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lol, computer steal.

the innuendo is overwhelming.

it's kind of hilarious.

'so basically, we can stay as long as we want tomorrow. in bed.'
let me just say, that was paws. to scott.

[believe me, there was truth in all those stories that i told.]
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ahaha, oh shit. someone's clever and has lost their student loan id and password. and has been spending too much money.

I'm off to see Motion City Soundtrack tomorrow! truth be told, I'm far more excited about the support. Straylight Run, people.

yesterday was the mujs chinese buffet, which I turned up to feeling awful. but food makes everything better, as does The Umbrella Academy. I've got a standing order for it, but really, I didn't need to bother - there was a huge stack of them in both comic shops we went into. also, Potato was talking about it because he likes comics and had heard it was good, and I was 'yeah, I'm not one of the people who are buying it just because who wrote it... really.' we went into the the most random pub and stayed there for ages, but it was good to talk to Dory about everything.

today [yesterday] has been a day of suspended time. time flows strangely on sundays, I've never quite figured it out- just all of a sudden, it's the early morning and there are no more cars or trains. just streetlights. I can't even see the hills.
all my vices, all the things I need to stop buying start with c.
when I think someone is interested, it's only in being friends, and vice versa. it gets confusing after a while. spell it out for me, I don't mind hearing no. the sweetest thing a boy has done for me lately is not cut me out. we're not best friends, but we talk.
what becomes of our hearts? don't break mine, I'd like to find out. I'd give my heart to anyone who asked, but take it back as soon as they gave me theirs. that's just the kind of girl I am, I'm sorry. we're all still reeling from the past. but. we'll make it. together or apart. we'll make it and break it and carry on.

I have animal magnets on my speakers, and that kind of makes me happy. other things that make me happy are you, those boys in those stupid bands, and the fact I have drank a whole carton of orange juice today.

[when you're putting all your time into the things that don't mean anything to me.]
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be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high. then life seems almost enchanted after all.

I'm a little in love with Luna Lovegood. So yeah, we saw the movie, twas awesome.

but isn't world domination something worth fighting for? nothing quite as sentimental, but it's a reason. go figure.

my life is measured by the lengths of songs. how many tracks it talks to walk down the road, train journeys being defined by how long it takes to hear the same song again.

[we don't fight fair.]
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Painting bedroom wall = £15.00
Replace missing ashtray = £6.00 [umm, that's still there?]
Replace 1 handle - broken = £2.50
Clean hall carpets = £3.75
Disposal of monitor left in room = £10.00 [WHAT. not mine, bitches.]

So... guess which charges I'm disputing. Still, even without those, that's £112.75. woot, monies. so I can actually buy things! ...like train tickets, coach tickets and food. the important things.

I'm disputing the monitor though. It was left in the hallway and is totally not mine.

still, way more than I expected, I guess.

[it's hardly what i'd be doing if you gave me the choice.]
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ever had one of those days when you just wish you'd never woken up?
yeah, that was kind of today.

in more amusing news, Kristin Chenoweth [Glinda in Wicked OBC] is in the west wing.

in hideously pathetic news, my cricket team of choice suck.

[so don't apologise, i hope you choke and die.]
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there are things I am not so happy about right now.

I trod on a drawing pin yesterday morning, and fuck, it hurts. Also, same foot that I cut when I trod on a contact lens case. Possibly same foot involved in the whole repeatedly stepping on a plug situation. [apparently, if it keeps hurting, I'll have to go to a+e. awesome. not.]
I missed my contact lens appointment yesterday morning, which means I'm kind of out of lenses.
Exam results come out sometime in the next week and I am shitting myself. I am not looking forward to this. like, seriously, fuck.
My puppies are all morose since they've just had an op and I swear, my mother is more upset than they are. [there will be no puppy babies, let's leave it at that.]

However, I shall be off to good old Manchester this weekend to annoy Alan and Sophie. Which shall be interesting. If I could only solve my food problem.

I have spent most of today with my mother discussing fanfiction and watching Firefly. [and spotting interesting things in the background! example - there's a 8 segment display in the infirmary that says 'error' and in Trash, there's a screen that has windows on. THEY STILL HAVE WINDOWS. IN THIS SUPER HIGH TECH PLACE.] We did try and go riding, but after I'd gotten Banner nice and clean, we noticed that he didn't have a shoe. that had been put on on Tuesday. Because he believes he is two and likes running around in the field.

I have a strange desire for blonde hair, help.

[feel like every chance to leave is another chance i should have took.]
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Have some maths. Two apple danishes costs 89p. There is an offer on where you can buy two packs for one pound - a saving of 78p. The packs are reduced to clear and have their price set to 20p each. So two packets costs 40p. But, the discount still applies.
We got paid 38p to have some apple danishes.

...Okay, obviously Decaydance are collectively trying to kill me with videos. And furries. why oh why. furries having a danceoff with hiphop dancers. furries that are secretly panic! at the disco.

Every day, I managed to turn on my phone. In my sleep. Mad skills, I tell you.