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jump start my kaleidoscope heart

already out of foolproof ideas

[oh, for a minute there, i lost myself.]
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....Stop blogging!

Oh, Doctor, I have much love for how you are retardedly geeky and hip.

And oh, Jack.

I now wish to actually go watch Life on Mars - for with John Simms and Manchester-spotting, you can't really go wrong.
And maybe go text people some more.

Also, best start to the cricket ever, heh.

[We're such crazy babies, little monkey.]
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Ahahaha, what.

cut for the vaguest of vague spoilers. )


Things I should really get done before Wednesday.
1. Contract. Uh, yeah, fail.
2. Send cheques. As above, fail.
3. Revise.
4. Character set design. ...Again. Because my group member fails and stole a really crappy lame set.
5. ...Revise some more.
6. Wash clothes.
7. Write.

I really also shouldn't be spending any more money. Least, not till next weekend. Oh, my loan, how I adore thee.
[Yeah, guess who preordered Pokemon Diamond, fool.]


Also, the new Bloc Party tracks are kind of win. I really don't like the start of The Prayer that much [that loads of people have had as msn names, aha.] but the chorus is just great. And I Still Remember is awesome too.


In two weeks, I'll be coming home from London. How's that for awesome.

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I am dead of glee. Because I really, really liked that.

Glee glee glee.

[and oh, oh, the conversation in the tardis.]

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That Only Fools on Horses thing makes me somewhat nostalgic. Since jumping is my nemesis. Always has. :P Considering the last time I jumped was, hmm, about... 5 years ago? :P
But yeah, makes me think it'd be cool to do that again. Although I would fail dramatically at courses. Steering has never been my fortitude. :3

My phone is moderately Doctor Who-fied. Phone me! So I can dance to my ringtone.

[There's no destiny when everyone's your enemy.]
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So yesterday's viewing.

Doctor Who. Or, oh noes, Sarri is a shipper. )


Pirates of the Carribbean )


In other news, I have a phone that works, bwahaha. Now all we need to do is make it charge. Doctor Who ringtone ftw. And a new dryer, cause I broke it. ¦3
I also wish I had my boyfriend.

I hate this, I'm all 'I will write a big meaningful update!' and then don't. XD

And Animal Crossing is addicitive. Go catch those bugs!

Minor Pokemon squeeage )