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jump start my kaleidoscope heart

already out of foolproof ideas

[i've been here once before, you keep me running in circles.]
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yesterday was amusing in the end. for a while, I hid upstairs with the eldest of my cousins - he's 3 years younger than me and is off to uni next year, probably the same uni as me, aha - playing with his iPhone and talking music. iPhones are kind of super annoying to navigate. but he's got pretty good music taste - likes Fall Out Boy, Brand New and a fair amount of indie too.
he was an elf again. oh man, that never ever gets old. this year, he had no tights. err, do not want.

although looking at the entry I just linked to, oh god, were the puppies ever that small? they were almost pocket sized back then.

Boxing Day is the only day I can get away with having apple pie and ice cream for breakfast. :D

I just watched the adaptation of one of my favourite childhood books - Ballet Shoes. had a load of well known English actors and Emma Watson was actually quite good in it. they added random romance in though. but I remembered what a brat Posy was in it. I didn't like her much, ahaha. her dancing teacher has a stroke and her reaction is 'I'm not crying for Madam, I'm crying for me. what about my training?' she runs away from home to see a Russian dancing instructor who offers her a place in an academy in Prague, when her guardian doesn't have enough money to keep them in England. so her eldest sister gives up her dreams for it. [performing in movies as opposed to theatre.]

god, so tired lately.

[place all your bets and watch me loose.]
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have I mentioned I'm hideously materialistic at times? like, I'll go out to see people, and I'll always come back with something. when I met up with Tegan and Nik last week, it was NME and two cds. today, when I went to swap ds games with Nik, it was some skin toner, two sparkly lip glosses and some hair products. sparkly hairgel, people. SPARKLES. plus, I kind of love the smell of Shockwaves hair products. I have this wax mousse that I swear smells like apples.
how can I resist?

[things I buy too many of: notepads, pens, lip glosses, cds, pants.]

I had a really randomly nostalgic moment this afternoon. I had my window wide open, and was just looking at the pink clouds, even though the streetlight was already on, and couldn't actually see the sunset. I love being in a city, but at times, I like being around here. like, we're just on the edge of the suburbs really - you don't have to go very far to find fields. and a quarry. ...I never figured that one out either.

I'm going to miss the puppies like whoa - when it comes down to it, I've been walking them every day, and feeding them most days at least once. I won't miss the crying whenever we leave them alone, like when we eat. [they're kept in their bed then, to stop them begging at the table/sofa.] I'm gonna miss my parents a bit too. [I miss my brother like a hole in the head. he's not the worst, but he's not the best.]

but... yeah. I can't wait to get back. I think. although, it'll will be better once everyone is back.

tomorrow will be all go. I have most of my washing to do, and all of my packing. and figuring out how to compress my notes. or something. because for some reason, my mother wants me to take them all back. guh.

and lj is no longer going 'no u' at my layout. thank god.

[I'm not sure if my fandom amuses me or makes me feel sad or makes me feel happy. all that's to be said really - the bassist from MSI is hot.]

...maybe I'll, like, go play maple.

[sorry, you're not a winner.]
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I really don't understand this, lately I just feel really happy. although this is the day after I realised I have an honest-to-god emo fringe when I straighten my hair.
[it might have something to do with Ryan Ross. his happy face makes me happy.]

but oh god, at least two people last weekend thought I was 17. bwaha. [and a 17 year old looked 19, and a 13 year old looked 21.]

I'm also loving brand new far, far too much.

and the puppies [are almost no longer puppies] ate my parents' wedding photos.

I still feel kind of gleeful. I'm also making lists, and this is never a good thing.
- another pair of jeans. ugh, I adore these jeans. they're just the right amount of baggy and wahed out and pink and green.
- band t-shirts. I've been eyeing up some Brand New ones.
- a new wallet. preferably a smaller one.
- more MAC makeup. I'm turning into one of those girls who buys expensive makeup.
- a sports bra. for me and Dory plan to go fencing. I mean, man, you totally needed to know that.
the only problem is, I have no idea when my loan is coming in. hay government, I want my free moneh.

I have a feeling there's some dinner I'm meant to be cooking.

[cross my t's and dot my i's.]
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asddkj. I was thinking today, 'you know what would be awesome, if My Chemical Romance toured again this year.'
well, they are. Just not in Manchester. In Sheffield, on a weekday, when my last train would be at 10.50pm.
so yeah, my face is incredibly emo.

Someone told me today that when they read Harry Potter, their mental image of Ginny is of me. It's actually kind of sweet.

Suddenly, it's summer. for real, it's sunny and warm. I'm eating pineapple and playing football with the pups. Or at least, kicking a ball for them to chase, and Indy to maul.
['the puppies or the england cricket team?' 'the puppies might actually win the ashes.']

Incidentally, Toko. Maybe I should be paying attention to the forums.

However, Toko means I'll miss my great uncle's funeral. I'm sad i can't go, but in a way, I'm kind of glad inside. i really don't like them. But who does?
My cousin is getting a sidekick. feh, says I.

I'm really hungry, and this pattern kind of frustrates me. Because I'm always hungry again at about 10 or 11.

it's days like this where I just want to lie outside and watch the clouds.

["i will do an all manor of vile things to you."]
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oh god Iso, you're unintentionally fantastic.

I'm considering creating a tag called 'emoting over return of the king' because that film always get me depressed. oh, Frodo, you're so creepy and sad. and Legolas, you're just pretty. and state the obvious. and the 'how do you pick up the threads of an old life?' monologue never fails to make me feel sad. But at least I got to watch all of the extended editions and all the extra scenes. Like the Houses of Healing! little things make me happy, I'm kind of a geek like that.
Also watched 'Life On The Murder Scene' [the mychem dvd] and it's kind of awesome. I also listened to the entire of The Black Parade in order. I'm kind of a fangirl.

Max is feeling better now, but the remote isn't. so puppy kisses and lots of dvds for me.

I should be getting HP whenever the post comes tomorrow. I'd go to the midnight release and all that, but who with? nobody's around here that much, but that's okay. Planning on going riding pretty early tomorrow anyway, and I'm on puppy sitting duties while my dad goes to a party his minions are hosting. [how cool is that? my dad has minions. okay, employees, but they call him things like crabbit. bwaha.] My brother is home tomorrow as well [which happens once in a blue moon, I kid you not] so I guess I'll have to pester him into getting my birthday present.
I'm really not sure what I'm expecting from the book. As long as I like it more than OotP. I hated that book. Caps locks does not make people emphasise with you. I've pretty much avoided spoilers and/or downloads, so who knows what's going to happen. Maybe I'll read the last chapter first anyway.

I think I'd just like to sleep. But I'll just sit around and play with my hair. I actually really like my hair right now. sure, it's more or less just plain brown [and I don't even know if it's natural or not anymore, that's how much i dye my hair] but it's quite short - long enough that it will just go into two bunches - but that's the way I like it. I could just take photos, that would be far easier.
I also really want to buy coloured hair extensions. I need to head over to Walsall area anyway to get my contacts.

I don't have much to do, it's just getting around to doing it. my life would be at least a bit easier if I actually did all these things I keep thinking of.
But in a few weeks, everything will be go-go-go, and then it's September. which, ugh, I'm looking forward to like whoa.

I kind of love coke zero at the moment, because there's nothing in it.

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In the morning, my hair smells like green starbust and mints. if that's not a great way to start off the day, then what is?
I've been a bit angry and messed up lately, but sometimes, when it's sunny, it's hard to be annoyed. just sitting and relaxing in the summer breeze, it's a whole different world.

I'm more than a little bit in love with Straylight Run right now, and Reading is closer and closer. I heard something about lostprophet's new album which reminded me. plus, of course, panic et al.
I have the MCR dvd now. It's kind of awesome.
This summer, I should probably watch every music dvd I own. That's um, actually quite a few.

Today, Max ate the top of the tv remote, then did something to his leg which involved scraping the skin off. So he's not happy, so Indy is all subdued. and smelly. urgh.

Two more weeks? [I'm good to go.]

[so don't apologise, i hope you choke and die.]
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there are things I am not so happy about right now.

I trod on a drawing pin yesterday morning, and fuck, it hurts. Also, same foot that I cut when I trod on a contact lens case. Possibly same foot involved in the whole repeatedly stepping on a plug situation. [apparently, if it keeps hurting, I'll have to go to a+e. awesome. not.]
I missed my contact lens appointment yesterday morning, which means I'm kind of out of lenses.
Exam results come out sometime in the next week and I am shitting myself. I am not looking forward to this. like, seriously, fuck.
My puppies are all morose since they've just had an op and I swear, my mother is more upset than they are. [there will be no puppy babies, let's leave it at that.]

However, I shall be off to good old Manchester this weekend to annoy Alan and Sophie. Which shall be interesting. If I could only solve my food problem.

I have spent most of today with my mother discussing fanfiction and watching Firefly. [and spotting interesting things in the background! example - there's a 8 segment display in the infirmary that says 'error' and in Trash, there's a screen that has windows on. THEY STILL HAVE WINDOWS. IN THIS SUPER HIGH TECH PLACE.] We did try and go riding, but after I'd gotten Banner nice and clean, we noticed that he didn't have a shoe. that had been put on on Tuesday. Because he believes he is two and likes running around in the field.

I have a strange desire for blonde hair, help.

[this is a matter of life or death and we are not prepared, we just want you to know.]
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Today went from okay to mildly meh to pretty good again.
It was Bex's aborted picnic turned pub crawl despite the fact it was kind of sunny, aha. Good to see some familar faces, but everyone was pretty cool to be honest. Got a little down after trying to work things out for next weekend - spending an evening in an empty flat is really not in my idea of a good time - but people are awesome and cheer me up. Ended up walking around town with Hope and Vanesha and then going to the cinema. I have never before been in a cinema where the employees are so chatty, haha. Spent a bit of time sitting outside talking to Hope before my dad gave us a lift home.

Also, I kind of liked my hair today. I'm at the stage where it's really too long for me too like - and this is just below shoulder length. If only it stayed straight. So it went in two tiny ponytails and I straightened my fringe. That probably need cutting as well.

My plans for next weekend are still up in the air. Eh.

I was writing comment!fic and thought 'wow, I've written so much' and it turned out to be just under 600 words. aha, oh well.

The puppies are in the doghouse, literally. They got my mother's handbag and [always]Indy threw up because he's greedy. [he's alwaysIndy becaus it is always Indy! the only pup that can't climb on the haybales and the one who always gets picked on by the others and does the silly things, it's always Indy.]

The other day, we went on a walk through a field with the puppies. And you know, I never really realised how close I live to the countryside.

sometimes, 'it's going to be okay' is the reason I keep going.

[We're the pre-mixed generation, buy into quicker-fix emotion.]
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You know it's bad when the best clothes you have are black trousers [that are too long], a Muse tshirt, black converse and a blue jacket - because really, wearing a jacket saying Death Kitty is just so cool when you're going out to dinner 8D. Yeah, I'm so hardcore.

In other news, fish is fun. There's this new fish restaurant down the road, and my parents went there the week before I came home. And on the bill, there was something like 'bread/butter x 2 = £9.90'. And they were wondering why they'd been charged so much for two baskets of bread and butter.
Turns out it was the bread and butter puddings. Like, their desserts. Me and my brother were just 'uhhh... what?'

Indy is ill. This makes me sad face. Every time he yawns, he yelps.

My hair is also pretty cute now. I'll photospam later, I have photos of Ellie being a dork and hanging out with Neko and all last week to resize and upload. <3 S'all good.

[And our fingers, they almost touched.]
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I am so super special, I managed to get ♥ twice into my interests.

I also spent part of today playing football with my puppies. Things like that are cool. Because they are so adorable and give me puppy kisses, which are actually more disgusting dog slobber, but details, details.
Also makes me reflect on just how short this holiday really is. I'm going back up in a week, which is like, no time at all.


ganked from [livejournal.com profile] shuraiya~
RULES: Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 10 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. No tags back.

  • I wear glasses. I just... don't wear them. Contacts all the way, unless I'm really ill or feeling lame. It's a self confidence thing. It just means everyone goes 'omgwtf' when I do wear glasses - example is last year, when I was going through my hayfever/allergy week, my eyes were too itchy to wear contacts, and my tutor was '...Uh, what happened?' [This is the same guy who said 'You woke up and your hair was pink?']

  • I'm actually really shy around new people. I always think I'm really annoying and not cool to be around, so I'm awful at starting conversations, and end up latching on people I do know and sticking to them. however, once you've got me into a conversation, there's no shutting me up.

  • I have real problems with things like body language and facial expressions. I'll get told off for making a certain face, when I'm actually just trying to have a blank face and I have no idea what I'm actually doing. It really bugs me, because I always get told off for it.

  • I've only ever been to the emergency room twice - once they told me I was fine and my wrist was fractured, once I was actually only having a panic attack. Ironically - I did not go to the hospital when I hit my head.

  • I hit my head off a wall in nursery, and I have a scar from the stitches on the very top of my head.

  • People insulting me because of my music choices really annoys me. [Okay, you probably knew that.] Most of the time, I just don't get why people can't say 'I don't like this, you do, okay.'

  • I also really hate being made to feel like I'm one dimensional or something. I get down, I deal with it. It doesn't mean I am always angsting. In fact, I can be quite upbeat and silly most of the time. I have lows, and I have highs.

  • I am permanently set as busy on msn. It's really hit or miss if I'm there. [but try anyway! I can get back to you!]

  • Despite everything, I think I'm actually much better off at the current moment not being in a relationship.

  • I fall in love with words very easily. And it makes me want to flail and go 'Oh my god, listen to this!' and I forget that people don't always like the same things as me.

I tag whoever, feh. I am not picky.


I read a quote from somewhere that said something along the lines of 'If you're happy all the time, then you're not living life.' I can't remember it exactly, but I definitely remember the sentiment, and I don't know, I like it.

[also, losing time is fun. I keep doing it. whole hours disappear.]

[In case I lost my train of thought, where was it that we last left off?]
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My parents call one of our puppies, Indy, a special needs dog. It's kind of mean, but he is a little weird. He'll stare at you, then start barking randomly, and if you move towards him when he's like this, he'll flinch. I could maybe understand this... if we hadn't been his only owners. He's about 6 months old now. But yeah, he is the crazy puppy. Him and his brother fight a lot. And today, my mother was 'Well, you and Joseph [my brother] are quite like them...' My response was 'Wait, does that mean I'm the crazy one? D:'

...She also said if I ever brought a boy home who wore eyeliner, my dad and my brother would beat them up. Um, haha, that bodes well.


The new Fall Out Boy video amuses me so much. Because suits. And Panic references. And monkeys. Monkeys that insult Pete Wentz. What more could you ask for?
Also, I'm picking up more and more on the background vocals. I still have no idea what a bass sounds like, because I'm a dork. Plus, Saturday's screamo kills me dead. It makes me giggle every time. ...Lots of things makes me giggle though.


Song meme answers :3; These are the ones nobody got.

5. but I'm just trying to love you, any kinda way / but I find it hard to love you when you're far away - The Kooks - Seaside
6. we take sour sips from life's lush lips / and we shake shake shake the hips in relationships - Fall Out Boy - The Carpal Tunnel of Love
18. you're so nineteen-ninety / and it's nineteen-ninety-four / leave this world behind me / because you don't want me any more - Barenaked Ladies - Shoebox
19. medically speaking you're adorable / and from what I hear you're quite affordable / but I like them pricey / so exaggerate and t-t-t-t-t-t-trick me / pretty please, just trick me - Cute Is What We Aim For - Risque
20. ransom notes keep falling out your mouth / mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut-outs / speak no feeling, no, I don't believe you / you don't care a bit, you don't care a bit - Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek
23. you're still out there darling / clinging onto the wrong idea - Razorlight - In The Morning
28. I find you sleeping next to me, I thought I was alone / you're driving me crazy, when are you coming home? - James - Laid


So, I'm back in Birmingham for a few weeks. S'all good. So if for some reason, you want to see me, drop me a line in advance, because I do need to revise some.

Tomorrow. Me, Ellie, a car in a park. Sounds like a plan. It makes me want to quote Lying because really, exchanging body heat in the passenger heat, right?
We're actually going to swing and be dorks, and hopefully make a adiml post about it. Because I'm really awful at actually posting them.

I really want some new clothes. Also, getting ym hair cut and dyed on Friday, hopefully like this~


Boys snuggling, y/n? Snuggling curing insomnia, y/n?

'Ryan has a dog and I have Ryan.' ...What? xD


I am officially a clone.

[Times Square can't shine as bright as you.]
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So, it was snowing about half an hour ago. Weird. it's not anymore, because god forbid we get snow that sticks. plus, it's march, heh.

I'm sitting here in my brother's bedroom/my dad's office - I'm surrounded by computers, cds, speakers, a guitar and amp and a record player. For some reason this is insanely amusing. However, I'm heading back to Manchester in a few hours, and the trains suck on sundays.

Last night was... interesting. As usual, I get on like a house on fire with the older two of my cousins - they're 17 [he got a brand new mini for his birthday. haha. when one of the others asked if he'd be getting a car, my uncle was 'no, you had a private school education.' yeah, my cousins are strange] and 15, so we ended up talking about myspace, uni and boys wearing makeup. One of them said they like Panic! and there was one song they really liked, but couldn't remember the name of. After I said a few titles, he was all 'it was probably on the older album.' 'there's only one album.' '...oh.' I do ♥ them at times.
However, it also meant dealing with the younger cousins - who are pests, incredible pests - and being called the wrong name. Also, lots and lots of questions along the line of 'How's uni going? :D' which is really something I don't want to talk about. the whole thing is depressing me somewhat - there's a chance I can stay on the 4 year course, it's just... god. I ain't half a fuckup at times.

Got my new phone though - new as in it used to be my mother's and bluetooth works, but hey, bluetooth actually works. I need even more ringtones.

I saw one of the girls from my further maths class at the station. Strange when you randomly catch up with people like that.

hope all you Minami people had a good time. However, I'm gutted - Loki's default response is not 'D:'

...this keyboard hates capital letters. stop it.

Yay, puppy walking time. :D

eta: oh god, I had to say that. It began snowing while we were walking the puppies. Also, small dogs in cars makes dogs want to chase cars. Plus, Indy is a special dog, and is slightly mad.

[Some rules are made with all intentions to break.]
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There's always one part of Christmas that makes me feel a little... down, I guess. We all go to my cousins' and then my brother dresses up in a Santa outfit and tells everyone that he accidentally delivered some presents to the wrong house. [Yes, it's lame. Even the 4 year old sees through it.] And I get to sit there while my cousins get mountains and mountains of more presents. Like, one got a camcorder already this morning, and another a guitar, and another a snowboard. Wtf, we live in Birmingham. Not much snow here. I'm happy with my presents, I have some fantastic things, it's just... yup, let me sit and twiddle my thumbs for half an hour while they get spoilt. I know it makes me sounds like a brat, oh well.

Other moments of tonight - I am 15, 16, younger than my 16 year old cousin, me and my parents live in Manchester, my hair is ginger. We also went to see my nan, who seems to be getting better. Don't know if she'll be out on Wednesday then. The puppies have a pheasant that sounds like a dog and is adorable. Yet to watch Doctor Who too, oh well. It's the week of Doctor Who spinoffs, what with the Sarah Jane adventures soon too.

Ahaa, the list~
- Camera *___* I've obsessed and gazed on this camera from afar for the last 6 months, and now it is mine. Hvaing a few quality issues, but hopefully it'll work itself out?
- A creepy little Japanese doll, which apparently means 'lucky flower'. Hmm.
- Hello Kitty watch. It itches.
- Pucca clock
- A polar bear stuffed toy 8D
- Brand New - Deja Entendu
- Teddy bear
- Also, is taking me shopping.
- A make up bag :/
- Perfume
aunt and uncle the first:
- £20 Amazon vouchers
aunt and uncle the second:
- £30 :D I forsee those velcro trainers!
aunt and uncle the third:
- more perfume, actually smells kinda nice :D
- Hello Kitty game :3;;
- plussssshies. But obviously, they are not mine yet.

So here. Photospam.

puppies! )

So yes, these are our lovely puppies. X3;


visiting my cousins )


haircut and the creepy doll )

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ganked survey )

Ugh, sleepy. But yep :3 at home now, and the puppies are oodles of cuteness. Also had a pretty good day :D

[Half the world is sleeping while the other half dreams.]
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My feet are soggy. And uh, I fell over in the cinema entrance trying to show Steve how far up my legs my jeans were soaked. The floor was slippy.

So after this morning's failure of a breakfast, I went into uni early and brought a sandwich and some plasters, my converse keep rubbing my heel and it hurts. But hey, I can't wear my converse currently, cause it won't stop raining. =_= Lecture, then off to riding [as a note, I know java is easy, but I should really stop skipping it >.>] which was odd and cool.
So not long after I got back, planning to have a shower soon if my boyfriend ever tells me when we're meeting, I get a call. 'Hey Sarri! How far away from the station are you? :D I missed my train! Come see me!' '...Fucktard.' *coughs* So thusly, went and hung out with Iso for a bit. Ended up buying some hair wax [my hair will look good dammit], lipgloss and facewash, just cause. Headed back home for a bit, then headed out to go see The History Boys with Steve. Uh. I'm not entirely sure what to make of it. It was good - funny, a bit thoughtful and a surprising ending. I mean, I'd've loved it if had ended 10 minutes before it did, but still. [And I was so totally not expecting that much... gay.]


*slams head off desk* I lost my watch. My very cute Hello Kitty watch. >.<
Also, ddred, w00t. Which was probably where I lost it. =_=

Jonny's birthday today :0 so going off there later... which should be interesting. Or something.


Uh, finally, I should actually get around to posting this.

puppiespuppiespuppies. When I get home next weekend, there will be puppies there! Glee.
So yeah, I'm home next weekend for 'agh, cosplay!' I've no idea how I'll fit everything in one weekend, oh well. I can try. So I've got to buy material, zips and laces, see people, make things and see Banner and play with puppies. eeee.

It's also making me reflect on how uni has changed me. I'm more of a brat, but I think this is kinda how I was with Keith, and I don't think I'm quite as bad as he makes me out to be. :/ He also called me a parasite last night, haha. Because he made me food a lot. o.o;; I know I'm more violent. >.>

The party last night... I really wasn't in the mood for it. Which makes me feel super lame since I left after a few hours to go sleep. What I was there for was quite fun though.

As for the song meme~ Every song but one was guessed.
15. I'm in the sky tonight / there I can keep by your side was Foo Fighters - Next Year. XD