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jump start my kaleidoscope heart

already out of foolproof ideas

[but i swear nothing quite like you and me.]
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...has it really been less than a week?

we've been spending a lot of time just together. it's. it's pretty damn awesome.
we're taking it slow.


I have the plague. this is not awesome. I'm just kind of overdosing on throat sweets.


it's been a odd week. I finally asked a question I was expecting to hear no to [and heard yes], I got a boyfriend, I saw three fantastic live bands [and one somewhat lame one], met people off my friendslist, handed in an assignment, made promises to talk more, and today I'm seeing a whole bunch of my friends today! despite the plague!

man, it feels good to feel this way.


'They wrote Nine in the Afternoon while being ... chemically imbalanced.'

okay, Panic, Pete Wentz, ilu. ♥


I've seen a lot of foolish behaviour in my time
but I tell you, they've got nothing on me

oh god, let me not screw this one up.
but I say this every time.

[don't be afraid to be afraid here with me.]
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mm, passing out on other people's sofas! it's crazy how much time I spend there. but we're talking about plans for next year. I'm going to be living with people I know! more precisely, [livejournal.com profile] boonehwabbit, [livejournal.com profile] eleclya_m, [livejournal.com profile] individual_68 and [livejournal.com profile] mrs_jack_turner! ¦3
you have no idea how much I'm looking forward to this. although it makes people go 'hey, you have friends now'.

we watched the 3rd and 4th Harry Potter movies - in which I giggled, talked too much and made many comments about David Tennant's tongue. tried to watch Dogma after, but I feel asleep pretty soon into it. damn the whole needing sleep thing.


at 11.11, what do you wish for?
it's easier to wish for happiness than something specific, because happiness covers all the bases. it's more likely to come true.
I'd find a star for you if you asked. but the impossible is easier [to get] [to understand] than you.


amusing moments from my lecture.
there's a guy who keeps dying his hair pink and purple! it's just- pink and purple! *flail* unfortunately, he's a second year so I don't actually know him. [flailing is totally a coping method.]
the lecturer bitching about windows, and then saying 'I sound like a crazy Mac fan. ...uh, there aren't any of those here, right?'
talking about wireless security... in parts of cars. because how everything is getting all high tech and stuff - 'in your life time, there will probably be a murder inquiry where someone's anti-lock braking system has been hacked into.'


oh my god, fucking hilarity. Monday, I had to go to Waterstones to buy Katie a new copy of her book [exploding orange juice incidents] and was browsing around the fantasy section and thought 'hey, I wonder if the new Temeraire/His Majesty's Dragon book has been released', and there it was, in hardcover. I find it hard to resist shiny books.
turns out. it was released November 5th. the day I went in, by complete coincidence.

but yeah. dragons! alternate history! go read! it's one of the best books I've read.

Monday was also my day of retail therapy. I'm really awful with my money, so any Christmas presents will be in January. but I say this every year.


oh god, oh god, LESS THAN A WEEK. judging from two set lists so far, they might play Headfirst for Halos, which would be so awesome. I'm kind of spazzing out.
[livejournal.com profile] the_sell_out, did you get the message I sent you?

it's getting the point where I'm all 'hey guess what I'm doing next week? :D :D :D' and everyone is 'yeah, we know already.'


also, I got killed. *sad face*

[if you could be my punk rock princess.]
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psa: if I'm sitting in a computer lab with a programming assignment handout, programming up on my screen and my headphones in - this kind of implies I don't want to talk to you. especially if you're not actually, you know, doing this class.
[okay, so my music is as low as it will go, that makes no difference. he came up and was 'hi 8D' and I was just 'uhh... yeah. working.']

today has been bad day so far - woke up at 11 when my lectures are at 9, 10 and 11 respectively. the 11 one was cancelled. and there's the whole matter of this programming assignment. I think I'll be in the lbas for a few afternoons.
also, I need to do research and start my [livejournal.com profile] nightmare_xmas assignment.

but [livejournal.com profile] bumped's wolf game has started ¦3 this should be... interesting.

I like annotating my notes in pink fineliners. I don't know, it's just all the electronics stuff - but with pink writing! it cracks me up, okay?

also, you guys rock for answering my elf question, ahaha.

eta: my program is spitting out random errors at me. not happy.

eta2: WAIT THAT WAS EASY. however, I'm like, a week behind. I have bad work ethics. true story, i keep compiling the program to check it works, despite having changed nothing.

[cross my t's and dot my i's.]
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asddkj. I was thinking today, 'you know what would be awesome, if My Chemical Romance toured again this year.'
well, they are. Just not in Manchester. In Sheffield, on a weekday, when my last train would be at 10.50pm.
so yeah, my face is incredibly emo.

Someone told me today that when they read Harry Potter, their mental image of Ginny is of me. It's actually kind of sweet.

Suddenly, it's summer. for real, it's sunny and warm. I'm eating pineapple and playing football with the pups. Or at least, kicking a ball for them to chase, and Indy to maul.
['the puppies or the england cricket team?' 'the puppies might actually win the ashes.']

Incidentally, Toko. Maybe I should be paying attention to the forums.

However, Toko means I'll miss my great uncle's funeral. I'm sad i can't go, but in a way, I'm kind of glad inside. i really don't like them. But who does?
My cousin is getting a sidekick. feh, says I.

I'm really hungry, and this pattern kind of frustrates me. Because I'm always hungry again at about 10 or 11.

it's days like this where I just want to lie outside and watch the clouds.

[Another miss, and anyone can see me laughing now.]
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plans and aims )


I am nobody's starcrossed lover.

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So, poking around with my lj settings I found something disturbing.

I have a yiff tag. That I've had for over a year. And only just noticed. >.o

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The Wicked book is vastly different from the musical. u.u;; It's a good book :P but it's not the plot of the musical.

[Well, she's not bleeding on the bathroom floor just for the attention.]
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Wabbit, as previously mentioned, is mine! I have her trapped here, eating popcorn and reading Wicked.

Thursday was a mix of good and bad - was feeling generally happy, but sick. One very hot clean room + sick and tired girl who hasn't eaten or drank since breakfast [this was 2 - 5] = almost passing out. But now, I have some silicon chips on my speakers with my models. >D And one in my pocket. o.o
Friday was a kinda pointless day, although me and Jonny discovered how hysterical those crossword type things where you have to guess the letters. 'We need a word that goes ha-ii, what the hell? ...Ohhh, Hawaii.' Hung around with Steve for a bit in between lectures and Ellie getting here - although torrential rain + converse = soggy soggy feet. And unintentional shoplifting ftw. I also spotted Wicked in hmv while we were at the station, so that's a gets.
Today, me and Ellie went to see a film :0 and eat. And now my scalp is really itchy, it's the popcorn, I tell you.


And as always, I forgot to actually update. :P Basically, me, Ellie, Steve [if you hadn't guessed, new boyfriend xD], Keith, Jonny and some of Jonny's flatmates went to 5th Ave last night. Me and Ellie hung around in Font for a couple of hours and had cocktails. Mmm. We're going back there later. Nachoes and cocktails. XD Also, as a bonus, it meant we got into 5th Ave for free. XD I am such a cheapskate. When it means I only spend £8 on a night out... But yeah, it was a blast. Apart from some weird awkwardness and confusion over text messages ^^; Ellie is pushy and keeps threatening to steal me. X3 I love her. Also, yay for London Underground, rathergood.com and random people behind Ellie intensely making out. Or, uh not.

And now I'm super hungry. And sleepy.
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