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jump start my kaleidoscope heart

already out of foolproof ideas

[i'm making a note here - huge success!]
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drunked livejournal posts are always the win.

although I still have enough of my senses to spell a little. it's better than p[redictive text. [semagic is going 'WTF YOU CANNOY SPELL' but I'm shunning it.]

tonight was FANTASTIC. I may or may not have gotten myself eloped with two - three? - girls, with a boy as our lead bitch. I am happy happy, even if my head is a little spinny.
it did pretty good at killing my angst.

I love my friends ♥ ♥

this song is awesome.

NOW. I go to watch The Empire Strikes Back. ahaha.

[we're making out inside crashed cars.]
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quick heads up to all who live relatively near me -
Manchester meet! sometime in October or November. any ideas?
would be pretty awesome if people could come. especially as we're giving you notice.


in other news, 'what if' coversations can be hilarious [because for some reason they lead to discussions on oral sex at 11pm in a train station] and Transformers made me feel ill, literally. we're talking really huge robots here. go Imax.

[they should be friends if you know what i mean.]
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if I'm wearing different coloured converse on each foot [like, pink on one, black on the other] would it look like a fashion statement or more that I'd lost a shoe and didn't have time to look for it?

I have five minutes to get across to the other side of campus, ahahha.

also ♥ for all! how are you? :D

[i'm sinking like a stone in the sea.]
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squee. shoes. and clothes.
Finally went shopping for my birthday present with my grandma. and um, since my parents were like 'oh yeah, we'll pay you back for Reading', um, I went a little crazy.
total gets: boy fit jeans, a pink stripy hoodie, penguin and star t-shirt, yellow animal t-shirt, black Rocket dog flats [with hearts and skulls, how cute], matching bra and pants, and socks. :D I blame the shoes and the jeans and hoodie on Emmy, since we were talking about them last week.

so I'm currently wearing the flats to break them in/stretch them. ugh. pain. the size up didn't fit at all, but these are a little tight.
...I totally want more.

also, goddamit, I'm addicted to reading One Piece. I'm currently on chapter 384. ¦D

I also have desires to cosplay. uh, shit.

I want to go back to Manchester and swim. swimswimswim. *makes like a fish*

Voice Post: Suspicious Minds
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In the morning, my hair smells like green starbust and mints. if that's not a great way to start off the day, then what is?
I've been a bit angry and messed up lately, but sometimes, when it's sunny, it's hard to be annoyed. just sitting and relaxing in the summer breeze, it's a whole different world.

I'm more than a little bit in love with Straylight Run right now, and Reading is closer and closer. I heard something about lostprophet's new album which reminded me. plus, of course, panic et al.
I have the MCR dvd now. It's kind of awesome.
This summer, I should probably watch every music dvd I own. That's um, actually quite a few.

Today, Max ate the top of the tv remote, then did something to his leg which involved scraping the skin off. So he's not happy, so Indy is all subdued. and smelly. urgh.

Two more weeks? [I'm good to go.]

[i don't want to hurt her feelings, she's a crazy fucked up bitch.]
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...I found some lettuce in my nose.

I'm really not joking. I went to itch my nose, and was 'what the fuck.' Then collapsed into giggles because we were currently in a Chinese buffet for Lauren's birthday.
Good stuff.

[shotgun sinners, wild-eyed jokers, got you in my sights.]
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It's a little bit too dark to see at the moment - the only light is from my computer screen, and while it might be nearly summer [just think by this time next month, the days will be getting shorter] it's still ten at night. There's a tiny bit of sky that's still red, but it's mostly blue grey with blue clouds.
I love the view out of my window, which is why my light isn't on. It's looking out towards Trafford, which means I can see Old Trafford from my window. Or at least, I can see some of the top of the stands. My view contains a grand total of three cranes, one motorway, one hotel, several lamp posts, several trees and a number of tall buildings which I have no idea if they are offices or apartments. Also, if I stand on my desk, I can just see the Hilton Tower, which is the tallest building in UK outside of London. [it also has the highest living space in the UK. I admit it, I would die to have an apartment like that. I'd die if I could live in a place like where Tegan's friend has a corporate flat.]

It's just pretty cool to look outside and see all the lights. Especially compared to my view last year, which was a tree and the bins of the next building over.
I love this city.

But really, did you want to know all that?
Probably not.

[I'm doing better today. I'm still ignoring my revision.]

[now the sky is fading to dark blue, and the clouds seem almost red. maybe it's time to turn on the lights.]

[the indescribable moments of your life, tonight. the impossible is possible tonight.]
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things that are good:
+ friends!
+ trying to ask if someone knows what I mean without telling them exactly what I'm talking about, thus negating the need to ask
+ pokemon - ahaha, what?
+ bandom ♥
- ...cults!
+ pirates!
+ noodles!
+ twisting sweet songs into something really creepy
+ knowing I have no exams until next friday! meaning I have time to revise and clean my room
+ music
+ chocolate milk
+ really good, expensive take away sushi
+ seeing people again!
+ finally having found some skin lightening cream

things that are not good:
- exams, and we will talk no further of this.
- anyone remember that stress based illness I used to have? the one where I used to make myself sick a lot? it's quite possibly back.
- sore throats
- knowing I have to revise and clean my room
- my brain in general
- ...seeing people again?
- finding out the skin lightening cream is only available at the Trafford Centre store

things that I am unsure about:
~ I go home in three weeks.
~ the fact I appear to be lacking in capital letters.

...how about you?

but to paraphrase a cat macro, it is tiem for sleepie.

[But tonight you'll get it right.]
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So if you wake up one morning and it's a particularly beautiful day, you'll know we made it.
The quote is from Sunshine [which I babbled about yesterday] and I have to say, I really like this line. It actually made me cry a little at the end.
But you know, I cry super easy in films. I cried a little in Spiderman. Betcha didn't know that.

I was being all 'yeah, gonna be super healthy' and was eating some melon. However, it was actually kind of disgusting, so I had poptarts. Which the toaster didn't eat. :D
However, this means I'm actually rather giggly. If I can turn the giggly into interest in Communication Principles [fucking Fourier Transforms] then it's all good.

I still have no idea what I want for my birthday. It's a toss up between a DS lite and an external harddrive, because it looks like I'm gonna shell out for a permanent account on my own. Because I'm an lj whore.

I also realised how much I talk sometimes. In fact, a lot of the time, conversations involve me talking nonstop. And people never tell me to shut up. Er, oops, haha.

I'm spending a lot of time chewing things. Like those tag things on clothes. Not really tasty, but oh well. I should really cut down my nervous habits, especially since I've started biting my nails again.

When my fringe is straightned/brushed forward, it kind of goes in my eyes. But it's not quite an emo fringe.

Also I changed my layout. :x I was getting a bit bored of the dj. So evil oranges!

[I still have intense not so internal dilemmas. oh, let me tell you internet, I like making life difficult.]

I may as well conclude a list of random statements with a meme. Comment, and I'll tell you why I love you. Or like you. Whatever. ♥

[We were lovers, we were kissers, we were holders of hands, we were make believers.]
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Macros + emo bands = a strangely hysterical combination.

So kay, the London meet? It's going to be awesome. I have dreamt it.
...Except it totally wasn't awesome. I dreamt that somehow, the train I was on would take about 5 hours to get from the midway point to London. So I had to get on another train, and began talking to random people. I never found out if I actually got to London. Alas.

I think I'm leaving my jeans here. *g* They're a little beyond repair.

Easter so far has been a failure as far as work has been concerned. But, Manchester tomorrow. Also taking my ddr mat back up with me. Which is where everyone goes 'wtf, when did you buy that?' Long story short, I didn't. ...Rich did. Two years ago.
I still haven't used it yet.

We were watching some show on breast size, and yet again, it's an excuse to bring up my body issues. Thank you, dearest mother.

[why is there not a 'miserable' mood icon?]

Also! Anyone fancy going to a gig with me? June time, dance-punk band with a hot singer? Come on :D

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In today's MEN, there's a story about terrorism. And suspicious signs. Which included something about 'someone having lots of mobile phones'.

...Loki's obviously a terrorist. It probably explains a lot.

[I want to kiss you on the mouth and tell you I'm your biggest fan.]
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I mean, isn't quoting Yu-Gi-Oh : The Abridged Series a valid comeback? Whatever, all I know is that it ended up as this.
[livejournal.com profile] hiccu_pop: ISOFACEISMADEOFPORN.COM
[livejournal.com profile] kthxrawr: WHAAAAT
You do have to wonder what goes through our minds.

I also feel like doing either a post on 'hay this is my life and the people in it' or a music pimping post. Because this song is so creepy and love.


Ganked from Lon )


ganked from the user normally known as xashex )

[Oh, we're still so young, desperate for attention.]
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Amusing fact of the the other day. I went to go meet my dad after work on Tuesday - he works in the really nice bit of Manchester/Salford, right by the Lowry Hotel [a super nice and fancny 5 star hotel]. I'm walking across the bridge behind these two women, not really paying attention. One of them aplogises to someone walking the other way, and after a moment, tells the other one that they just walked past Henrik Larsson. I think her response was similar to mine - who? Apparently he's a Man United player. Heh. ...Like I really care. XD

Housing is still kind of sucky, although I have a date tomorrow ♥♥ Only, what, 4 years late, huh? >|
[eta: this is a joke XD Jordan said she'd be my date since I didn't get any Valentine's cards XD]
In other news, I'm away all weekend. XD To Derbyland!

I met someone yesterday with the same surname as the Minister of Magic in Harry Potter. Poor guy. XD

C is driving me crazy, because all I'm doing is block diagrams, flow charts and figuring out what bit of code should be doing what. But not actually programming anything.

[Also, this icon rocks. However, Panic doing Sports Illustrated terrifies me.]

[There are no angels, no, not this time.]
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Sometimes I look at my notes and wonder what the hell I'm thinking when I'm writing them. [The fact that I typoed like hell in that previous sentence doesn't reassure me.]

Like the example today.
S is a two dimensional service.

How can a service have two dimensions? And why would we want to integrate over a service, hmm?

I like maths. :D

[How you ever gonna find your place?]
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My dreams freak me out. I was feeling somewhat weird last night as it was, but now... Kablooey! I hate my head going kablooey. :| So I'm tired and my head is being screwy, I so don't want this right now. But who ever does? Also, why can I never sleep in the same bed as my boyfriend? :|

The java is done! DEFEATED! So yeah, we have a nice nifty casino game that takes all your money. Repeatedly. :3 Alas, if only it was real money. However, since yesterday was Friday 8th December - Signals [ughhh], Digital System Design and Maths are also done. Wait, does that mean Sarri only has two reports left to do this term? Yes it does. :3 Admittedly, one of them is the team project, but it's one credit. It's all looking up now, boys and girls, the end of term is in sight. And my parents should be ordering my camera. :3 Uh wow, anything ordered in the last two years off Amazon has been mine. Wins. For I am brat, hear me rawr.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were spent mostly in computer labs. Wednesday night did have an interlude of Nandos - heaven in chicken form before heading off to the 24 hour cluster. And Thursday night I slept too much. And Friday was just a rush. :| Stressful, but, tis over. Also, you have to love my department's organisation. Second years had 3 computer based courseworks to hand in yesterday... so they close our main lab from 12.30 till 5. And also, take down our intranet with our notes. Well done, EEE. :D But at least you paid me. Although Sainsburys gave me too much change. But after I handed everything in ♥ went straight to Greggs for cakes... Oversleeping + deadlines - money = no food. XD Me and Steve did go to mujs, but Akira sent me to sleep. I'd've liked to stay for FLCL but oh wells~ All their events are even when I have no money or when I'm... at home. D: Did talk to Potato and Lizzy a bit cause we turned up early, which was cool. I dither with my social groups. :/
So today has been a nice lazy day - net and no work is the way life should be. Tomorrow I might actually look at my Microelectronic Components [don't my module names sound so... geeky? xP]

So, by this time tomorrow next week, I'll be home. Christmas always does seem so long, but I'm looking forward to going back. I get to see my friends, the puppies, and of course, my favourite ball of fluff - Banner :D I'm going to miss Steve, but I don't want it to be that big of a deal - i.e. getting uber mopey and emo. Also, I need to revise like hell. I'm also kinda looking forward to my presents. My camera too, since it's not technically a present. But we have to 'negotiate' on when I get it, even though I should be able to pay for it myself. [So! Expect photo spams soon. I forsee my birthday present might be a memory card.] But otherwise, I'm getting money mostly off relatives, and going shopping with my grandma too. There's been some t-shirts I've been eyeing up online... So obviously, I will need more trousers too. Also really looking forward to Steve's present, the plushies will finally be mine...
Talking of Christmas presents~ basically, I'm going to have to buy my presents after my loan comes in, and I shall distribute presents as and when I see you. Unless you're Neko, then it's Toko!Christmas all the way.

Where did everyone get the idea that I am cute? >|
Answers on a postcard.

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My eye turned pink. It worries me.

I did get a Muse shirt. :3;

The Prestige is a crazy film.

My window is shut.

I can smell pizza, but the pizza has now gone.

Letting Steve out to go home at 5.30 when you can here someone's friends told thet he's going to be evicted on Monday for giving them his key - scary.

So, stay awake or sleep? XD

Also, Pizza Hut supports the rebellion.


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This whole losing time thing, it both amuses and confounds me.

Now, to go get food before I go [even though its a bad idea and I'm tired] to indie, because dancing solves everything [nowhere near true, but it is fun at the very least].

[Am I blocking things out? Am I just too tired? Gragh, I don't know, I just want to live.]

[And you should flip out too.]
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...Somewhat bewildered, and pleasantly surprised. That's all I have to say. XD

However, the giddy happy feeling + pizza = kinda sick feeling. XD

[To you know that I am yours and you are mine.]
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Umm, yes. [livejournal.com profile] matsoru and anyone else who caught the spam, I'm sorry. We were being hyper, and anything we said, Loki would post. Didn't occur to me how annoying it would be, sorry.


A quick non-friend-only round up. Friday was [livejournal.com profile] _loui_ and co's house warming, which ended up being great fun. Although my entire conversation with Dave at one point was 'So hungry... so sleepy...' The pizza took absolutely forever to come. But overall, it was pretty fantastic. Spoke to quite a few people, so MUJS looks to be more fun this year. I'm still shy and stuff, but heeey.

Saturday was the Chinese meal, so very full. Super cool to see Steve again, I missed him. XD I actually began falling asleep. But at least I didn't have a hangover like some of the others, which I was very happy about. After we decided to check out Travelling Man, and I brought a super cute new top, only to realise it was a guy's shirt. Which is odd. What guy would wear a top saying 'Giggle like a killer'? Unfortunately, start feeling really crap and sick, which is the first time this has happened in the day. With a diversion for cookies, Steve walked me back, which was nice of him.

And today met up with loads of people, and had quite a fun day. I also changed my tshirt for a girl's medium, which actually fits quite well. Most girl's mediums show my tummy. Although my new jeans are already kinda loose, I need to buy a belt. I need to go shopping tomorrow anyway. Lunch at Wagamama's, which was actually kinda nice, even if my meal was essentially a giant bowl of fried rice. Wandered around shops, had a look around China Town, and sat in the Font Bar - I got IDed there, they haven't IDed me for ages - and ate nachos and chatted. Kat has a Shin-ra tattoo, kinda cool but I never noticed before.
Everyone staying at Liverpool - everyone but me and Sonnet [who both have 9am lectures] and Loki - went off on the train, so the three of us hung around in my flat and got bored and said silly things. Hatslapped! But, yeah, they're gone now, and I'm tired. But it was fun to see everyone again, and just be silly for a while.
Plus my tshirt is cute.

I may go collapse in a moment. Too many late nights, and tomorrow will surely kill me. But KH2 moodtheme should be forthcoming.

[The light opposite my room and down a few floors has a flickering light. Quite bizarre.]

And ugh. I wanna see Hellogoodbye in January but... it's going to be exam period. And woe is me, the timetables are not up yet.