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Birthdate:Jun 13
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

i am heaven sent, don't you dare forget
T H E   T H I N G S   I   A M
Julia. A twenty-something. A Londoner. A lady.
Excitable. An introvert. An extrovert. A walking contradiction, but a good one. A procrastinator extraordinaire. In love with pretty things and words. Techno-joyful. Free. A reader. A writer. A good friend. A Sebastian Vettel fan. A good person. A little flaily. Thoughtful. Sometimes too nice. A Gryffinpuff. A people person...mostly. Musical. A fan of fandom. A little bit batshit. Weird. Wonderful.
the fever; the focus
T H E   T H I N G S   T H A T   M A K E   M E   ,   M E
Formula One. MotoGP. Football. Tennis. TV. Bandom.
Sebastian Vettel. Jaime Alguersuari. Jenson Button. Red Bull Racing. Dani Pedrosa. Marc Marquez. Cesc Fabregas. Robin Van Persie. Wojciech Szczesny. Laurent Koscielny. Arsenal. Villa. Gilles Simon. Fernando Verdasco. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Merlin. Strictly Come Dancing. Next Top Model. Panic! at the Disco. Brand New. Fall Out Boy. Muse. Scott Pilgrim. Lord of the Rings. Narnia. Pirates of the Caribbean. The Lion King. Star Wars. Harry Potter.
Getting up at stupid o'clock to watch F1. Pizza. Red Bull. Sushi. Coke (the liquid). Pretty things. Fic! Books. Movies. General silliness.
is that what you call a getaway?
T H E R E ' S   A   P L A C E   I   G O
Twitter. Tumblr. Fic Journal.
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