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jump start my kaleidoscope heart

already out of foolproof ideas

[doing handstands on bottlebanks to prove that i'm sane.]
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you're not supposed to fly anymore. )


my layout is smex.

[I think tonight I'll take the long way.]
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I have 6 months of teenage angst left.

Cut for tmi, and not the good kind. )


A memo to the world in general. I cannot read your mind.


I overslept and missed my tutorial yesterday... the tutorial I e-mailed everyone to make sure they attended. Oops. And when we're going to have a meeting at 10.30 and aren't going to turn up, why text me at 5 in the morning? Only crazy people are awake then. So in other words, yes, I had a bad night's sleep and woke up at 4.
I feel generally headachey and shit. And still kinda pissed off. And still really weird.
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[But in truth I'm lost for words.]
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...I really hate groupwork.
It's been said that I don't work well with others. I try to. I'll smile, I'll do what other people tell me to, I'll point out the dumb little things that people get confused over, I try and be nice. :D
But sometimes... ugh.
So yeah! Story time! :3

An Electronic Engineering Story of Woe.
or, why Sarri really really hates everyone else.

Okay. We have to do this circuit simulation thing for our groupwork tutorial. One of my group volunteers me and her to do it. ...Not that she actually asked me. We say we'll meet Sunday evening and I hope she means earlyish. She also says she has the notes and labs from last year.

Sunday evening rolls around, and I feel shit. My eye has been going bloodshot, I had a really awful nights sleep and I feel kinda sick. I'm about to give up, when she's 'Oh! 7.30 - 8 ok?' I'm a doormat. I say yes. An hour or so later, she decides she's going out and we'll meet at 8.30. At this point, I say I feel really shit and I'm just not going to be able to stay awake that long. 'But,' she says, 'I can't actually do any of this!' So yes. She basically says we'll do it so she gets credit. [I'm not denying that she hasn't done a lot of good research, just... don't say you'll do something you have no intention of doing!] She says she'll meet me when she's finished eating. I go over, only to find... she doesn't have those notes. End up phoning another guy in the group who does have them, and we say we'll go get them in the morning and skip that lecture. I tell her that really, there's no need for us both to go, it really only needs one person to do it, and I'm okay doing it on my own, but she says she'll come in and try and feel useful.

So, this morning, she leaves me a message telling me to go get the notes off this guy, and she'll meet me 'about 9' in the computer labs. I turn up at the start of the lecture, he's not there, so rather than try and sneak out of a lecture halfway through, I go to the computer labs to try and see if the notes are somewhere in the shared file stuff. But fortunately, I find a simulation from last year that I can change a bit. The other guy texts me at 9.10 asking where I am, I tell him it's ok and I've got the notes. And so much for about 9, she turns up at half past. By this time, I've altered the circuit and all I need is one bit of data which she could have texted me.

...And you know what? It was the wrong circuit. :D In the tutorial, I basically said that I hadn't realised about why we needed the other one, and our tutor was 'Surely it was a group decision?' ':D;;; I don't know so I'll just take the blame.'

The kicker is that we all got marked 'excellent' for our tutorial when we gave him the wrong circuit, and that I'm now somehow group leader.
Doom, I tell you.


And if you hadn't guessed by that, I feel... crap. :3;; My dad gave me Chinese money again, and it feels somewhat wasted. The soup was gorgeous, the starter selection... kinda greasy. And huge bag of prawn crackers? @_@;; And it was expensive too ;___;
But now I don't need to buy food until the weekend, which is good 8D;; However... seeing the Threadless $10 sale is bad.

My eye does keep turning pink, and I'm so tired... I love it how my insomniac group memember is like 'You're always sleeping like 8pm!' I need sleep, k. >_>;; I generally need a lot of sleep. I can't cut it on 2 hours or so unless I'm overloading with caffiene or guaranteed to have a good night's sleep or nap later.
And... I think I should be along to the doctors fairly soon, probably. XD It's not good.

It's also getting to the point of 'ohshitohshitcoursework'. ♥

I have decided I want to dye my hair candy apple red. It'll be cute. I just... need the dye now.

[I love how the first bit of my entry has barely any smilies, then it's like 'WHOA SMILIE OVERLOAD'.]

This song is about cheating. ._.;; It's obvious now, but... .______.

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I have the Wabbit in my possesion. >0

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I can finally register! A rather long, painful process with much stressing. In the end, it took a 2 minute phone call [no holding this time \o/] and I had it. So yeah, SSC, was that that hard? >____>

...Registrations now don't open until Wednesday. ¬¬;
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