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jump start my kaleidoscope heart

already out of foolproof ideas

[i keep telling myself, i'm not the desperate type.]
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mm, comfort clothes.
that might sound weird, but I'm wearing my jeans and hoodie over my pajamas. a sign that today totally isn't a waking up early and being serious day. I have [not quite] just woken up. sleeping for twelve hours. mm.


last night was kind of long. the anime screening was good - Haruhi is moreorless a given, I think, as well as Black Lagoon because the dub is hilarious. then there was drinking. which is why I got in at around 2.30am.
conversation of the evening was someone saying 'I hope so-and-so doesn't remember when this thing happened'. and... told us what had happened. thus defeating the point.

also, people who get militant about music make me want to punch them in the face. I don't give a fuck if you don't like my music. just don't patronize me because of it.


[Poll #1070716]

[all of these awkwardjumpstartstalling conversations mean much more to me than anything.]
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I am finding songs that break my heart.


today, I wasted three hours. by going to the open day for a course I'm not even doing. I got a kitkat out of the deal.

also, huh, how about that. semis.
...I don't even like rugby.

I have to be up again in about 3 hours. urgh. getting Pico back [sans working dvd drive, but I have two computer science students who have offered their services. oh yeah, I went there.]

The party was... interesting. same story as 42s - didn't eat enough in the day, so got rather drunk. ran out of mixers so ended up drinking vodka almost straight. Sophie added cider. which I hate.
had some good conversations, especially ones about Disney, lectures and violence - even if we did almost get run over. oh, some days I'd just like to read more into it.
we also talked about cat macros and /b.
mikeyway clone was there. ironically, called mike.

I'm not quite sure to do with myself, any suggestions? take a risk, play it cool, go to sleep? choices, choices.


Reply to this post and I will list three things I love about you. Then repost to your own journal and spread the love.

[we hide and go seek, and you know they'll never, never, ever find us.]
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good Reading news on two fronts! We have tickets again! booyah. and also, in my attempt to be super cheeky, I was telling my parents I really hadn't had much for my birthday - at the current moment, it's a hoodie and a tshirt - so could I have more money for Reading. and they were 'um, didn't we pay for Reading?' 'uhh, no, I did.'
...long story short, as long as I iron and my mother's work people have a spare power supply for my pc [moar on that later], I'm getting my Reading money back. Which is like, £180. ahhh man, you have no idea how freaking awesome that is. booyah x2.

continuing on my endless quest to get my computer fixed... my dad phoned up Dell yesterday to find out that, um, yeah, the guarantee ran out nearly a year ago. he emailed them later, and found out we could buy a new psu off them and install it ourselves. dell then denied having that part and refused to let my dad talk to a supervisor. yeah, I know, some people say dells are shitty pcs [and guess what, if that's all you have to say then stfu plz :] ] but we've been using them for the last 20 years, almost. yeah. not happy.
but, as I said, the guys at my mother's work might have one for free. booyah.

also, my dad is getting a new car. strange. but in time to take me back up north. [i miss the north.]

basically, yes, I'm an overdramatic so-and-so, which means that- it's time to talk about ame, bitches. [photos will be later. but who really wants to see lots of photos of [livejournal.com profile] dogmop being a drunken spaz?]
what what, amecon. )

my caps got lost somewhere.
not mentioned is the millions of people I saw! millions and millions! and I love you allll. ♥♥
amecon next year? um, fuck yeah.

[We all have sizeable scars, we got it.]
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Ummm, Mind Game may possibly have been two hours of my life that I want back. ...Wait, does that even make sense?

And people knowing each other! Scary. I will never quite get over it when someone goes 'Oh hey, that's virtualgirl off Toko!' [virtualgirl is my perma msn name, as opposed to the nyanko it used to be] and I have no clue who they are. :D I always forget people, I kind of suck.
But I spent time hanging around cool people, so that's always an up.
Although cocktails should be drank slower, skittles and coke should not be had together, and despite how warm it is in the day [seriously warm, what is the weather?] I still need a jacket at night. This is Manchester, and it is only May.

It's also Star Wars day, woot, and I don't have to be in until 11! And also, it's Katie's birthday, yay! ♥

Also, my computer is having power supply issues, and turns itself off intermittently. Goddamn technology.

[and it's always sweet when people are 'are you sure you'll be okay?' when you have to walk a whole two minutes to get home. :3;]

[Break from the mould, never do what you're told.]
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In Affleck's, there's a shop that sells anime stuff, including a poster of Squall and Rinoa. With the Final Fantasy X-2 logo. Ahaha, what? Also, in HMV, on the film dividers was entitled 'Crazy Guy With Kung Fu'. Unfortunately, the movie wasn't actually called that. We also killed a model in Travelling Man, and decided that Gloomy Bear is the result of Kody + candy floss.

So, yesterday. Despite all the odds, was a pretty rocking day. There was some fuss with pen drives and late reports and the possibility of losing 50% of the marks for said report which I don't want to talk about. However, met up with Pinali after my group meeting, and we mall-ratted around. She is far too lovely. And I am far too giggly and prone to yelling 'thumbs!'. And have no control over spending - I ended up buying two pairs of arm warmers and new converse, because hey, black-and-pink. They weren't even being displayed, but I asked one of the people, and they were all 'Don't think so, but I'll go check.' Turned to Pin and was 'The last time this happened, I ended up with a ds.' And it turned out they did have them. So I'm happy.
We also went to mujs, which - while I still am totally uninterested in all the anime being shown - totally rocked. Which is good. I ended up going to the Grovel with a couple of people - who know [livejournal.com profile] eleclya_m as well, god, I feel like a stalker - and sat and drank and talked for a bit. Because, yay, socialness. Because I'm always nervous about the differences between what people say and what they mean. People might say they'll ask me along to do something, but might never do. Hmm.

To be honest, there were loads of really funny things said last night, and I don't remember any of them. Like, I swear we were going to tell Loki something, but I forget.
...Oh, yeah, that was it. Somehow, me and Pinali are Loki's offspring. Because we are internet memes, and Loki is the internet.

Also, I realised how much of a geek I was. My favourite xkcd comic is the one with the mathematical functions and the heart and I never could figure out the last one. [Because my course is almost as geeky as I am, so we know maths. I'm sure we know more maths than the maths students.] I figured it out the other day, and I was so happy. Ahaha, I'm awful.
[...should i, like, quit with all my geeky rambles? i seem to keep doing that lately.]

[I'm sitting here, wearing a Nightmare before Christmas shirt, black and pink converse and stripy red arm warmers. All I'm missing is the skinny jeans, but ew, no. If I ever wear skinny jeans, shoot me.]