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jump start my kaleidoscope heart

already out of foolproof ideas

[give your immortality to me, i'll set you up against the stars.]
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last couple of days have been surprisingly fun! went to a gig last minute last night, which was oh my god awesome. Katie wins everything, ever. she's good at converting people. also, after, had some good conversations with her and Indie James. [we have to categorise the James. there is Indie James, Pirate James, Laura's James... apparently Laura has started naming them after Star Wars movies. A New James, etcetera.] pretty good, especially since I've never really spoken to him much before.

and today, Anisha came to Manchester, and we had delicious, delicious noodles and tempura. and sorbet! so good! *dead* depending on how many people turn up to the meet, we should go there again. also finally remembered to burn a dvd of emo for her. 1100+ tracks. booyah. plus, I made her watch youtube videos. okay, I am addicted to it. no... huge secret there.
['...you have livejournal as your home page?!']

doors 2 - Anisha 0.


6. Sarritchi
[ happy, rand0m, fair, debatable, unique ]
Sarri is awesome. XD I might not talk to her tooooo often but when I do, it's a conversation made of win. Sarri's also a bit of a ninja. Just when you think she can't see your LJ entries, she is actually lurking beneath the shadows. Although she's an anime fan, she listens to emo music, which I don't put against her. She adores it, and isn't ashamed of it which takes a lot of guts against the whole anime clique scene. However, her personality isn't emo itself. =3 I love our conversations and I love who she is. ^^

dude, is it 'say randomly nice things about me' week or something? [livejournal.com profile] xia_hime AND [livejournal.com profile] quaaaack have both been up to it lately. ♥ ♥ ♥ for you ALL, okay? I'm such a sap, but pfft, oh well. I do read everything you write, and you all mean a lot to me.

[although, dude, you spelt my name wrong.]

I'm just in a mood of loving everything lately, which is kind of weird, considering how awful I felt the other night.


[oh, how we shouted, how we screamed- take notice, take interest, take me with you.]


any ideas for a cheap Halloween costume?

[what did you possibly expect under this condition?]
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stolen from the queen of surveys :B )


Comment and I'll pick seven of your icons, and then you will explain why you love/are using the icon (who doesn't love talking about their icons, seriously) and then post your explanation/this meme in your journal for other people to squee about their icons, and basically it will be a huge squeefest of love and 100x100 square pixels.

cut for icons )


Online journals are little filters that we each see every one else's lives through, the parts others choose to share with us. That said, we all think we are close, but really we seldom know *a lot* about each other. So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away.


seriously, go see Stardust. like, now. squirmy squirmy glee.
[stars and earnest dorky boys and witches and backstabbing and SKY PIRATES and princes and ghosts and MADE OF AWESOME.]

[pick me up, bring me inside, so maybe next time i won't fall down the steps.]
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note to self - fixing sore throat with coca-cola does not work. it will never work. stop trying.

however, strawberries are awesome.

...do you know what else is awesome? Straylight Run.
oh man. asddkjjj.
the best things about small gig venues are:
- so easy to get to the front. for Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer and Strayligh Run, I was one person away from the front, pretty much in front of where John Nolan was standing.
- also easy to take photos! seriously. for mychem, I would never consider taking my camera, cause it would be too hard to get decent photos.
- occasionally see band members wandering through the crowd. standing and watching in the crowd.
- ...the bands man the merch table themselves.
I got autographs and photos from Zolof, autographs from all of Straylight Run and photos with 3 of them. I look like a total spaz but hey. it's a follow on from the Panic photo. I'll post those up later, maybe.

the actual bands! Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer - happy electropoppy stuff.very catchy, very upbeat. best song title: 'argh! I'm a pirate!'
Straylight Run - the only thing I'm really disappointed about was that they didn't play Your Name Here. otherwise - oh man, awesome. there was a fair bit of switching on stage between Michelle and John with the two guitars and keyboards. oh man. awesome. I unfortunately didn't get any videos, wish I had.
Motion City Soundtrack - they seemed okay. ahaha. the band it was actually about. the singer was pretty good at putting on a show, very talky, very funny.

The whole atmosphere seemed pretty cool as well. there was a guy at the front who was totally hyped for Zolof who I ended up talking to for a bit when we were hanging around the merch table. a few people were actually talking a fair bit to the bands, but I am, as previously noted, incredibly shy.
but, oh man.


went fencing today, which helped me cheer up. even if I suck at it. although, oh god. there's a guy who looks rather like Chase from House. I laughed. but anyway, it was good, because we were all beginners. and doing footwork games. like, habing to do the opposite of what one of the guys was telling us. 'one step forward' = 'two steps back'. I kind of suck at footwork though. any tips, teegs? XD

I mean, I still feel really guilty about not wanting to ride all that much. I have to work on this guilt thing. but I'm going to go along on thursday and say that I'm interested, but not until January.

in other news, I finally made it into a lecture. go me.


so I'm sitting here, listening to hyper music, and wondering why when I meet someone called John, I automatically check whether or not it has a h.

[sorry, you're not a winner.]
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I really don't understand this, lately I just feel really happy. although this is the day after I realised I have an honest-to-god emo fringe when I straighten my hair.
[it might have something to do with Ryan Ross. his happy face makes me happy.]

but oh god, at least two people last weekend thought I was 17. bwaha. [and a 17 year old looked 19, and a 13 year old looked 21.]

I'm also loving brand new far, far too much.

and the puppies [are almost no longer puppies] ate my parents' wedding photos.

I still feel kind of gleeful. I'm also making lists, and this is never a good thing.
- another pair of jeans. ugh, I adore these jeans. they're just the right amount of baggy and wahed out and pink and green.
- band t-shirts. I've been eyeing up some Brand New ones.
- a new wallet. preferably a smaller one.
- more MAC makeup. I'm turning into one of those girls who buys expensive makeup.
- a sports bra. for me and Dory plan to go fencing. I mean, man, you totally needed to know that.
the only problem is, I have no idea when my loan is coming in. hay government, I want my free moneh.

I have a feeling there's some dinner I'm meant to be cooking.

['that's not a circle, that's a fucking oblong.']
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oh god, showers.

this weekend, i have:
- experienced karma, coincidence, happenstance, fate or just simple luck.
- seen a whole load of my favourite bands.
- heard a few more.
- listened to bands i was never really that into before!
- had awesome weather!
- fucked off a whole lot. ['becky, where's your mate?' '...she'll be back.']
- managed to get my lanyard signed by brand new. [only for it to rub off later. D:]
- ended up being two people away from the barrier for fall out boy.
- to achieve this, i ended up standing for around nine hours without sitting, eating or going to the toilet.
- found out the hard way how much crowdsurfers hurt when they end up putting a foot in your face.
- spoken to some pretty awesome people while in signing queues/the barrier crowd. people are so much nicer when they're not trying to put a elbow in your face. :]
- avoided circle pits like the plague. despite every band being all 'we want to see the biggest circle pit ever!'
- slept far too easily. and at weird times. 12am - 6am is not good sleeping for festival.
- ...and met panic! at the disco.

...yes, i'm still pretty hyper over that.

at some point, i'll do a more comprehensive review of the bands i saw, at least.

so, um, how are you all? :D *goes to read friends page*

[this is all i need to feel alive.]
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things that make me happy.
- my friends. yes, we all know I can be a disgusting sap at times, but hey. ♥♥ there are some of my friends who put up with a ridiculous amount of shit and clinginess off me. there are also some people who are just fantastically funny.
and the best part? I get to see a fair few of them next weekend. ♥
even if I only see you once or twice a year, even if I don't speak to you much, even if we're just lj friends, all of you have made my life so much better.

- cut for photo )
scenester cowboys. because, um, what? this is awesome, yet utterly bizarre.
also, new panic song that doesn't sound, well, odd.

- music! I mean, I went to an anime con, and came back with four cds! [we went on a tesco run and were gone for almost three hours! it was awesome.] and one of those is screamo! also, I have discovered the Hush Sound. ♥

- I have a burning desire to make Iso into the prettiest princess at amecon.

- mint and tea tree shampoo is not edible. tastes soapy. also made Steve's hair smell delicious, or so he claimed.

- House Emo won. incidentally, it seems Junpei was not pulling my leg.

- Seaking?

- Reading! Becky~ coaches? tents? I is mildly unprepared.

[i've got no one to call in the middle of the night anymore.]
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Toko is awesome, but causes death.

And somehow, Neon House Evangelion won. oh, Spike, you're kind of made of awesome.

and next week, I do this all again.
...only with less camping.

[In ashes to ashes, I'm falling, falling. In ashes to ashes, I'm losing, losing.]
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Meme gankage from [livejournal.com profile] shuraiya, wherein you leave a comment with the person who is posting the meme and they go into your interests - they pick three of your interests and have you explain them in an entry! And then other people ask you to pick their interests! :D

Kicking the Iso
- Okay, you may or may not know I used to date [livejournal.com profile] isonekobaka. There was great angst and emo revolving around it, whatever. And some point after the breakup and getting to be friends again, there was kicking. Because I'm a little bit violent. And kick him. A lot. And in our 'oh my god we are so totally cool' way, me and a friend added it to our interests. And then other people added it. So it kind of spiralled. Jesus condones kicking the Iso! [Someone added the interest on a spoof lj.] We love our drama! ...No, really, we don't but it's all good now.

Pocketsized pop-punk boys
- Because Panic! At The Disco are tiny. They're probably not that tiny, but it is just how the fandom sees them. They're so tiny and cute. It's really a case of stealing interests from comms I'm in. [and plus, I'm kind of really into them at the moment.]

Cheap plastic toys
It's a throwback to when I still liked Gundam Seed. They had it in their interests, and I thought 'hey, that's kind of funny.' And plus, I love cheap plastic toys. I have two tins full of random junk on my desk, current contents including a Hello Kitty pencil topper, some Naruto phone charms, hairclips, my keyring chewtoy [it's bendy and comes to pieces, fun to gnaw on], paper clips and some badges.
In fact, I have a whole drawer dedicated to my random cheap toys and shiny things. I'm like a magpie.


Today was kinda fun. Bar the falling asleep every five minutes because people decided to drag me into multiconvos at midnight!
I'm not complaining, mind you.

At lunch, ended up playing frisbee with Keith, Rob and Rob's friend [k I suck at knowing people's names] and later joined by more people in our year. And yeah, I suck at frisbee. But it was fun.
After that [including demonstration of our project, but that's boring] met up with Pin, Ani and random quiet person. And it was fun. Stealing cherries! Innuendo that wasn't. ['Swallow!' *chokechoke* 'D: Stop being twisted!']

And there was also shopping, because when isn't there shopping. I said 'keep me away from the make up because I always have to buy some!' and Pin says 'I need to go look at the make up!' So I brought some. And then Anisha goes 'I want to go to TK Max!' And I always buy t-shirts there. However - lilac t-shirt with a dragon fly and the text 'I'm a great catch' is win.


This song is one that always makes the hairs on my arm stand up and makes me shiver.

Loads of songs do that. Kind of crazy.