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Still sniffly, still tired. Now allergy induced asthma[?] has been mentioned, I should really just go to the doctors already. I'm also sneezing up blood occasionally.

Yesterday, after picking up my brother from the station, we headed over to my cousins' holiday house. That kind of makes it sound all exotic, but it's just near the Welsh border, so countryside and hills and that kind of thing. And my cousins are insane as they always are. Which means, yes, a 8 year old tried to beat me up.

Friday night was really good fun! *hugs Katie*
Although at this rate I'll be heading to 42s again next week with Tegan. I need some distraction anyway.

Uni is going... okay, I guess. Got 82% in my Data Networking coursework [read: what I dragged to London with me and did part of on the train.] We were also the only group to get as far as we did in the project. Fuck, am I glad that's over.

It seems what I did was really stupid after all. But what can you do, but try and piece it all together after?

I caught Diagla last night/this morning. I was expecting some epic, great battle. Down to my last pokeball, and all that. Um, no. First dusk ball I used, what? Shouldn't be that easy.

And Spiderman endorses emo fringes. seriously.
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[And I'll run, this is where we both break free.]
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Friends codes plz? :D
4338 8985 5747
and I'm playing Diamond. :D

So yeah! My wifi came yesterday.

I'm still sleeping really awkwardly, win. Recently, it's been like, 5 - 8, 11 - 4, 12 - 8. Can't you just... average it out?
I also have a few paragraphs of the report to bullshit out before 12. uh, k.

Overpriced Chinese food sucks.


Tonight, I'm going to do a huge sort out/getting up to speed, so um, don't worry. I'll get back on top of things.

[eta: Um, wow. This is right by where I live.]

[And we've learned that life is one big game, where the winners are all getting paid.]
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I am awesome again! Because dancing makes me feel awesome. My feet hurt and I can't hear properly and my throat hurts and my ear is itchy and maybe I'm crushing and my hair feels ratty and soggy and my shoes are soaked through--
But that's part of what makes it awesome.

Caffeine is my anti-drug, but it's still a drug, I guess.

However, emos doing the conga. What. But so many songs, so much dancing and headbanging and being silly. Screaming 'die young and save yourself' also works! Dancing from 12 to 3 seems a lot longer, but the rain feels so good when you're finished.
[livejournal.com profile] miss_ren, [livejournal.com profile] black_sonnet, srsly at some point - come here with me! [livejournal.com profile] acestar too! Or anyone!

Also, why is the indie society following me? ahaha.


In random fandom related news that nobody really cares about, wtf tattoos.


Region unlocked? Yes plz. We'll be checking that one out soon.

[You're so nineteen-ninety, and it's nineteen-ninety-four.]
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Some things are awesome, and some are not. And some words are just overused.

+ TWICE in the week and a day I've been back at uni, two of my tutors have gone 'do I know you?' because of my hair. Ahaha, what. However, it doesn't quite beat the 'you woke up and your hair was pink?' from my first year tutor.
- We do nothing in our tutorials of any worth.
+ We began talking about where the money in the university goes. We are so random. And our tutor agrees with us on the pointlessness of tutorials! [My answer: 'Open day lunches :D']
+ My projectwork is suddenly a lot easier because they decided to change how we're doing it.
- I still have to do it.
- Coursework in for tomorrow. And I'm being a troll instead.
+ Pokemon has shipped. My pokemans, let me show you them.
- It is raining today, and I snapped my umbrella in half. I brought it last week too.
+ I finally have lemsip and proplus.
+ I am feeling much better! I always feel worse in the mornings, but thank you for all the love. ♥
- I'm becoming an internet meme. [why is not internet a word, semagic! it is a valid word! believe me and my data networking notes on this!]
- I find random people cute, which is bad. Really. [ahahaha, what am i like? completely awful is the answer.]

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Ok~ weekend of the 21st/22nd. there's a Pokemon event in Manchester :D with legendaries and shiznit.

So, uh, people! Come with me.

And also, for kicks, Dan actually exists.