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jump start my kaleidoscope heart

already out of foolproof ideas

[if you could be my punk rock princess.]
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psa: if I'm sitting in a computer lab with a programming assignment handout, programming up on my screen and my headphones in - this kind of implies I don't want to talk to you. especially if you're not actually, you know, doing this class.
[okay, so my music is as low as it will go, that makes no difference. he came up and was 'hi 8D' and I was just 'uhh... yeah. working.']

today has been bad day so far - woke up at 11 when my lectures are at 9, 10 and 11 respectively. the 11 one was cancelled. and there's the whole matter of this programming assignment. I think I'll be in the lbas for a few afternoons.
also, I need to do research and start my [livejournal.com profile] nightmare_xmas assignment.

but [livejournal.com profile] bumped's wolf game has started ¦3 this should be... interesting.

I like annotating my notes in pink fineliners. I don't know, it's just all the electronics stuff - but with pink writing! it cracks me up, okay?

also, you guys rock for answering my elf question, ahaha.

eta: my program is spitting out random errors at me. not happy.

eta2: WAIT THAT WAS EASY. however, I'm like, a week behind. I have bad work ethics. true story, i keep compiling the program to check it works, despite having changed nothing.

[hours pass and she still counts the minutes that i am not there.]
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ugh, one of my friends is pissing me off.
okay, so last year - I spent a lot of time in lectures with Jonny, John and Mark since we had a few more lectures together than I did with Keith. so we'd end up sitting around and eating lunch too. and I know they can be kind of bitchy. but to be honest, they're like that with everyone. but they don't like Keith so much.
towards the end of the year, we started talking to a couple of other guys - Mel and Paul - who are okay, even if Paul is a little creepy.
and now this year - I have one lecture with Keith, Mel and Paul, who have more lectures together that I don't have. I wouldn't mind if it didn't coincide with Keith start acting like a bitch. leaving bitchy anonymous comments on facebook calling me 'a wannabe emo' [there are so many levels of wtf to that]. clearing rubbish off a table and someone says 'oh. just chuck it all over there.' and he says 'and her too?'

maybe I'm being oversensitive.

the emo thing. I don't know. it's the wannabe part of it. I am not ashamed to say I like what is classed by most people as emo music. [genre debate another day plz.] I kind of like some of the emo fashions, but not necessarily on myself. the whole androgynous scene kid thing - yeah, I think that's kind of fucking cool, to be honest. I kind of wish I could get away with it. I call myself the happiest emo. it's a joke. I don't mind people saying I'm an emo.
but, like I said, it's the wannabe thing that gets me. the implication that I'm a failure at being an emo.

[waw waw wa~w]

[appropriate icon? keywords: hate is a strong word but- i really really really don't like you.]


in other news, worlds are interconnected, fencing is made of misheard phrases and I am permanently about ten minutes behind everyone else.
I've had my first two labs of the year, and they went okay. even if one of them I had someone who did the course last year helping me. ahaha.

[take my advice, cause we are bad news.]
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song title meme )


band meme )


List seven songs you are into right now, no matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your Live Journal along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.
1. Brand New - Failure By Design - because everyone loves angsty pop punk. [this is a lesson in procrastination / I kill myself because I'm so frustrated / and every single second that I put it off / means another lonely night I got to race the clock]
2. Elliot Minor - Parallel World - um, I seriously didn't want to like this! it's kind of cheesy, yet... somehow addictive. [I’m stuck in parallel worlds / or something supernatural / it won't let me go]
3. The Sounds - 24 Hours - so the lyrics I chose are actually super cheesy but this band makes me so happy. really dancy and just awesome. [oh / you said it was love for the first time / oh, baby, baby be mine / cause I'm in love, in love, in love, in love with you]
4. Fall Out Boy - Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued - this song is the ultimate in long and pointless songnames! what more justification do I need, apart from it makes me want to dance? [it's just past eight and I'm feeling young and reckless / the ribbon on my wrist says / 'do not open before christmas']
5. Death Cab For Cutie - Marching Bands of Manhattan [sorrow drips into your heart through a pinhole / just like a faucet that leaks and there is comfort in the sound / but while you debate half empty or half full / it slowly rises, your love is gonna drown. ]
6. John Mayer - Slow Dancing In a Burning Room [can't seem to hold you like I want to / so I can feel you in my arms / nobody's gonna come and save you / we pulled too many false alarms]
7. My Chemical Romance - Early Sunsets Over Monroeville - happy song about people being in love and happy together! and then VAMPIRES! I really can't help but laugh. oh, it's srs bsns. [not knowing you'd change from just one bite / I fought them all off just to hold you close and tight.]


there are some things that people don't want to talk about. and you know, I'd've thought when asking 'why?' if the reply was 'because', it would kind of imply they don't really want to talk about it. huh. but what do I know?

I went out for a ride on Banner, and it's kind of all good, because it's one of the few times I can talk to my mother without her bringing up the thing about jobs and the summer. and as well, I love that horse to bits and pieces.

I'm thinking of what to spend my birthday gift voucher on. I'm torn between an iTunes gift voucher or selling it to my mother. huh, she still owes me for those chocolates she ate. also, I kind of really want the Sounds album and perhaps the special edition of From Under The Cork Tree. But that can wait until September. I don't know if my lj account can wait until then. I'm kind of addicited to this thing, huh. I do kind of need new jeans a little more urgently.

I'm getting around to replying to comments. srsly.

[But in truth I'm lost for words.]
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...I really hate groupwork.
It's been said that I don't work well with others. I try to. I'll smile, I'll do what other people tell me to, I'll point out the dumb little things that people get confused over, I try and be nice. :D
But sometimes... ugh.
So yeah! Story time! :3

An Electronic Engineering Story of Woe.
or, why Sarri really really hates everyone else.

Okay. We have to do this circuit simulation thing for our groupwork tutorial. One of my group volunteers me and her to do it. ...Not that she actually asked me. We say we'll meet Sunday evening and I hope she means earlyish. She also says she has the notes and labs from last year.

Sunday evening rolls around, and I feel shit. My eye has been going bloodshot, I had a really awful nights sleep and I feel kinda sick. I'm about to give up, when she's 'Oh! 7.30 - 8 ok?' I'm a doormat. I say yes. An hour or so later, she decides she's going out and we'll meet at 8.30. At this point, I say I feel really shit and I'm just not going to be able to stay awake that long. 'But,' she says, 'I can't actually do any of this!' So yes. She basically says we'll do it so she gets credit. [I'm not denying that she hasn't done a lot of good research, just... don't say you'll do something you have no intention of doing!] She says she'll meet me when she's finished eating. I go over, only to find... she doesn't have those notes. End up phoning another guy in the group who does have them, and we say we'll go get them in the morning and skip that lecture. I tell her that really, there's no need for us both to go, it really only needs one person to do it, and I'm okay doing it on my own, but she says she'll come in and try and feel useful.

So, this morning, she leaves me a message telling me to go get the notes off this guy, and she'll meet me 'about 9' in the computer labs. I turn up at the start of the lecture, he's not there, so rather than try and sneak out of a lecture halfway through, I go to the computer labs to try and see if the notes are somewhere in the shared file stuff. But fortunately, I find a simulation from last year that I can change a bit. The other guy texts me at 9.10 asking where I am, I tell him it's ok and I've got the notes. And so much for about 9, she turns up at half past. By this time, I've altered the circuit and all I need is one bit of data which she could have texted me.

...And you know what? It was the wrong circuit. :D In the tutorial, I basically said that I hadn't realised about why we needed the other one, and our tutor was 'Surely it was a group decision?' ':D;;; I don't know so I'll just take the blame.'

The kicker is that we all got marked 'excellent' for our tutorial when we gave him the wrong circuit, and that I'm now somehow group leader.
Doom, I tell you.


And if you hadn't guessed by that, I feel... crap. :3;; My dad gave me Chinese money again, and it feels somewhat wasted. The soup was gorgeous, the starter selection... kinda greasy. And huge bag of prawn crackers? @_@;; And it was expensive too ;___;
But now I don't need to buy food until the weekend, which is good 8D;; However... seeing the Threadless $10 sale is bad.

My eye does keep turning pink, and I'm so tired... I love it how my insomniac group memember is like 'You're always sleeping like 8pm!' I need sleep, k. >_>;; I generally need a lot of sleep. I can't cut it on 2 hours or so unless I'm overloading with caffiene or guaranteed to have a good night's sleep or nap later.
And... I think I should be along to the doctors fairly soon, probably. XD It's not good.

It's also getting to the point of 'ohshitohshitcoursework'. ♥

I have decided I want to dye my hair candy apple red. It'll be cute. I just... need the dye now.

[I love how the first bit of my entry has barely any smilies, then it's like 'WHOA SMILIE OVERLOAD'.]

This song is about cheating. ._.;; It's obvious now, but... .______.

[But your secret's safe with me.]
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*twitch* I was making some sort of comment of glee about moving out, to the point of 'Yay, someone else will be paying for the food. X3'


...Bitch. ¬___¬ I meant it as I don't have to go shopping everyweek and plan all my meals and shiznit for a few months. No need to make me feel like a complete BITCH cause I get help off my parents, and as such am not in my overdraft. :3
But seriously, do I go 'YOU DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY, YOU'RE IN YOUR OVERDRAFT, I'M NOT, NER NER NER!1!' eh? No! Because I'm not a bitch. That much. I will act lovely and pleasant [as I get] to your face but I don't like you X3 I'm not going to be all 'I never have to see you again so I'll just be a bitch :D'
I'm sure you fucking knew what I meant. I think Laura understood me at least. But assadlkjadslk. I don't spend that much, k.



Yeah, exams are over. WOW.
We had a fun day after the exam, played some pool, sat and had really weird conversations in the union, and then to 5th Ave. Missed getting in free by a few minutes. Fail.
Then we stayed in bed most of the morning then cleaned up my pit of a room.
And now I'm hideously bored.


This gets caps.

MY BIRTHDAY IS NEXT WEEK. [Tuesday 13th :0] Anybody who's free on the day, leave a comment and come hang with us. :3
On Saturday 17th, there's gonna be a mini meet, so again, please, come ;___;