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jump start my kaleidoscope heart

already out of foolproof ideas

[take in the starlight before it disappears.]
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internets! sweet sweet internets.
in other news of how sarri fails at life, part 1345 - the reason why the internet wasn't working yesterday [and why i was flailing at Loki going 'WHY DON'T I HAVE A DEFAULT GATEWAY'] was because I put the wrong mac address in. 8B will never be B8, people.
also, Pico is getting a power supply. so soon, I'll have internet and a fast computer.
also also, I went and spent £42 on gig tickets. Athlete, Biffy Clyro and Hellogoodbye. so all in all, I'm a little spazzy right now. I also may have a spending addiction. although what the fuck, Straylight Run are touring. gah. someone please, tell me I don't want to go and buy tickets. I swear, I'm going to spend my entire student loan on gigs at this rate. I just find it really easy to spend my money.

mm, I'll get back to normal soon, I promise.

I've been spending a bit of time helping Sophie and Alan out at the freshers stall. it's kind of good, since we can go look around [and get free stuff] without queueing up to get in. the queue is always so long. and the society has been doing pretty well - we've had around 200 sign ups? which is a little scary.

lectures start on monday, fencing starts the week after. maybe I'll leave riding for a bit?


What's the most ridicolous thing you've ever brought?
Pete: Ryan Ross.

did I mention I love my fandom?

[what a fantastic way to kill some time.]
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dear god, I cannot work out how to pay my fees. =_= or pay for my internets. but! should have internet in my room soon, so I'll stop posting these really quick entries.

I'm watching a lot of House at the moment, and it's actually really good. plus, I'm developing a theory that my favourite characters are always the pretty boys. [plus, I'm sure I used think Jesse Spencer was cute way back in the day.]

saw people at the weekend, and proved I have ridicolous luck with gachapon and pokemon cards. however, none of those were for me. I also brought hideously cute tshirts. there were also lulz.

there's interesting fic being posted all over the place, but I might go look at freshers fair, since the freshers are taking over the computer lab. plus, I meet pina in an hour, and go to annoy sophie at the stall too.

...I played stepmania last night. weird.

[it's whispering its truth, not mine.]
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oh my god, I'm so fucking bored. yeah, I'm totally emofacing.

random points - when the lift gets to my floor, it tells me we're at the second basement. what.
- been watching many things. Lucky Number Slevin, Run Fatboy Run, Shaun of the Dead, and half of a Hornblower episode before I fell asleep on Katie's sofa. [in my defence, this was about 4am.] and also, Beck. because it's the only anime I have.
- uni seems to be okay. as in, like, 4 year course. no resits. huh.
- I've left my library cards at home. oops. no books for me.
- I'm stealing the unis internet. but I'm bored. :[
- seriously. BORED.
- I keep having moments of random nostalgia. since I have my old computer with me, I keep digging around my old files. like, old photos I took. me with my shitty blue hair. [oh god, the colour looked awful half faded.] I'm half temptd to put photos up to show how little I've changed.

in a bit, I'm gonna go buy some caffiene, and maybe go and clean my room. or go sleep.

eta: dear god, pictures of walls is the best website ever for cheering myself up.

[make them dance like we were shooting their feet.]
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I don't want to try and get through my friends page. D:

um. I mean, HI. I'm in Manchester, it's awesome and I don't have the internet. until monday. let me tell you, my face is emo.
considering I've only been back since Saturtday afternoon, I've actually soon a whole load of people. went to Bob, Steve and Dave's housewarming and saw most of mujs [and some pirate porn, omgwtfbbqDONOTWANT] and saw Sophie yesterday and went over to her house. she lives with Katie, Jade and Chloe. so we watched some dvds [including Lucky Number Slevin, which is awesome.] the only problems are that I'm not eating properly, I have no idea about my flatmates, and the no internet. we're in the Whitworth cluster at the moment, but I might see how much my main building is open.

so hi hi. how are you?

[place all your bets and watch me loose.]
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have I mentioned I'm hideously materialistic at times? like, I'll go out to see people, and I'll always come back with something. when I met up with Tegan and Nik last week, it was NME and two cds. today, when I went to swap ds games with Nik, it was some skin toner, two sparkly lip glosses and some hair products. sparkly hairgel, people. SPARKLES. plus, I kind of love the smell of Shockwaves hair products. I have this wax mousse that I swear smells like apples.
how can I resist?

[things I buy too many of: notepads, pens, lip glosses, cds, pants.]

I had a really randomly nostalgic moment this afternoon. I had my window wide open, and was just looking at the pink clouds, even though the streetlight was already on, and couldn't actually see the sunset. I love being in a city, but at times, I like being around here. like, we're just on the edge of the suburbs really - you don't have to go very far to find fields. and a quarry. ...I never figured that one out either.

I'm going to miss the puppies like whoa - when it comes down to it, I've been walking them every day, and feeding them most days at least once. I won't miss the crying whenever we leave them alone, like when we eat. [they're kept in their bed then, to stop them begging at the table/sofa.] I'm gonna miss my parents a bit too. [I miss my brother like a hole in the head. he's not the worst, but he's not the best.]

but... yeah. I can't wait to get back. I think. although, it'll will be better once everyone is back.

tomorrow will be all go. I have most of my washing to do, and all of my packing. and figuring out how to compress my notes. or something. because for some reason, my mother wants me to take them all back. guh.

and lj is no longer going 'no u' at my layout. thank god.

[I'm not sure if my fandom amuses me or makes me feel sad or makes me feel happy. all that's to be said really - the bassist from MSI is hot.]

...maybe I'll, like, go play maple.