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My eye turned pink. It worries me.

I did get a Muse shirt. :3;

The Prestige is a crazy film.

My window is shut.

I can smell pizza, but the pizza has now gone.

Letting Steve out to go home at 5.30 when you can here someone's friends told thet he's going to be evicted on Monday for giving them his key - scary.

So, stay awake or sleep? XD

Also, Pizza Hut supports the rebellion.


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...I died.

Also, how much does anyone going to Muse in BIRMINGHAM love me? If you'd like, buy me a girls tour tshirt, I'd pay you at Christmas. ;___;

Oh, oh, how I died. It was made of pure win and sex.
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[And noone thinks they are to blame.]
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For someone who was in such a good mood yesterday... yeah. The emo has struck.

Yesterday, lots of pool was played. And everyone was quite surprised when I actually potted a ball. ...Mark and John still won every game. But yeah, haha, that was fun. Attacking people with pool cues, tring to put people off and unintentionally gay statements. 'You guys always come from behind, so I thought I'd try it once.' '...*blank stare*...' And some point after, I hung around with Iso wwaiting for his train and beign scared by the people in Fanboy 3.

But today should be good. Right? Muse? *goes back to sleep*

I just want to tell everyone to fuck off today. I don't really care.

Fuck all of this.
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[We're doing fine, we're doing nothing at all.]
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...Rogue squirrels. That phrase alone is enough to start me delusionaly rambling about thieving invisible squirrels. [The paper said 'A rogue squirrels crashed into power lines and a small number of polling stations were affected. It sounds like the squirrel had some sort of polling mission but it was a traitor!] Bwaha.

So basically, today has been a pretty good day, despite being incredibly doggy, late and noteless to my first lecture. We is learning how to make cmos transitors, oh noes! The C stands for complementary. Not complimentary, and Alex had to point out. [Kinda like complimentary angles. 'You're looking very nice today, 60 degrees.'] After that, me and Alex headed to the bar to eat and drink and do newspaper puzzles. And vaguely talk politics and good date locations. [Which I obviously suck at, look at today, I went and ddred and almost made myself sick. That's not a good date. XD]

...All that happened in Software Engineering is that I fell down the stairs when trying to get notes.

There was a lunch meeting for the campaign of 'omg Manchester electrical engineering is the best ever, study here :D' [read: vist days.] I somehow ended up being in a group with three other second years and a fourth year. So me and Dave bitched a bit about the lack of common rooms and stuff. XD;; It's kinda weird, we keep walking past each other on the way to and from uni xD and we don't talk that much. So it was cool. :D Although what do maths students need a reading week for?
Visit days look pretty good. Would mean I'd be riding less, but it just sounds fun. XD And uh, paid.

I don't know, I just feel good right now. XD Maybe it's omg ddr tonight? Maybe this week, despite all odds, is a rather good week? At least the latter half is. Me and Steve are going to the Trafford Centre tonight, should be seeing Iso tomorrow while he waits for his train then omg Muse.


Okay, we have been to the trafford centre now, and he should be getting sleep >____> Good XD I ddred and scared him, we looked at fantasy books >.>; and make up ^o^ and food and random sickness and sleepiness.

And in a few weeks, I get to make endless 'in ur base' jokes - we're going laser quest, haha.

Ugh, I don't understand this all right now. XD; I might babble later but I'm just unsure.

I just want to sing. o.O And sleep. I unintentionally/intentionally spoilt the fantasty series I'm currently reading but still <3. I'll read it anyway, yanno. :P

Edit: There was an amv I wanted to make that was something to do with Wicked. I forget it all now. :/

[I'll never let you down, if you promise not to go.]
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...xD Oh Muse, how you hate me. I just realised my last lecture on Friday finishes at 5. Doors open at 6. ;_; I mean, I'm okay, living so close to uni, but I'm not looking after Keith's stuff >.>;;
In other news, Muse! FIVE DAYS. I'm not so excited right now because I'm tired and thoughtful, but aggghhh. Seriously. I'll be such an incoherent fangirl this week. ♥ This is it kind of, the one band I've really wanted to see since... ever?

I'm almost tempted to do a Muse pimp post. XD