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lol, computer steal.

the innuendo is overwhelming.

it's kind of hilarious.

'so basically, we can stay as long as we want tomorrow. in bed.'
let me just say, that was paws. to scott.

[take in the starlight before it disappears.]
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internets! sweet sweet internets.
in other news of how sarri fails at life, part 1345 - the reason why the internet wasn't working yesterday [and why i was flailing at Loki going 'WHY DON'T I HAVE A DEFAULT GATEWAY'] was because I put the wrong mac address in. 8B will never be B8, people.
also, Pico is getting a power supply. so soon, I'll have internet and a fast computer.
also also, I went and spent £42 on gig tickets. Athlete, Biffy Clyro and Hellogoodbye. so all in all, I'm a little spazzy right now. I also may have a spending addiction. although what the fuck, Straylight Run are touring. gah. someone please, tell me I don't want to go and buy tickets. I swear, I'm going to spend my entire student loan on gigs at this rate. I just find it really easy to spend my money.

mm, I'll get back to normal soon, I promise.

I've been spending a bit of time helping Sophie and Alan out at the freshers stall. it's kind of good, since we can go look around [and get free stuff] without queueing up to get in. the queue is always so long. and the society has been doing pretty well - we've had around 200 sign ups? which is a little scary.

lectures start on monday, fencing starts the week after. maybe I'll leave riding for a bit?


What's the most ridicolous thing you've ever brought?
Pete: Ryan Ross.

did I mention I love my fandom?

[i'll be just fine, pretending i'm not.]
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last minute meets ftw! SATURDAY. MANCHESTER. be there. like 11, Piccadilly train station. [no, i can't spell.]
...I promise I won't be late this time.

the new fob video is actually rather good. and makes you think.
my tv sucks. no bbc2 for me.

I'll get back to the normal updates once I have the net.
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[i am not your friend, i am not your lover.]
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AHAHHAA WHAT. I hate my stupid face and it's inability to look, well, unretarded.
cut for photo )

see there. that's me. looking really, um, I don't know. please note at this point I was kind of 'o____o what what *shock*'

[yes this is another gratitous I MET PANIC post. I'LL GET OVER IT SOON, PROMISE.]

[You're so nineteen-ninety, and it's nineteen-ninety-four.]
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Some things are awesome, and some are not. And some words are just overused.

+ TWICE in the week and a day I've been back at uni, two of my tutors have gone 'do I know you?' because of my hair. Ahaha, what. However, it doesn't quite beat the 'you woke up and your hair was pink?' from my first year tutor.
- We do nothing in our tutorials of any worth.
+ We began talking about where the money in the university goes. We are so random. And our tutor agrees with us on the pointlessness of tutorials! [My answer: 'Open day lunches :D']
+ My projectwork is suddenly a lot easier because they decided to change how we're doing it.
- I still have to do it.
- Coursework in for tomorrow. And I'm being a troll instead.
+ Pokemon has shipped. My pokemans, let me show you them.
- It is raining today, and I snapped my umbrella in half. I brought it last week too.
+ I finally have lemsip and proplus.
+ I am feeling much better! I always feel worse in the mornings, but thank you for all the love. ♥
- I'm becoming an internet meme. [why is not internet a word, semagic! it is a valid word! believe me and my data networking notes on this!]
- I find random people cute, which is bad. Really. [ahahaha, what am i like? completely awful is the answer.]

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Oh, screw you, Manchester.

The handbook says one thing, and the year tutor told me a different thing. Annnnd. I'm off the four year course, it seems. After my tutor saying 'Yeah, you'll be fine. :D'

Gah. Had to send it on a Friday, didn't they.

ETA: I spoke to my mum and she was 'Come home!' XD So bye~
[livejournal.com profile] lady_stargazer, um, I'll look at the fic to find critique later, all I want to say so far is I love it :3 And, ee, you wrote Brendon/Ryan. *coughs*

Also, I want this. So, looks to be one of the first things with next term's loan?

[This is what you get, everybody, when you fuck with us.]
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So yeah, weekend was pretty awesome. With a minor side of fail. As those spammed with texts [ahah, Loki] might know, there was a replacement bus service from Sheffield to Stockport. So what should have taken about one and a half hours... took 3. I was getting a little fed up of my music by then XD
But mainly, fantastic. Headed off down Derby Friday evening, and met up with everyone to go to Mosh. Which I adored, ahah. Especially since they played one of my [many] requests. If only they'd played Camisado as well, but... I kinda said that earlier. :P
Had a nice lie in on Saturday, and then headed into Derby for foods >3 and random shop mauling and Starbucks. And films of great lol. And... really traumatizing statements about magic carpets.
And today, got picked up by my parents to go have dinner, get mauled by puppies, emo over my phone and get back on the same train that goes from Derby... a stop earlier.

So. Lent. Even with the whole not being religous thing. Maybe an effort to stop drinking coke and eat healthier, and exercise at least one a week. Twice if clubbing counts. Heh. And try and talk to people more. Start making an effort. Because I do kinda suck at that kinda theme.

...And guess what? I like emo. Keep those sides of beef away from me plz. This is just the music I like, and the kind of clothes I like. ...I'm still pretty hyper. So yeah. No beef.

One day, I'd really love just grab a group of friends, a car, some good music and drive in the night. Because there's something so fantastic about being out in the night. The motorways are all washed out and empty, and country roads are just... darkness.
...Being poetic doesn't suit me me much, anyway. Plus, everyone normally hates my music.

And for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself
Well, I'm afraid that I...

[I've already given up on myself twice, third time is the charm, third time is the charm.]
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So much for that 'heavy snow', huh? >_> I count this as a major failure of snow.

Damn you, English weather.

This song, however, is win. And lyrics? Even more win.
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[It's a strange way of saying that I know I'm supposed to love you.]
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im on ur frends page, stalkin u.


Also, they cast Prince Caspian for the next Narnia movie - incidentally, Prince Caspian. Strange that. Makes me giggle though, because he's 25. Playing a 14 year old. It's not that bad considering his last role - Dakin in The History Boys. Heh. Not the same one as the film, but still, pretty good looking.

Saturday was truely made of win. We've gotta do it again, but maybe with more people. But watching things like Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series and Narutowned with people who find it as funny as I do is great. :D [I am convinced that is the best Naruto AMV ever.] Also brought an Emily the Strange plushie and a tshirt from Animal. Gotta love sales. :P
Also brought The Postal Service's album since I figured I really liked the songs I already had. I'm also thinking of getting the new Fall Out Boy album too - anyone got any opinions? I still don't like 'This Ain't A Scene' but I'm really loving 'G.I.N.A.S.F.S.' It's the kinda song I like.

Still gotta do my [livejournal.com profile] adayinmylife posts though, I really should get around to doing it.

Uni wise - our first report is in for this week, so I should really write up what I've done in draft so far. Also got some coursework marks back, which lifted my spirit somewhat. 90% for the module I've done badly at? Yes plz. [Coursework makes up 20%, so that's, what, 32 needed from the exam e.e;] I do really want it... Just hope I've learnt my lesson.
It's odd how many times our lecturer went on about violation the other day - code violation, admittedly. But sometimes, we're dumb. I like being dumb occasionally.

The fic has invaded my brain.


Also, I found a sock behind my radiator. Beat that.
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[Yeah, the haircut's hot, but this has gotta stop, good shoes won't save you this time.]
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I'm convinced Torchwood is just an entire show of fanservice. Because the gunshooting lessons? More of an excuse to touch her up, it seems. It's... interesting. And silly. And... pure fanservice.

Thank you to everyone who commented yesterday, I'll take a bit of time getting around to each comment, but in general, thanks for caring enough to say something. It's really becoming a case of the more I get down, the more I exaggerate everything else.

I'm also geeking out over a series of children's books. I am so wrong. But I'm filled with glee over it. I'm so going to the library in the morning, since I'm not in till 11. Maybe I should go swimming as well.
I also read the Farseer and Tawny Man trilogies again, and Fitz is so the dumbest hero ever. ...I love him.

Maths exam went ok, I think. Well, compared to some of the others, har. Although - we had the first meeting with our supervisors for the group project this term yesterday, and he asked both of the two groups he's supervising what they thought of the exam. General response - 'Uh, better than the others.' '...I made it too easy then?' 'No, just... the others were bad. :D'
As for the group project... A sense of impending doom, perhaps. I'm not entirely sure what happened to this sentence either. :P

Got a doctors appointment next week, which as I've mentioned before is a kind of waste of time. I'm still waiting on Mill Point giving me details of rent, or even an application form, which is frustrating. Housing costs too much as well.

...Btw, I found that tshirt I lost. It was in my wardrobe. :3;

[But in truth I'm lost for words.]
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...I really hate groupwork.
It's been said that I don't work well with others. I try to. I'll smile, I'll do what other people tell me to, I'll point out the dumb little things that people get confused over, I try and be nice. :D
But sometimes... ugh.
So yeah! Story time! :3

An Electronic Engineering Story of Woe.
or, why Sarri really really hates everyone else.

Okay. We have to do this circuit simulation thing for our groupwork tutorial. One of my group volunteers me and her to do it. ...Not that she actually asked me. We say we'll meet Sunday evening and I hope she means earlyish. She also says she has the notes and labs from last year.

Sunday evening rolls around, and I feel shit. My eye has been going bloodshot, I had a really awful nights sleep and I feel kinda sick. I'm about to give up, when she's 'Oh! 7.30 - 8 ok?' I'm a doormat. I say yes. An hour or so later, she decides she's going out and we'll meet at 8.30. At this point, I say I feel really shit and I'm just not going to be able to stay awake that long. 'But,' she says, 'I can't actually do any of this!' So yes. She basically says we'll do it so she gets credit. [I'm not denying that she hasn't done a lot of good research, just... don't say you'll do something you have no intention of doing!] She says she'll meet me when she's finished eating. I go over, only to find... she doesn't have those notes. End up phoning another guy in the group who does have them, and we say we'll go get them in the morning and skip that lecture. I tell her that really, there's no need for us both to go, it really only needs one person to do it, and I'm okay doing it on my own, but she says she'll come in and try and feel useful.

So, this morning, she leaves me a message telling me to go get the notes off this guy, and she'll meet me 'about 9' in the computer labs. I turn up at the start of the lecture, he's not there, so rather than try and sneak out of a lecture halfway through, I go to the computer labs to try and see if the notes are somewhere in the shared file stuff. But fortunately, I find a simulation from last year that I can change a bit. The other guy texts me at 9.10 asking where I am, I tell him it's ok and I've got the notes. And so much for about 9, she turns up at half past. By this time, I've altered the circuit and all I need is one bit of data which she could have texted me.

...And you know what? It was the wrong circuit. :D In the tutorial, I basically said that I hadn't realised about why we needed the other one, and our tutor was 'Surely it was a group decision?' ':D;;; I don't know so I'll just take the blame.'

The kicker is that we all got marked 'excellent' for our tutorial when we gave him the wrong circuit, and that I'm now somehow group leader.
Doom, I tell you.


And if you hadn't guessed by that, I feel... crap. :3;; My dad gave me Chinese money again, and it feels somewhat wasted. The soup was gorgeous, the starter selection... kinda greasy. And huge bag of prawn crackers? @_@;; And it was expensive too ;___;
But now I don't need to buy food until the weekend, which is good 8D;; However... seeing the Threadless $10 sale is bad.

My eye does keep turning pink, and I'm so tired... I love it how my insomniac group memember is like 'You're always sleeping like 8pm!' I need sleep, k. >_>;; I generally need a lot of sleep. I can't cut it on 2 hours or so unless I'm overloading with caffiene or guaranteed to have a good night's sleep or nap later.
And... I think I should be along to the doctors fairly soon, probably. XD It's not good.

It's also getting to the point of 'ohshitohshitcoursework'. ♥

I have decided I want to dye my hair candy apple red. It'll be cute. I just... need the dye now.

[I love how the first bit of my entry has barely any smilies, then it's like 'WHOA SMILIE OVERLOAD'.]

This song is about cheating. ._.;; It's obvious now, but... .______.

[Half the world is sleeping while the other half dreams.]
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My feet are soggy. And uh, I fell over in the cinema entrance trying to show Steve how far up my legs my jeans were soaked. The floor was slippy.

So after this morning's failure of a breakfast, I went into uni early and brought a sandwich and some plasters, my converse keep rubbing my heel and it hurts. But hey, I can't wear my converse currently, cause it won't stop raining. =_= Lecture, then off to riding [as a note, I know java is easy, but I should really stop skipping it >.>] which was odd and cool.
So not long after I got back, planning to have a shower soon if my boyfriend ever tells me when we're meeting, I get a call. 'Hey Sarri! How far away from the station are you? :D I missed my train! Come see me!' '...Fucktard.' *coughs* So thusly, went and hung out with Iso for a bit. Ended up buying some hair wax [my hair will look good dammit], lipgloss and facewash, just cause. Headed back home for a bit, then headed out to go see The History Boys with Steve. Uh. I'm not entirely sure what to make of it. It was good - funny, a bit thoughtful and a surprising ending. I mean, I'd've loved it if had ended 10 minutes before it did, but still. [And I was so totally not expecting that much... gay.]


*slams head off desk* I lost my watch. My very cute Hello Kitty watch. >.<
Also, ddred, w00t. Which was probably where I lost it. =_=

Jonny's birthday today :0 so going off there later... which should be interesting. Or something.


Uh, finally, I should actually get around to posting this.

puppiespuppiespuppies. When I get home next weekend, there will be puppies there! Glee.
So yeah, I'm home next weekend for 'agh, cosplay!' I've no idea how I'll fit everything in one weekend, oh well. I can try. So I've got to buy material, zips and laces, see people, make things and see Banner and play with puppies. eeee.

It's also making me reflect on how uni has changed me. I'm more of a brat, but I think this is kinda how I was with Keith, and I don't think I'm quite as bad as he makes me out to be. :/ He also called me a parasite last night, haha. Because he made me food a lot. o.o;; I know I'm more violent. >.>

The party last night... I really wasn't in the mood for it. Which makes me feel super lame since I left after a few hours to go sleep. What I was there for was quite fun though.

As for the song meme~ Every song but one was guessed.
15. I'm in the sky tonight / there I can keep by your side was Foo Fighters - Next Year. XD

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Fail fail fail. XDDDD I gotmyself locked out, and had to ask my next door neighbour for the spare key. Buttt, I couldnt actually recognise it. XP [I identify it by the key we don't use, strangely enough.] So I had to go through the house and climb over the fence. XD

This is the guy I had a massive crush on in about... hmmm, year 9. XD FAIL.