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jump start my kaleidoscope heart

already out of foolproof ideas

[cigarettes keep you skinny and your mind off the rain.]
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someone got kind of bored today.


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now all I need is an actual haircut. also, fear my squinty eyes. I can't control it.
...and yes, that's a vg cats shirt. I have the best boyfriend.

[and curse your god when your friends die.]
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oh man, amusement.

Sarri: ':D :D :D *prepares to write super emo entry*'
guy from class: *sits down next to her* 'so, hey about this lab...'

I forgive him, because his hair is pretty like a girl.
I have a thing about hair. fluffy and straightened? yesplz. I would like to pet it.
but I'm just the kind of weird, possibly slightly standoffish girl who he just has classes with.

it amuses me that he's the second guy with nice hair that I've noticed in my lectures. there's a second year in one of my classes who dyes his hair pink and red. oh man, it's awesome.

I feel like dying my hair something bright.


also, someone please save me. I don't want to watch SGA, do I? do I?
I keep having brief flings with tv shows. see, Lost, Heroes, Supernatural, Veronica Mars, House. see Scrubs.


I saw a video of Brand New at Reading. swear to god, the camera must have been right by me. playing 'you won't know', watching the crowd go mad.

I never wrote about that, but - oh god, it was awesome. couldn't move, crammed up by the front. I didn't know half the words but I knew the songs well enough. singing 'you won't know' over and over into the guitar.

oh, I want to be back there. I've got the gig bug. I know I say I hate the crowds, but there's some kind of electricity that's just... just awesome.
I have a list of bands I would kill to see again. since I've seen almost every band I wanted to see this year.


my apathy almost overwhelms me sometimes.

["i will do an all manor of vile things to you."]
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oh god Iso, you're unintentionally fantastic.

I'm considering creating a tag called 'emoting over return of the king' because that film always get me depressed. oh, Frodo, you're so creepy and sad. and Legolas, you're just pretty. and state the obvious. and the 'how do you pick up the threads of an old life?' monologue never fails to make me feel sad. But at least I got to watch all of the extended editions and all the extra scenes. Like the Houses of Healing! little things make me happy, I'm kind of a geek like that.
Also watched 'Life On The Murder Scene' [the mychem dvd] and it's kind of awesome. I also listened to the entire of The Black Parade in order. I'm kind of a fangirl.

Max is feeling better now, but the remote isn't. so puppy kisses and lots of dvds for me.

I should be getting HP whenever the post comes tomorrow. I'd go to the midnight release and all that, but who with? nobody's around here that much, but that's okay. Planning on going riding pretty early tomorrow anyway, and I'm on puppy sitting duties while my dad goes to a party his minions are hosting. [how cool is that? my dad has minions. okay, employees, but they call him things like crabbit. bwaha.] My brother is home tomorrow as well [which happens once in a blue moon, I kid you not] so I guess I'll have to pester him into getting my birthday present.
I'm really not sure what I'm expecting from the book. As long as I like it more than OotP. I hated that book. Caps locks does not make people emphasise with you. I've pretty much avoided spoilers and/or downloads, so who knows what's going to happen. Maybe I'll read the last chapter first anyway.

I think I'd just like to sleep. But I'll just sit around and play with my hair. I actually really like my hair right now. sure, it's more or less just plain brown [and I don't even know if it's natural or not anymore, that's how much i dye my hair] but it's quite short - long enough that it will just go into two bunches - but that's the way I like it. I could just take photos, that would be far easier.
I also really want to buy coloured hair extensions. I need to head over to Walsall area anyway to get my contacts.

I don't have much to do, it's just getting around to doing it. my life would be at least a bit easier if I actually did all these things I keep thinking of.
But in a few weeks, everything will be go-go-go, and then it's September. which, ugh, I'm looking forward to like whoa.

I kind of love coke zero at the moment, because there's nothing in it.

[asleep is the safest place you could be.]
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If anyone wants to get hold of me this weekend, text me, okay? I'll have no net access until Monday afternoon. Also, I'm missing Doctor Who, oh noes. But we have this super awesome tv thing that records it for me. Sunday should be fun, but Saturday will be mostly just washing clothes and actually getting to Manchester. And Monday is totally about getting back to Sutton.
Also, I'm somewhat amused at how similar mine and [livejournal.com profile] dogmop's music tastes are. We were talking about festivals and the bands playing, and getting excited over the same things, heh.

I'm also thinking about when I go back. I'm tempted to turn up with blonde hair with blue and pink extensions [okay, you have no idea how much i want that to happen, because blue! blue hair and me do not talk often.] and one blue eye and one green. why? Because I'm a dork, duh. [I'd also like to be fitter, but that one will take a while.]
I'm also kind of toying with the idea of moving back earlier - nearer to the start of September as opposed to fresher's week, which is nearer the end. Mainly because I think most of the others should be back? Still won't be much to do, but getting myself settled. Maybe start swimming more.

Serenity still kind of hurts to watch. But the outtakes are awesome.
However, I'd really like high quality caps of the series, I have a craving for a Simon and River layout.

I'd still like to know why England have a player who isn't too good at Twenty-20 opening. But hey, we won. [also, Warwickshire are top of the table for our division, awesome. clear by 4 points, awesome x 2.]
...Yes, I'm a girl who rather likes cricket, I'm a freak of nature, ahah.

I also realised something, maybe it's the whole, y'know, knowing I won't see him until September, added in with the radio silence... um, well, it's easier to deal with.
[you can say 'he's a gentleman' all you like, doesn't change the fact that he just might not like me like that.]

[the other day, we were talking about a boy I used to like. like seriously. it's somewhat ironic that he's gay and rather emo now. tuesday, he gave me a hug and said he hadn't seen me for many years. whatever, it was a year.]

I so totally love my friends, okay? ♥

[so don't apologise, i hope you choke and die.]
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there are things I am not so happy about right now.

I trod on a drawing pin yesterday morning, and fuck, it hurts. Also, same foot that I cut when I trod on a contact lens case. Possibly same foot involved in the whole repeatedly stepping on a plug situation. [apparently, if it keeps hurting, I'll have to go to a+e. awesome. not.]
I missed my contact lens appointment yesterday morning, which means I'm kind of out of lenses.
Exam results come out sometime in the next week and I am shitting myself. I am not looking forward to this. like, seriously, fuck.
My puppies are all morose since they've just had an op and I swear, my mother is more upset than they are. [there will be no puppy babies, let's leave it at that.]

However, I shall be off to good old Manchester this weekend to annoy Alan and Sophie. Which shall be interesting. If I could only solve my food problem.

I have spent most of today with my mother discussing fanfiction and watching Firefly. [and spotting interesting things in the background! example - there's a 8 segment display in the infirmary that says 'error' and in Trash, there's a screen that has windows on. THEY STILL HAVE WINDOWS. IN THIS SUPER HIGH TECH PLACE.] We did try and go riding, but after I'd gotten Banner nice and clean, we noticed that he didn't have a shoe. that had been put on on Tuesday. Because he believes he is two and likes running around in the field.

I have a strange desire for blonde hair, help.

[this is a matter of life or death and we are not prepared, we just want you to know.]
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Today went from okay to mildly meh to pretty good again.
It was Bex's aborted picnic turned pub crawl despite the fact it was kind of sunny, aha. Good to see some familar faces, but everyone was pretty cool to be honest. Got a little down after trying to work things out for next weekend - spending an evening in an empty flat is really not in my idea of a good time - but people are awesome and cheer me up. Ended up walking around town with Hope and Vanesha and then going to the cinema. I have never before been in a cinema where the employees are so chatty, haha. Spent a bit of time sitting outside talking to Hope before my dad gave us a lift home.

Also, I kind of liked my hair today. I'm at the stage where it's really too long for me too like - and this is just below shoulder length. If only it stayed straight. So it went in two tiny ponytails and I straightened my fringe. That probably need cutting as well.

My plans for next weekend are still up in the air. Eh.

I was writing comment!fic and thought 'wow, I've written so much' and it turned out to be just under 600 words. aha, oh well.

The puppies are in the doghouse, literally. They got my mother's handbag and [always]Indy threw up because he's greedy. [he's alwaysIndy becaus it is always Indy! the only pup that can't climb on the haybales and the one who always gets picked on by the others and does the silly things, it's always Indy.]

The other day, we went on a walk through a field with the puppies. And you know, I never really realised how close I live to the countryside.

sometimes, 'it's going to be okay' is the reason I keep going.

[We're the pre-mixed generation, buy into quicker-fix emotion.]
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You know it's bad when the best clothes you have are black trousers [that are too long], a Muse tshirt, black converse and a blue jacket - because really, wearing a jacket saying Death Kitty is just so cool when you're going out to dinner 8D. Yeah, I'm so hardcore.

In other news, fish is fun. There's this new fish restaurant down the road, and my parents went there the week before I came home. And on the bill, there was something like 'bread/butter x 2 = £9.90'. And they were wondering why they'd been charged so much for two baskets of bread and butter.
Turns out it was the bread and butter puddings. Like, their desserts. Me and my brother were just 'uhhh... what?'

Indy is ill. This makes me sad face. Every time he yawns, he yelps.

My hair is also pretty cute now. I'll photospam later, I have photos of Ellie being a dork and hanging out with Neko and all last week to resize and upload. <3 S'all good.

[My dear, we're slow dancing in a burning room.]
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So... uh. My hair. The colour is awesome and fantastic. And yes, that is my natural hair colour. Or at least the dark brown bit is, haha.

...I'm really not sure about the cut yet.

photo D: )

[In case I lost my train of thought, where was it that we last left off?]
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My parents call one of our puppies, Indy, a special needs dog. It's kind of mean, but he is a little weird. He'll stare at you, then start barking randomly, and if you move towards him when he's like this, he'll flinch. I could maybe understand this... if we hadn't been his only owners. He's about 6 months old now. But yeah, he is the crazy puppy. Him and his brother fight a lot. And today, my mother was 'Well, you and Joseph [my brother] are quite like them...' My response was 'Wait, does that mean I'm the crazy one? D:'

...She also said if I ever brought a boy home who wore eyeliner, my dad and my brother would beat them up. Um, haha, that bodes well.


The new Fall Out Boy video amuses me so much. Because suits. And Panic references. And monkeys. Monkeys that insult Pete Wentz. What more could you ask for?
Also, I'm picking up more and more on the background vocals. I still have no idea what a bass sounds like, because I'm a dork. Plus, Saturday's screamo kills me dead. It makes me giggle every time. ...Lots of things makes me giggle though.


Song meme answers :3; These are the ones nobody got.

5. but I'm just trying to love you, any kinda way / but I find it hard to love you when you're far away - The Kooks - Seaside
6. we take sour sips from life's lush lips / and we shake shake shake the hips in relationships - Fall Out Boy - The Carpal Tunnel of Love
18. you're so nineteen-ninety / and it's nineteen-ninety-four / leave this world behind me / because you don't want me any more - Barenaked Ladies - Shoebox
19. medically speaking you're adorable / and from what I hear you're quite affordable / but I like them pricey / so exaggerate and t-t-t-t-t-t-trick me / pretty please, just trick me - Cute Is What We Aim For - Risque
20. ransom notes keep falling out your mouth / mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut-outs / speak no feeling, no, I don't believe you / you don't care a bit, you don't care a bit - Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek
23. you're still out there darling / clinging onto the wrong idea - Razorlight - In The Morning
28. I find you sleeping next to me, I thought I was alone / you're driving me crazy, when are you coming home? - James - Laid


So, I'm back in Birmingham for a few weeks. S'all good. So if for some reason, you want to see me, drop me a line in advance, because I do need to revise some.

Tomorrow. Me, Ellie, a car in a park. Sounds like a plan. It makes me want to quote Lying because really, exchanging body heat in the passenger heat, right?
We're actually going to swing and be dorks, and hopefully make a adiml post about it. Because I'm really awful at actually posting them.

I really want some new clothes. Also, getting ym hair cut and dyed on Friday, hopefully like this~


Boys snuggling, y/n? Snuggling curing insomnia, y/n?

'Ryan has a dog and I have Ryan.' ...What? xD


I am officially a clone.