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jump start my kaleidoscope heart

already out of foolproof ideas

[too bad she gave it all away, when the magic's gone astray, hey hey.]
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it's never good when the lights come up at the end of the film, and your [rather loud] response is:
'but where's the rest of the film?'

otherwise, fucking awesome. me and Katie pulled inappropriate faces at each other. and inserted random Doctor Who quotes.
'say my name. I like it when you say my name.'

man, I love these girls. ♥

[but where's your heart?]
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smoke makes me cough, people make me annoyed.
but it was still fun. haven't seen people for too long.

not as long as others make it out to be. seriously, every time I see Jason, he's like 'I haven't seen you for months!'
dude, I saw you more recently than like... everyone else apart from Becky, Jordan and Vanesha.


'I shall kill your monstaaaaaaa.'
Beowulf made me laugh.
cause it was kind of lame.


I will never not love Ellie. ♥


if it's by air, I don't wanna know. if we all don't take cover, we're all gonna fall back in love again
[you work late to fight off your pulse, your patient dies, you take the night off.]

[what did you possibly expect under this condition?]
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stolen from the queen of surveys :B )


Comment and I'll pick seven of your icons, and then you will explain why you love/are using the icon (who doesn't love talking about their icons, seriously) and then post your explanation/this meme in your journal for other people to squee about their icons, and basically it will be a huge squeefest of love and 100x100 square pixels.

cut for icons )


Online journals are little filters that we each see every one else's lives through, the parts others choose to share with us. That said, we all think we are close, but really we seldom know *a lot* about each other. So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away.


seriously, go see Stardust. like, now. squirmy squirmy glee.
[stars and earnest dorky boys and witches and backstabbing and SKY PIRATES and princes and ghosts and MADE OF AWESOME.]

[sleep comes with a knife, fork and a spoon.]
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to celebrate having money, I went to Huddersfield on Saturday to see Paws and Junpei. in which I fell in love with Vista, Bioshock, and ate cookies. heard lots of innuendo. had lots of random, pseudo heart-to-hearts.
it's always kind of fun to look back on things with people. we've known each other for three years, which leads to a lot of 'if this had happened-' or 'maybe things would have been different if-', but laughing over it.
and emo porn. I kid you not. setting up Paw's pc, Scott made a folder called 'emo porn' just to show how the folder system worked, and then showed me a site with actual, honest to god, emo porn. rule 34.


fencing today was tiring, but I have a Dory to keep me company. also, everyone is really friendly.
[alas, the Chase-lookalike was not there.]

I was going to write this really prentiously emo and bitchy entry about disappointments and expectations, but now, I feel happy again.
I also met the mysterious fourth [fifth] flatmate - apparently the person in room 5 is actually a they and are a couple sharing, and it's their stuff in the lounge. she seems really nice and friendly, so we both had a '\o/ person who likes socialising!' moment. we'll see. we'll see.


according to last.fm, apparently last week, I really loved Jesse Lacey [singer of Brand New] - 141 plays, when usually my highest artist for a week is around 50? oops.


more on transformers. )

[we're making out inside crashed cars.]
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quick heads up to all who live relatively near me -
Manchester meet! sometime in October or November. any ideas?
would be pretty awesome if people could come. especially as we're giving you notice.


in other news, 'what if' coversations can be hilarious [because for some reason they lead to discussions on oral sex at 11pm in a train station] and Transformers made me feel ill, literally. we're talking really huge robots here. go Imax.

["i will do an all manor of vile things to you."]
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oh god Iso, you're unintentionally fantastic.

I'm considering creating a tag called 'emoting over return of the king' because that film always get me depressed. oh, Frodo, you're so creepy and sad. and Legolas, you're just pretty. and state the obvious. and the 'how do you pick up the threads of an old life?' monologue never fails to make me feel sad. But at least I got to watch all of the extended editions and all the extra scenes. Like the Houses of Healing! little things make me happy, I'm kind of a geek like that.
Also watched 'Life On The Murder Scene' [the mychem dvd] and it's kind of awesome. I also listened to the entire of The Black Parade in order. I'm kind of a fangirl.

Max is feeling better now, but the remote isn't. so puppy kisses and lots of dvds for me.

I should be getting HP whenever the post comes tomorrow. I'd go to the midnight release and all that, but who with? nobody's around here that much, but that's okay. Planning on going riding pretty early tomorrow anyway, and I'm on puppy sitting duties while my dad goes to a party his minions are hosting. [how cool is that? my dad has minions. okay, employees, but they call him things like crabbit. bwaha.] My brother is home tomorrow as well [which happens once in a blue moon, I kid you not] so I guess I'll have to pester him into getting my birthday present.
I'm really not sure what I'm expecting from the book. As long as I like it more than OotP. I hated that book. Caps locks does not make people emphasise with you. I've pretty much avoided spoilers and/or downloads, so who knows what's going to happen. Maybe I'll read the last chapter first anyway.

I think I'd just like to sleep. But I'll just sit around and play with my hair. I actually really like my hair right now. sure, it's more or less just plain brown [and I don't even know if it's natural or not anymore, that's how much i dye my hair] but it's quite short - long enough that it will just go into two bunches - but that's the way I like it. I could just take photos, that would be far easier.
I also really want to buy coloured hair extensions. I need to head over to Walsall area anyway to get my contacts.

I don't have much to do, it's just getting around to doing it. my life would be at least a bit easier if I actually did all these things I keep thinking of.
But in a few weeks, everything will be go-go-go, and then it's September. which, ugh, I'm looking forward to like whoa.

I kind of love coke zero at the moment, because there's nothing in it.

[what did you learn tonight, while shouting so loud, you barely joyous, broken thing?]
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So, it went from being a very good day... to somewhat mediocre. Then back to good again.

Met up with Pina, Sophie, Helena and some other random people to see At World's End.
so thus, spoilers. )


And then there was ddr whoreage, and finding out that the Body Shop in the Trafford Centre doesn't have it either! Which sucks. And ddr kills me dead. As always.

We headed back into the city centre to mooch around hmv and bitch about their music classification - because, seriously! Fall out Boy and Panic are not metal! I can just see all the metal heads weeping in pain. Watched some odd breakdancers, and met up with Sophie to go find the others and eat noodles.

...The noodles were good! Ahaha, that's all I can say.

We wandered around a bit, and ended up in the Footage, where there was much randomness. Including talking about lj and the internet. Oh yeah, we're that cool. That basically made me feel quite a bit better about things, because I have this tendency to clam up when I'm nervous, and I get more nervous around some people. Which sucks. So yeah, ahah, thanks Alan :D
Also, lemon Fanta is overpriced, and it's really cold in here. This is probably a cue for me to bury myself in my nice thick duvet and sleep. Especially since my dad is coming to pick up my stuff tomorrow. Oops.

Even though things happen that I'm not pleased about, even if I keep messing things up, life keeps moving on, and I think that's a good thing. It means I'm not trying to dwell on my shortcomings as much. It never takes me much to feel good again.
I can't say music has saved my life, but it's certainly made it a lot more bearable.

Um, wow. I used to be so freaking emo, what, ahah. I can get pretty down and attention seeking true, but nothing to that degree. Whoa. At least old journals make me think 'what a much nicer person I am now!' Because believe me, this ain't as half as bad as it's been.

[Jesus christ, that's a pretty face.]
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[friday and saturday]
Apparently, a good way of trying to get someone to wake up is to try and pour Reef down their nose.
Seriously. We were at 42s, and I'd told them I was tired, so I was gonna go home, and they were like 'No! Stay! Drink this!' and made me try and drink it.
...Good times. Honestly, there were some awesome photos on Tegan's camera. None of them were of me though! And when someone says 'corporate flat', they really mean 'super nice apartment next to one of the most expensive hotels in Manchester'.
I'm also a cheeky wench, and deserted Tegan and her friends for 5 minutes, while I abused my indie card. It was 10.25, free entry stopped at 10.30. I had queue jumper. Ahaha.
Having my hair straightened by Jay is scary, he kept threatening me. And also, apparently, we're bad at shopping? Stereotypes showing through. I brought a super cute red and white top with cherries on [cherries with smily faces and emo stars!] and some new laces. booya.

We went to see Harry and the Potters, too many emo kids! They have high pitched squeals. So we ditched that and went to eat noodles and tempura. ♥ Bad for my bank balance but so yummy. Note to self, student discount!
Spontaneous rain storms suck, as well as 'Was it raining? 8D' Screw you, to put it politely.




what's that?
Haha, seriously, going to the cinema tonight, but nothing else much. [pokemon != life.]
I do have more musics back. Oh, pretty pretty musics. If it would all copy properly. :[
This computer is so freaking laggy. Lag lag lag.

...what! Sunshine is... interesting.
My [not paticularly spoilery train of thought]: Seems okay, wonder what will happen... :0! Dramas! :0! More drama! ...What? Ew. WHAAAAT. WHATWHAT? *cower* WHAAAAAT. EW. ...Pretty.
I, um, liked the music! And two notes: Calling a spaceship Icarus is just asking for disaster, especially when you do it twice. And this really isn't the type of film you go to make out in. There was a couple at the front who didn't watch a single bit of it. [Keith kept checking, what.]

I think the only thing I want to do is sleep.

[There are millions of people in worlds of their own, and two of them can't let go.]
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musings on return of the king )


I didn't get my shoes. Or my pillow. I did get two tshirts, a bag and a belt from Animal though, and the rest got used for food yesterday. Oops, haha. Very nice stuff though. I still have to buy amazon things too.
Yesterday was a fairly regular day actually. Ellie phoned up Kyle though, so we're going to invade. >D Also saw a Wii being played, and I'm sure lots of amusing things were said but I can't remember any of them.
Today I stole music off my brother. Entire back collection of BNL? Yes plz.

CLAMP Kiseki has cute pictures. GIP. I've never even read Clover, it just turned out really nice.

I am feeling stranger and stranger, mentally and perhaps physically.

[Half the world is sleeping while the other half dreams.]
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My feet are soggy. And uh, I fell over in the cinema entrance trying to show Steve how far up my legs my jeans were soaked. The floor was slippy.

So after this morning's failure of a breakfast, I went into uni early and brought a sandwich and some plasters, my converse keep rubbing my heel and it hurts. But hey, I can't wear my converse currently, cause it won't stop raining. =_= Lecture, then off to riding [as a note, I know java is easy, but I should really stop skipping it >.>] which was odd and cool.
So not long after I got back, planning to have a shower soon if my boyfriend ever tells me when we're meeting, I get a call. 'Hey Sarri! How far away from the station are you? :D I missed my train! Come see me!' '...Fucktard.' *coughs* So thusly, went and hung out with Iso for a bit. Ended up buying some hair wax [my hair will look good dammit], lipgloss and facewash, just cause. Headed back home for a bit, then headed out to go see The History Boys with Steve. Uh. I'm not entirely sure what to make of it. It was good - funny, a bit thoughtful and a surprising ending. I mean, I'd've loved it if had ended 10 minutes before it did, but still. [And I was so totally not expecting that much... gay.]


*slams head off desk* I lost my watch. My very cute Hello Kitty watch. >.<
Also, ddred, w00t. Which was probably where I lost it. =_=

Jonny's birthday today :0 so going off there later... which should be interesting. Or something.


Uh, finally, I should actually get around to posting this.

puppiespuppiespuppies. When I get home next weekend, there will be puppies there! Glee.
So yeah, I'm home next weekend for 'agh, cosplay!' I've no idea how I'll fit everything in one weekend, oh well. I can try. So I've got to buy material, zips and laces, see people, make things and see Banner and play with puppies. eeee.

It's also making me reflect on how uni has changed me. I'm more of a brat, but I think this is kinda how I was with Keith, and I don't think I'm quite as bad as he makes me out to be. :/ He also called me a parasite last night, haha. Because he made me food a lot. o.o;; I know I'm more violent. >.>

The party last night... I really wasn't in the mood for it. Which makes me feel super lame since I left after a few hours to go sleep. What I was there for was quite fun though.

As for the song meme~ Every song but one was guessed.
15. I'm in the sky tonight / there I can keep by your side was Foo Fighters - Next Year. XD

[Well, she's not bleeding on the bathroom floor just for the attention.]
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Wabbit, as previously mentioned, is mine! I have her trapped here, eating popcorn and reading Wicked.

Thursday was a mix of good and bad - was feeling generally happy, but sick. One very hot clean room + sick and tired girl who hasn't eaten or drank since breakfast [this was 2 - 5] = almost passing out. But now, I have some silicon chips on my speakers with my models. >D And one in my pocket. o.o
Friday was a kinda pointless day, although me and Jonny discovered how hysterical those crossword type things where you have to guess the letters. 'We need a word that goes ha-ii, what the hell? ...Ohhh, Hawaii.' Hung around with Steve for a bit in between lectures and Ellie getting here - although torrential rain + converse = soggy soggy feet. And unintentional shoplifting ftw. I also spotted Wicked in hmv while we were at the station, so that's a gets.
Today, me and Ellie went to see a film :0 and eat. And now my scalp is really itchy, it's the popcorn, I tell you.


And as always, I forgot to actually update. :P Basically, me, Ellie, Steve [if you hadn't guessed, new boyfriend xD], Keith, Jonny and some of Jonny's flatmates went to 5th Ave last night. Me and Ellie hung around in Font for a couple of hours and had cocktails. Mmm. We're going back there later. Nachoes and cocktails. XD Also, as a bonus, it meant we got into 5th Ave for free. XD I am such a cheapskate. When it means I only spend £8 on a night out... But yeah, it was a blast. Apart from some weird awkwardness and confusion over text messages ^^; Ellie is pushy and keeps threatening to steal me. X3 I love her. Also, yay for London Underground, rathergood.com and random people behind Ellie intensely making out. Or, uh not.

And now I'm super hungry. And sleepy.
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[Maybe this year will be better than the last.]
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Lala~~ Manchester >D

Meme answers people missed:
4. Nana - Hachi
5. Firefly - Simon
7. Sailor Moon - Usagi
10. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya - Kyon
11. Lord of the Rings [book] - Pippin [srsly, he's rather smart in the book.]
12. Harry Potter - Sirius

I do believe I like the pretty boys.


Uh my brain just died. Me and Emma [more on this later] went to go see The Black Dahlia. And uh wow, did that movie screw my brain over. Horror, sex, mystery, pure wtfness. But, hey, Josh Hartnett is hot, right?

And indeed, I'm back at uni. My room, while having minor icky defects like a crap soft chair [it's more like quicksand], is cool and has a pretty awesome view [kitchen however... not enough space >.>] and at least one of my flatmates is sociable, the aforementioned Emma. The other two are guys, guess we'll have to drag them to the barbeque tomorrow. >.>;; I wanna know more people.
Other peoplewise - should be meeting up with Lucy and Laura this week :D And catching up with the rest of the people off my course would be awesome. And also, my boyfriend. XD

But yeah, I feel some what woozy. Don't wanna sleep. :3

edit: and I cut my thumb. With my toenail. Ow.

Why do I think one thing and type another? >_>
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[There's no destiny when everyone's your enemy.]
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So yesterday's viewing.

Doctor Who. Or, oh noes, Sarri is a shipper. )


Pirates of the Carribbean )


In other news, I have a phone that works, bwahaha. Now all we need to do is make it charge. Doctor Who ringtone ftw. And a new dryer, cause I broke it. ¦3
I also wish I had my boyfriend.

I hate this, I'm all 'I will write a big meaningful update!' and then don't. XD

And Animal Crossing is addicitive. Go catch those bugs!

Minor Pokemon squeeage )