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jump start my kaleidoscope heart

already out of foolproof ideas

[you think you're saying something relevant as you connect the dots.]
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song title meme a.k.a. winamp is on crack part 3523 )


lyric meme )


I have emo flu. seriously, I was trying to kill myself through coughing, and Alex handed me a piece of paper saying 'emo flu'. it was amusing.


*implode* 4x exp on maple.


[hey you beauty supreme, yeah, you were right about me.]

[no time for half-hearted goodbyes.]
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lyric meme! )

oh my god, certain band that appears on her the most, please stop shuffling your live tracks. seriously. they keep playing.


our first problem based learning exercise is to do with making children's toys. so we start talking about the design options and one of the team points out we should market it at adults, because then we could make it more expensive. totally not what the answer is I feel, but I like it.

NanimeW in a bit~ I'm just procrastinating on getting ready.

I kind of love this icon.
also, I love you guys. ♥ I can't say music saved my life, but you guys have definitely made it far better.

[in a crooked little town, they were lost and never found.]
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this is a post of memes. I'm working on my post-Reading post.


lyric meme, you know the drill. )


DIRECTIONS: Leave me a comment saying anything random, like your favorite lyric to your current favorite song. Or your favorite kind of sandwich. Something random. Whatever you like. I respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better. Update your LJ with the answers to the questions. Include this explanation. When others comment asking to be asked, you will ask them five questions.


interview from [livejournal.com profile] kazz_chan:
1. Cake or Candy!?
Candy. makes me hyperer.

2. What is your favourite song and why?
right now, Brand New - Sowing Season. it starts off quite slow, but halfway through, the guitars really kick in, and it's kind of electrifying. plus. it was fantastic live.

3. What anime makes you want to rip your eyes out/ears off when you watch it?
hmmm. yu-gi-oh. aha.

4. Is there something you secretly fangirl/obsess over?
...bandslash isn't that secret. but that's the main thing I fangirl over nowadays.

5. Is there a talent you wish you had and why?
I would like to be super flexible. and not because it sounds kinky. I don't know, it would just be cool. I could never do cartwheels or handstands as a kid. [I still can't.]


interview from [livejournal.com profile] hiccu_pop:
1. What do you love about music?
I'm going to be incredibly geeky and use a lyric to answer this. 'I could write it better than you ever felt it.'

2. If you could master any skill, what would it be?
playing an instrument. or ddr.

3. Whats your favourite thing about anime conventions?
friends! dancing with glowsticks and taking cracked out photos.

4. If you could tell me anything, what would it be?
THAT I HATE YOUR FACE. oh god, come on, tell me you didn't see that coming.

5. If you got married, where would you do it?
maybe my nan's church. it's where I was christened. but somewhere pretty.


interview from [livejournal.com profile] tenatzen:
1. Who's your least favourite person to be around?
if I don't like being around them, I try not to be around them. but, my brother.

2. If you had infinite money, what would you do?
Buy a new computer, goes clothes shopping. Buy a sidekick. end up buying loads of gadgets. buy all those tshirts I keep finding online. buy a new wallet.

3. Think it would change you?
I want to say no, but I know it would. I mean, I'd still try and get a job and everythinbg, but people tend to think I'm kind of spoilt as it is. :P

4. How long is Ninja Steve's left arm?
too long.

5. what's your greatest goal in life?
to be happy. or to look at my life and think 'I like who I am, what I am doing and who I am around.'


all I hear is 'when it gets dark, in Pritchatts Park'. because um, aha, that's where my dearest Ellie lived last year.
the real line is 'in pigeon park' which amuses me even more! [pigeon park is a cemetry in the middle of the city. emos go hang there. I'm not kidding.]

I go back in just over a week. uni are... maybe fucking me around. I'm short ten credits. uni admin are awesome. ♥

also, I mentioned the guys at my mother's work would be taking a look at my pc. they did. and it is worse than it was before they looked at it. the fucker won't even turn on. I'm going into super-pester mode. I want it working, dammit. :/

[i'll love you in the morning.]
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lyric meme, you know the drill. :D

when you're still hungover )


In other news, clothes or permanent account? Blue eyes or green? These are the things I cannot decide.

It's Bex's birthday and Manchester at the weekend. Awesome, kind of.

['Only use the internet for directions to shows and pornography.']
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I kind of love that quote.

Revision. Feh. I keep writing 'j' as 2, and I still can't spell synchronous. Most of the time.

Lyric meme? :3

by now you know the drill )

...um, my music is highly biased towards the 'pop-punk-emo', yes.

[This is a love song in my own way.]
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Put your media/mp3 player to random shuffle, and list the first 30 songs which come up, no matter how embarrassing they are. Then list down your favourite lyrics to the songs and post them on your journal. Unleash your flist on them and see how many songs they recognise.

and I cast a spell over the west to make you think of me, the same way I think of you )


Pirates make me happy. Super happy.
[...what's a shell game?]


There is always something new and shiny to be found. This fandom will be the death of me yet.
...If the lack of sleep and the stress and the sheer ambivalence don't first, y'know.

[Let's stay together, itsumo...]
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All I have to say is, what the hell is Matt Bellamy wearing in the Live 8 vids? o_O; *just got them* >_> *strokes pretty Hullabaloo DVDs*

And lyric meme time. XD Cause I'm bored. ;_;

30 lyrics~ )