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jump start my kaleidoscope heart

already out of foolproof ideas

[i laughed myself to sleep.]
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last weeks are always hectic. more like, totally stress.

I went out and treated myself to my favourite drink ever [cream based java chocolate chip frappuccino with a shot of espresso and a shot of peppermint = bliss, okay?] and a magazine. so now I have a calendar with Gerard Way's creepy face on it. awesome, y/y?

Christmas shopping has been done - for myself. my parents were just basically like 'well, here's the amazon account. you can spend this much money.' I was going to get a ds lite, but I may as well wait until my birthday - everywhere was sold out. duh, I guess. so, included in my list of things is Supernatural, House, Zelda and a few cds. and the rest will go towards going shopping with my grandma. squee, we're taking my cousin as well this year - a semi-emo-ish 15 year old. ahah, he's one of my favourites.

going home pretty soon. Saturday, to be precise. so hey, who is actually still around Birmingham? I'll chase up people at some point soon.

uni wise. um. I'm still a terminal slacker, you know. but I had my project meeting today and I was reassured on a number of counts:
- that I appear to have made some progress.
- that the one idea I have is a good one, and I should concentrate on that one.
- that my supervisor is going to be marking it, ahaha.
- and the best part - it's going to be used in lectures.
quick fyi: my third year project is to design a demonstration for a first year electromagnetics class. it's something... practical! in my second year, we made this weather station thing that, as soon as we'd finished it and got it marked, was wiped clean and disassembled so the next year along could use the same components. but this is something that I can design and it will be made and will actually be useful! oh god, you guys don't know how much that means to me.
so if I start raving about magnets any time soon, just tolerate me, k? ahaha.

Hi Adam. Am I doing it wrong?
If you're asking about life then yes. Completely.

...I always knew there was a reason I liked Rock Sound.

Hellogoodbye tomorrow. been listening to the support acts. that's... uh, that's different.

[too bad she gave it all away, when the magic's gone astray, hey hey.]
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it's never good when the lights come up at the end of the film, and your [rather loud] response is:
'but where's the rest of the film?'

otherwise, fucking awesome. me and Katie pulled inappropriate faces at each other. and inserted random Doctor Who quotes.
'say my name. I like it when you say my name.'

man, I love these girls. ♥

[i'm making a note here - huge success!]
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drunked livejournal posts are always the win.

although I still have enough of my senses to spell a little. it's better than p[redictive text. [semagic is going 'WTF YOU CANNOY SPELL' but I'm shunning it.]

tonight was FANTASTIC. I may or may not have gotten myself eloped with two - three? - girls, with a boy as our lead bitch. I am happy happy, even if my head is a little spinny.
it did pretty good at killing my angst.

I love my friends ♥ ♥

this song is awesome.

NOW. I go to watch The Empire Strikes Back. ahaha.

[but we're not giving up the coastline so easily.]
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I had another phase of 'let's go read really old online journals' again.
some of you may or may not have heard of journalfen. it's where Fandom Wank is hosted, and is a strictly 18+ only site. I've had an account there since the start of 04. do the maths, I was 15. 15 and painfully emo and in infatuation with my best friend. under a username I generally didn't go by with a fake email and a fake birthday... hardcore lurking.
[for kicks, the username is related to one of the tags for this entry.]


I'm getting my indie back on and trying to listen to Athlete's new album. man, I'd forgotten how much I liked them. it's a band that has [some amount of] emotional significance to me - because Half Light is a song for long distance relationships, and still makes me hurt a little inside. I'm a masochist like that.
okay, because I'm a spaz, I forgot to post this before I went. but. oh god. twas awesome. they played a few new ones - plus all the old ones I love.


before I forget!
anyone else interested in coming to see Hellogoodbye in Manchester on Tuesday 11th December? tickets are £12 - don't know if there'll be any left on the door, but if needs be, I can buy them for people [if I don't get paid back, i will smite you.] I have limited floor space on offer as well.

[i am not your friend, i am not your lover.]
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AHAHHAA WHAT. I hate my stupid face and it's inability to look, well, unretarded.
cut for photo )

see there. that's me. looking really, um, I don't know. please note at this point I was kind of 'o____o what what *shock*'

[yes this is another gratitous I MET PANIC post. I'LL GET OVER IT SOON, PROMISE.]

[have another drink and drive yourself home, i hope there's ice on all the roads.]
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you know, really, what are the odds?

15 songs are given away every minute on this iTunes thing Coke are running, right? I just entered 9 codes in. and won 2 songs in the same minute.
obvious, I is super lucky.

[go on, other 7 codes, one of you win me an ipod.]


question meme from the fantabolous [livejournal.com profile] nickel_curry!

1. Leave me a comment~
2. I respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better weird ass questions I come up with off the top of my head. [delete as applicable, k.]
3. You can respond in the comments here, or spread this meme like a plague in your own journal.
4. RINSE, REPEAT. If you post this in your journal, I'll come and make you ask me questions.

1. How did you get started blogging? Why do I not know this??
I got into fanfiction before blogging, and one day, someone commented on my fic, and when I looked at their profile, they had a link to deadjournal. what a marvelous thing this is, said little 14 year old me. so I toddled over and made an account. the person I was semi-stalking moved to lj, which made me sad face, since lj had codes at this point. however, this lovely girlie gave me an code. but somewhere in my time on dj, I ran into this crazy girl who posted quizzes and Gravitation pic spams. I have no idea who that was. [so yeah, it's sort of your fault! *squish* also, I saw this question and totally began watchign Wolf's Rain again, aha.]

2. What was your super bestest score on DDR / favouritest song to play?
I've gotten a AA on Jam Jam Reggae on Difficult before, although the hardest song I've passed is either Era or My Summer Love on Expert. So my favourites would be those probably, although there's a few others I play for kicks, like Breakdown, Love Love Shine and Candy♥

3. What do you take on your hamburgers? (I am hungry D:)
Normally just cheese, I am boring. or whatever comes on a big mac or whopper, I am sheep. although, onion rings on the side are always winners.

4. If you had the money to invent or build anything, what would it be?
ummmm ahaha no idea. a really cool house? 8D With like, a fish pond. with koi carp. and a really nice big bed. I love my bed. and a balcony!

5. Look around your room; what's the first book you spot?
The Lord of The Rings trilogy and my Cardcaptor Sakura manga boxsets are like, right by my pc.

[this bridge was written to make you feel smitten with my sad picture of a girl growing bitterer.]
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it's always great to be able to sit back and say 'hey, you know, we were both pretty annoying back then.'

logic gates are fun! in the way they break Mika! electronics make me go off on fun tangents. [okay seriously, we are having an indepth conversation about xor gates! ♥]

we also broke Jordan. by we, I mean Greg.

today was fun, basically. I love my friends.

[oh, for a minute there, i lost myself.]
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....Stop blogging!

Oh, Doctor, I have much love for how you are retardedly geeky and hip.

And oh, Jack.

I now wish to actually go watch Life on Mars - for with John Simms and Manchester-spotting, you can't really go wrong.
And maybe go text people some more.

Also, best start to the cricket ever, heh.

[Tired boys and wired eyes.]
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I am so freaking tired, it's unreal.

But oh, oh, AWESOME.

(no subject)
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...I love Bex so much. ♥

[it means I'm going to be £200 down already so close to the start of term but but who cares. I am going to see Fall Out Boy! And Panic! And loads of others! WHATWHATWHAT]

[so much for the Summer of Like, this is the Summer of Win and Not Much Money]

[Break from the mould, never do what you're told.]
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In Affleck's, there's a shop that sells anime stuff, including a poster of Squall and Rinoa. With the Final Fantasy X-2 logo. Ahaha, what? Also, in HMV, on the film dividers was entitled 'Crazy Guy With Kung Fu'. Unfortunately, the movie wasn't actually called that. We also killed a model in Travelling Man, and decided that Gloomy Bear is the result of Kody + candy floss.

So, yesterday. Despite all the odds, was a pretty rocking day. There was some fuss with pen drives and late reports and the possibility of losing 50% of the marks for said report which I don't want to talk about. However, met up with Pinali after my group meeting, and we mall-ratted around. She is far too lovely. And I am far too giggly and prone to yelling 'thumbs!'. And have no control over spending - I ended up buying two pairs of arm warmers and new converse, because hey, black-and-pink. They weren't even being displayed, but I asked one of the people, and they were all 'Don't think so, but I'll go check.' Turned to Pin and was 'The last time this happened, I ended up with a ds.' And it turned out they did have them. So I'm happy.
We also went to mujs, which - while I still am totally uninterested in all the anime being shown - totally rocked. Which is good. I ended up going to the Grovel with a couple of people - who know [livejournal.com profile] eleclya_m as well, god, I feel like a stalker - and sat and drank and talked for a bit. Because, yay, socialness. Because I'm always nervous about the differences between what people say and what they mean. People might say they'll ask me along to do something, but might never do. Hmm.

To be honest, there were loads of really funny things said last night, and I don't remember any of them. Like, I swear we were going to tell Loki something, but I forget.
...Oh, yeah, that was it. Somehow, me and Pinali are Loki's offspring. Because we are internet memes, and Loki is the internet.

Also, I realised how much of a geek I was. My favourite xkcd comic is the one with the mathematical functions and the heart and I never could figure out the last one. [Because my course is almost as geeky as I am, so we know maths. I'm sure we know more maths than the maths students.] I figured it out the other day, and I was so happy. Ahaha, I'm awful.
[...should i, like, quit with all my geeky rambles? i seem to keep doing that lately.]

[I'm sitting here, wearing a Nightmare before Christmas shirt, black and pink converse and stripy red arm warmers. All I'm missing is the skinny jeans, but ew, no. If I ever wear skinny jeans, shoot me.]

[He'll sing the songs you like, he'll keep you warm at night.]
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Okay, that was several kinds of awesome. Chinese food, Firefly, Harry Potter, bitching about wow, the internet in general and ice fights. What more do you need to make an evening? So, yup, there's a few reasons to go back to Indiesoc, because it's fun.

The only problem is caffeine makes me sleepy.

Uni-wise, today was a bit of a waste of time. Still felt awful and full of cold [and had run out of tissues] so missed the first two lectures and went in after lunch for our embedded systems project. Turns out the lecturer was in India. It meant our meeting was earlier, and I got home by about 2.30 for the whole day.

Why did it take me so long to start watching Heroes? It's awesome.

[This is what you get, everybody, when you fuck with us.]
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So yeah, weekend was pretty awesome. With a minor side of fail. As those spammed with texts [ahah, Loki] might know, there was a replacement bus service from Sheffield to Stockport. So what should have taken about one and a half hours... took 3. I was getting a little fed up of my music by then XD
But mainly, fantastic. Headed off down Derby Friday evening, and met up with everyone to go to Mosh. Which I adored, ahah. Especially since they played one of my [many] requests. If only they'd played Camisado as well, but... I kinda said that earlier. :P
Had a nice lie in on Saturday, and then headed into Derby for foods >3 and random shop mauling and Starbucks. And films of great lol. And... really traumatizing statements about magic carpets.
And today, got picked up by my parents to go have dinner, get mauled by puppies, emo over my phone and get back on the same train that goes from Derby... a stop earlier.

So. Lent. Even with the whole not being religous thing. Maybe an effort to stop drinking coke and eat healthier, and exercise at least one a week. Twice if clubbing counts. Heh. And try and talk to people more. Start making an effort. Because I do kinda suck at that kinda theme.

...And guess what? I like emo. Keep those sides of beef away from me plz. This is just the music I like, and the kind of clothes I like. ...I'm still pretty hyper. So yeah. No beef.

One day, I'd really love just grab a group of friends, a car, some good music and drive in the night. Because there's something so fantastic about being out in the night. The motorways are all washed out and empty, and country roads are just... darkness.
...Being poetic doesn't suit me me much, anyway. Plus, everyone normally hates my music.

And for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself
Well, I'm afraid that I...

[You're such a sucker.]
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i'm in ur room, stealing ur nets. And hating this keyboard. Arrrgh. It's hard enough for me to type normally nowadays.

Anyway, I'm in Derby. We went to Mosh last night, which was pretty damn fantastic. I did make the others come to the emo floor with me though, because I'm mean and evil like that. So many emo guys, ugh. Cause I'm awful. ^^ I so want to go clubbing more now, I've finally broken out of the rut on that. Because music makes me hyper. Especially Cute Without the E. [I am so ridiculously happy they played that. If only they'd played Camisado as well.]

I should probably scoot and get dressed. Since Jordan is back :0 And reading over my shoulder, the cad.

Also, I have rabies. >[

[Why did you plaster over the hole I punched in the wall?]
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So wow, the whole going home and sleeping thing? Totally didn't happen. Instead, they got me drunk, and convinced me to stay completely against my free will! >| Or not. Heh, whatever. I'm quite glad I stayed [despite being oh so tired right now] it ended up being [mostly] a rather fun evening, sitting around, eating Doritos, listening to music and being silly. Meet a lot of cool people, which means that I'll come visit you soon, Ellie! ♥
But any night containing phrases such as 'I want to make him my finger puppet!' is surely one to remember, right?

...I'm still feeling ill. :D But hopefully, that will be one of the things this year will bring. I should be going to the hospital sometime soon - depending on when I can get a doctor's appointment [the most pointless appointment ever - 'hay they told me I need to go to the hospital, refer me plz] and then the hospital. It's scaring me a little, I guess.
Thinking of taking up another sport - at current, horse riding is at the same time as tours, which obviously take priority. And since tours are like, every other week, it's impossible to get on the list. But maybe another sport, maybe a martial art. Gonna try swimming more as well. It's depressing since I really need to loose weight - it's not just a self esteem thing anymore either.
I'm really... wishy-washy about clubs and stuff, I get bored, but I want to find something and stick to it. Get used to socialising more.

More work needs to be done, but hay, procrastination today. I really want to get good grades this time - if I get all around 50s, it doesn't matter what I get since I'm on the 4 year course, I just want good marks. I want that First. :/

I'm also going to get my head figured out a little more. I just don't want to go any crazier.

Are these my resolutions? Who knows.

[Ten nine eight and I'm breaking away, all dressed up and I'm ready to play.]
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[This entry began at 10am. I procrastinate on procrastinating.]
asdkj. Tireds.

But, what's that you say? Aren't you meant to be in Scotland?
...I left the con early. I really didn't want to, but in a way, I did. My bed + boyfriend + being able to do my work = better than con? Sanj's floor isn't that comfortable, heh. And at least this way I can have a day of hitting java with a stick without being 'omg streesssss' tonight. It felt like Sunday yesterday anyway.
I left my heart in Scotland. Emo face. I'm also getting the 'zomg teeth' feeling, which means maybe my wisdom teeth are finally coming through?

So, the con. It seemed... empty. Was super cool to see everyone, and I made Steve happy with his poster. I love Neko lots, and I love Iso on days that end with e. Pinali is great fun on train journeys, and Monopoly kills my phone dead. Loui's hair is awesome, and mujs people scare me. Tegan and Jordan are several kinds of awesome but they knew that already, right? And I enjoy pulling scary faces at Eli.

[I'm seeing how many people are fooled by my 'in Scotland really' name. Heh.] [Curses! I was foiled! At... like 5pm, I've been back since yesterday.]

Now is the ever perplexing question of - when do I go home? Heh. It will all depend on if the uni ever pays me - if they do, I have £30 worth of food + what money I actually have. Which isn't that much, but it's enough. And plus can't really see Steve much over the actual break, so proper time with him would be cool. I'm a sap, sue me. I'll talk to my dad tomorrow, he's giving me my blankie and my advent calender.

And guess what! Soon! It will be mine. All mine, my precious. I have wantes this so long. Emo face. And also, I'm eyeing up those Snow Patrol shirts too. Heh.

...Okay. Today wasn't too productful, but I'm kinda glad I did come home, I guess. *shuns you all*

[Light up, light up, as if you have a choice.]
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set list get plz )

So um... wow. Yeah. Totally. That's the set list from Sunday, but you know what, it's the same.
Songs I was expecting to hear: All of the Eyes Open tracks, Run :P
Songs I wasn't expecting to hear: Grazed Knees and How To Be Dead. o_o; I was really surprised they played a lot of the older stuff, or at least, a lot of Final Straw. Which makes me happy, oh so happy.
Songs I wished they played: Hands Open. Blah. XD

The crowd wasn't as great as Muse. It was only for the encore that everyone was really getting up XD It was still pretty ace though, I think more for the music than the atmosphere. So many songs that I never thought I'd actually hear live! The two songs I wasn't expecting were okay as well. Lighting was shiny.
The first support act was pretty good. :3 Way better than Muse's support.

...Run. Live. Assdfdg.
I also emo over the fact the person I called during Run... didn't answer their phone. Emoemoemo.

I don't know which was better, this or Muse. I mean, I love them both. I prefer Snow Patrol's new album to Muse's, and I guess they're two kinda different bands. I don't mind so much about the crowd deadness, I was just thrilled to hear the music. And watch them play and dance around like crazy.

I also ended up having a really good talk with Keith, we were both kinda brutally honest about stuff. In short, we're both glad we spilt up. XD We had fun, but being friends is good too. If not better. Because I'm pretty happy with how things are.


Today was bad because I didn't work.
Today was good because [livejournal.com profile] loki128, [livejournal.com profile] pinali, [livejournal.com profile] kiraras_lemon and friend, Steve and I hung out in Nyanchester. :P Yummy ramen and tempura was eaten, multiple cat pictures were looked at and it was just fun :3
So after exams plz!

So apart from the fact that blargh, coursework, life is pretty good. :3


Holy crap, AUCHI. Or Auchinomwa. Or... Lokinomwa. *shot get*

In Soviet Scotland, Auchinawa is still too far.


Post a memory of me in the comments. It can be anything you want. Then, of course, post this to your journal and see what people remember of you.

[We're doing fine, we're doing nothing at all.]
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...Rogue squirrels. That phrase alone is enough to start me delusionaly rambling about thieving invisible squirrels. [The paper said 'A rogue squirrels crashed into power lines and a small number of polling stations were affected. It sounds like the squirrel had some sort of polling mission but it was a traitor!] Bwaha.

So basically, today has been a pretty good day, despite being incredibly doggy, late and noteless to my first lecture. We is learning how to make cmos transitors, oh noes! The C stands for complementary. Not complimentary, and Alex had to point out. [Kinda like complimentary angles. 'You're looking very nice today, 60 degrees.'] After that, me and Alex headed to the bar to eat and drink and do newspaper puzzles. And vaguely talk politics and good date locations. [Which I obviously suck at, look at today, I went and ddred and almost made myself sick. That's not a good date. XD]

...All that happened in Software Engineering is that I fell down the stairs when trying to get notes.

There was a lunch meeting for the campaign of 'omg Manchester electrical engineering is the best ever, study here :D' [read: vist days.] I somehow ended up being in a group with three other second years and a fourth year. So me and Dave bitched a bit about the lack of common rooms and stuff. XD;; It's kinda weird, we keep walking past each other on the way to and from uni xD and we don't talk that much. So it was cool. :D Although what do maths students need a reading week for?
Visit days look pretty good. Would mean I'd be riding less, but it just sounds fun. XD And uh, paid.

I don't know, I just feel good right now. XD Maybe it's omg ddr tonight? Maybe this week, despite all odds, is a rather good week? At least the latter half is. Me and Steve are going to the Trafford Centre tonight, should be seeing Iso tomorrow while he waits for his train then omg Muse.


Okay, we have been to the trafford centre now, and he should be getting sleep >____> Good XD I ddred and scared him, we looked at fantasy books >.>; and make up ^o^ and food and random sickness and sleepiness.

And in a few weeks, I get to make endless 'in ur base' jokes - we're going laser quest, haha.

Ugh, I don't understand this all right now. XD; I might babble later but I'm just unsure.

I just want to sing. o.O And sleep. I unintentionally/intentionally spoilt the fantasty series I'm currently reading but still <3. I'll read it anyway, yanno. :P

Edit: There was an amv I wanted to make that was something to do with Wicked. I forget it all now. :/

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=_= I zombie. When I left, everyone else was still asleep [Hope, Helen, Kay, Emmy, Dary, Greg], just awake [Jord and Loki] or had been awake for a while [Mike]. Madness.

But, I have found my true home with the fangirls. o_o

Despite feeling kinda shit physically, last night was so fun. o_O; I'm so going to Derby when I have the spare cash X3;; And it also should make Auchi win, for it shall be the best con ever. Ever.

Drunks armed with fireworks are scary.

I want to sleep now. XD But I'm going to make myself more presentable and shower and shiznit, and hop on a train soon.


Yanked from Mem: Ask me to take a picture of any aspect of my life that you're interested in/curious about - it can be anything from where I live to my favourite shoes. leave your choice here as a comment, and I will reciprocate by taking pictures & posting them as an LJ entry.