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jump start my kaleidoscope heart

already out of foolproof ideas

[where everything i do is flipped and awkwardly reversed.]
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Manchester meet! next Saturday - 17th November! between 10 and 11 at Picaddily station! [if you need my number, comment.]
I need to confirm who is coming, and have people work out who is staying where. like I said, I have 2 spaces left in my room, but worse comes to worst and more people want to stay in Manchester, then we'll just squeeze in? XD
also, if people are coming by coach, times would be appreciated so we know when to come collect you. ¦D

[what we invented, i am now ending.]
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once again, the internet prevails. this song - oh, it's awesome.
...I really want to see them live again.


Manchester, Saturday, come one, come all.


there's still room on the writing meme~
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[i'll be just fine, pretending i'm not.]
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last minute meets ftw! SATURDAY. MANCHESTER. be there. like 11, Piccadilly train station. [no, i can't spell.]
...I promise I won't be late this time.

the new fob video is actually rather good. and makes you think.
my tv sucks. no bbc2 for me.

I'll get back to the normal updates once I have the net.
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[I've been doing someone that you know, it's not a secret to me anymore.]
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On my current playlist, I'm listening to a Swedish dance punk band [the Sounds], a band which apparently got its name from a talking cobra in the desert [Cobra Starships] and some of the String Quartet Tributes, along with the general stuff I normally listen to, with a heavy bias towards My Chemical Romance, Panic and Fall Out Boy, with a dash of Muse thrown in for good measure.
I love my music taste. Too much music, too little space.

So come on, flist. What music are you digging right now? [leave me comments! spam me! please.]


So, today is London, for madness and other assorted fun.
[because waking up at 5 is all the rage. because I decided to dye my hair, and because I need at least two hours to make sure I'm awake and don't miss my 6.20 train. because spending 7 and a half hours on a train is hysterically fun, in the way it's really not.]
Also, for kicks, there probably will may be a phone post.

...Catch you on the flipside, boys and girls.

[Press rewind, turn back time, that won't change a thing.]
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There's a meet type thing in Manchester on Saturday, arranged by [livejournal.com profile] pawsaldo :0 Come to Manchester! We have lions.

It seems every time I break up with someone, I lose something. Something completely unrelated. I lost the shirt I came home in. My room ate it.

My self esteem also isn't faring too well. I'm looking into a group, but have a sinking feeling I'll end up doing stuff in the gap. Which would suck. I don't know. Try harder this term, rinse and repeat.

However, today was kind of fun. Ended up sitting with an almost totally new group of people in lectures, and ended up having a small group go to the refectory place, where I got undercharged. Even after I pointed it out. I'm not complaining. But, I swear, I haven't seen half of them before. Ah, the joy of being a repeating second year.

Also, please. Convince me if Battlestar Galatica is worth the boxset.

[I'm on my feet, I'm on the floor, I'm good to go.]
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Thursday, a certain individual from Newcastle [wtf, you say, he sounds American] is coming to visit. Friday, we intend to bum around Birmingham city centre for much amusement and ddr. Ddr, yes, for I would sell my soul for a decent game of ddr. Or not, but you get the idea. It's also so more of my friends can actually meet him. :3;

So that's Friday, k. 11, New Street. Also, we're going back to crash at Jordan's dad's house, which is always a fun event XD

People from Derby most likely will be there, but please don't not come because of that. I want to see people! :0

I'm going shopping tomorrow with my grandma :333 The shoes will be mine.