring out the anon meme [part 2!]
leave more comments, or reply to the replies I left on the first one?

Hellogoodbye~ ♥