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jump start my kaleidoscope heart

already out of foolproof ideas

[i am not your friend, i am not your lover.]
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AHAHHAA WHAT. I hate my stupid face and it's inability to look, well, unretarded.
cut for photo )

see there. that's me. looking really, um, I don't know. please note at this point I was kind of 'o____o what what *shock*'

[yes this is another gratitous I MET PANIC post. I'LL GET OVER IT SOON, PROMISE.]

['that's not a circle, that's a fucking oblong.']
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oh god, showers.

this weekend, i have:
- experienced karma, coincidence, happenstance, fate or just simple luck.
- seen a whole load of my favourite bands.
- heard a few more.
- listened to bands i was never really that into before!
- had awesome weather!
- fucked off a whole lot. ['becky, where's your mate?' '...she'll be back.']
- managed to get my lanyard signed by brand new. [only for it to rub off later. D:]
- ended up being two people away from the barrier for fall out boy.
- to achieve this, i ended up standing for around nine hours without sitting, eating or going to the toilet.
- found out the hard way how much crowdsurfers hurt when they end up putting a foot in your face.
- spoken to some pretty awesome people while in signing queues/the barrier crowd. people are so much nicer when they're not trying to put a elbow in your face. :]
- avoided circle pits like the plague. despite every band being all 'we want to see the biggest circle pit ever!'
- slept far too easily. and at weird times. 12am - 6am is not good sleeping for festival.
- ...and met panic! at the disco.

...yes, i'm still pretty hyper over that.

at some point, i'll do a more comprehensive review of the bands i saw, at least.

so, um, how are you all? :D *goes to read friends page*

[we hide and go seek, and you know they'll never, never, ever find us.]
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good Reading news on two fronts! We have tickets again! booyah. and also, in my attempt to be super cheeky, I was telling my parents I really hadn't had much for my birthday - at the current moment, it's a hoodie and a tshirt - so could I have more money for Reading. and they were 'um, didn't we pay for Reading?' 'uhh, no, I did.'
...long story short, as long as I iron and my mother's work people have a spare power supply for my pc [moar on that later], I'm getting my Reading money back. Which is like, £180. ahhh man, you have no idea how freaking awesome that is. booyah x2.

continuing on my endless quest to get my computer fixed... my dad phoned up Dell yesterday to find out that, um, yeah, the guarantee ran out nearly a year ago. he emailed them later, and found out we could buy a new psu off them and install it ourselves. dell then denied having that part and refused to let my dad talk to a supervisor. yeah, I know, some people say dells are shitty pcs [and guess what, if that's all you have to say then stfu plz :] ] but we've been using them for the last 20 years, almost. yeah. not happy.
but, as I said, the guys at my mother's work might have one for free. booyah.

also, my dad is getting a new car. strange. but in time to take me back up north. [i miss the north.]

basically, yes, I'm an overdramatic so-and-so, which means that- it's time to talk about ame, bitches. [photos will be later. but who really wants to see lots of photos of [livejournal.com profile] dogmop being a drunken spaz?]
what what, amecon. )

my caps got lost somewhere.
not mentioned is the millions of people I saw! millions and millions! and I love you allll. ♥♥
amecon next year? um, fuck yeah.

[the more i hang around you, the more hangups i get.]
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So, um, haha, thanks computer. You lulled me into a false sense of security... and are actually still broken. Which means... on and off again, mended computer for birthday.
At least I should get my hoodie and tshirt sooon. Soon-ish.

We ended up going out to dinner two nights in a row. I feel spoilt. We went to the fish restaurant down the road which is always good. Although my dad tried to walk in the wrong door, people were making fishy jokes and my mother didn't enjoy her food. And we talked about programming over dinner.

Okay, a few summers okay - two years, to be precise - a woman at the stables asked me how old I was, and was super surprised I was 18. She thought I was 14.
When I said it was my birthday tomorrow, she said she thought I was 18.

It's maybe too warm to sleep. Or I'm too tired.

I seem to be off all over the place in the next few weeks. Possibly going to London on Sunday, then Bex's birthday the weekend after, then back up to Manchester. July is relatively empty, then it's a month of awesome - Tokonatsu, Amecon and Reading. Then I'm back at uni. And who knows?

[and we might have started singing just a little soon.]
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So hay, Reading. Why are you whoring out all the Fueled By Ramen/Decaydance bands? I mean. I'm not actually complaining or anything but-
Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, The Academy is, Cobra Starship, Gym Class Heroes. I mean. Um, ahaha, what.

Plus Brand New, Bloc Party, the Shins, Lostprophets, Hellogoodbye. Although I'll have to wait until we actually get there to work out what I'm seeing when, but I definately have certain priorities.

Jesus christ, I may actually die after that weekend. Becky! It will be fabulous. :D I'm really excited for this now.
...I've only just noticed the remarkable similarities between the HCT line up and some of this. Hmm.