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jump start my kaleidoscope heart

already out of foolproof ideas

[i think i'll go home and mull this over.]
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I have just over 300 words, and all I think is 'god, I would much rather be writing that Beauty and the Beast au.'

I love love love the idea I have at the moment - just magic and curses and falling in love and grand gestures -
it just sounds a little cooler.
[oh, I'll admit it, I'm in love with the title alone.]

inspiration, please find me.


'Cause like you said, this is it. This is life. And I'm in love with you... I think that's the only thing I've ever really been sure of in my entire life. And I'm really messed up right now, and I got a whole lot of stuff I have to work out, but I don't want to waste any more of my life without you in it. And I think I can do this. I mean, I want to. I have to, right?'

....bonus points if you can name the film.

in other news, I have issues with commitment. which really, is not that surprising.
[which, um, makes it sound like we broke up. IT'S ALL GOOD, DON'T WORRY. we just talk too much sometimes.]


also, in non depressing news - 69/100 for my coursework. fucking booyah.
especially since I had an 'oh god oh god, part of my assignment didn't get marked!' spazout.

nipples was said a bit too much during my lab.


sarritichi@scritch.me.uk has quit working. which kind of explains a lot.

[don't be afraid to be afraid here with me.]
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mm, passing out on other people's sofas! it's crazy how much time I spend there. but we're talking about plans for next year. I'm going to be living with people I know! more precisely, [livejournal.com profile] boonehwabbit, [livejournal.com profile] eleclya_m, [livejournal.com profile] individual_68 and [livejournal.com profile] mrs_jack_turner! ¦3
you have no idea how much I'm looking forward to this. although it makes people go 'hey, you have friends now'.

we watched the 3rd and 4th Harry Potter movies - in which I giggled, talked too much and made many comments about David Tennant's tongue. tried to watch Dogma after, but I feel asleep pretty soon into it. damn the whole needing sleep thing.


at 11.11, what do you wish for?
it's easier to wish for happiness than something specific, because happiness covers all the bases. it's more likely to come true.
I'd find a star for you if you asked. but the impossible is easier [to get] [to understand] than you.


amusing moments from my lecture.
there's a guy who keeps dying his hair pink and purple! it's just- pink and purple! *flail* unfortunately, he's a second year so I don't actually know him. [flailing is totally a coping method.]
the lecturer bitching about windows, and then saying 'I sound like a crazy Mac fan. ...uh, there aren't any of those here, right?'
talking about wireless security... in parts of cars. because how everything is getting all high tech and stuff - 'in your life time, there will probably be a murder inquiry where someone's anti-lock braking system has been hacked into.'


oh my god, fucking hilarity. Monday, I had to go to Waterstones to buy Katie a new copy of her book [exploding orange juice incidents] and was browsing around the fantasy section and thought 'hey, I wonder if the new Temeraire/His Majesty's Dragon book has been released', and there it was, in hardcover. I find it hard to resist shiny books.
turns out. it was released November 5th. the day I went in, by complete coincidence.

but yeah. dragons! alternate history! go read! it's one of the best books I've read.

Monday was also my day of retail therapy. I'm really awful with my money, so any Christmas presents will be in January. but I say this every year.


oh god, oh god, LESS THAN A WEEK. judging from two set lists so far, they might play Headfirst for Halos, which would be so awesome. I'm kind of spazzing out.
[livejournal.com profile] the_sell_out, did you get the message I sent you?

it's getting the point where I'm all 'hey guess what I'm doing next week? :D :D :D' and everyone is 'yeah, we know already.'


also, I got killed. *sad face*

[while they kill in the name of applied mathematics.]
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Haiku2 for kthxrawr
world is shrinking at
an alarming rate get
out while you can
Created by Grahame

my god, that's actually a rather good one.
as is this one.
yeah it's been a
girl by the car out in the
parking lot she says

because mangled Counting Crows lyrics ftw.


same story, different chapter. I stayed over at the house of fangirls again. me, Katie, Sophie and Max went to watch Ratatouille - which was hilarious in itself, as well as the comments we kept making - and the dropping of the popcorn!
we had pizza, watched Top Gear, just chilled in general. watched the insane gerbil run into things. made Katie watch a few Panic videos - the 'you smell so slutty right now' dvd clip and the fanvid where Brendon has no concept of personal space, and would like to remind everyone that hey - he has a crotch!
me and Katie watched Garden State and the first two episodes of Black Books, and I wonder why I've never watched it before.

I am getting emails off Facebook from the start of the month. this shit is getting annoying.


there are some days, when you're just swept along with the crowd.

and as soon as i think - no more, i can't go on like this - someone does something to change my mind.

oh, my sweet indecision.

[give your immortality to me, i'll set you up against the stars.]
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last couple of days have been surprisingly fun! went to a gig last minute last night, which was oh my god awesome. Katie wins everything, ever. she's good at converting people. also, after, had some good conversations with her and Indie James. [we have to categorise the James. there is Indie James, Pirate James, Laura's James... apparently Laura has started naming them after Star Wars movies. A New James, etcetera.] pretty good, especially since I've never really spoken to him much before.

and today, Anisha came to Manchester, and we had delicious, delicious noodles and tempura. and sorbet! so good! *dead* depending on how many people turn up to the meet, we should go there again. also finally remembered to burn a dvd of emo for her. 1100+ tracks. booyah. plus, I made her watch youtube videos. okay, I am addicted to it. no... huge secret there.
['...you have livejournal as your home page?!']

doors 2 - Anisha 0.


6. Sarritchi
[ happy, rand0m, fair, debatable, unique ]
Sarri is awesome. XD I might not talk to her tooooo often but when I do, it's a conversation made of win. Sarri's also a bit of a ninja. Just when you think she can't see your LJ entries, she is actually lurking beneath the shadows. Although she's an anime fan, she listens to emo music, which I don't put against her. She adores it, and isn't ashamed of it which takes a lot of guts against the whole anime clique scene. However, her personality isn't emo itself. =3 I love our conversations and I love who she is. ^^

dude, is it 'say randomly nice things about me' week or something? [livejournal.com profile] xia_hime AND [livejournal.com profile] quaaaack have both been up to it lately. ♥ ♥ ♥ for you ALL, okay? I'm such a sap, but pfft, oh well. I do read everything you write, and you all mean a lot to me.

[although, dude, you spelt my name wrong.]

I'm just in a mood of loving everything lately, which is kind of weird, considering how awful I felt the other night.


[oh, how we shouted, how we screamed- take notice, take interest, take me with you.]


any ideas for a cheap Halloween costume?

[face down in the the dirt, she said 'this doesn't hurt'.]
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note to self: stop joining street teams.


it's the second time in less than a week that I've made references to DotA. that kind of thing amuses me. the video itself, and the references.
[will this video ever stop cracking me the shit up? never. however, the options to have different subs is no longer up at his website. it's a pity, I kind of loved the leet subs. ...hey, [livejournal.com profile] pinali, I KNOW A BOT. if anything, this cracks me up more because he's all horrified when he finds out this bot is a girl after all, then he's 'in my eyes, you're still a bot'.]


10 things that make me happy:

10. watching house obsessively.
09. drinking tea.
08. post it notes.
07. fencing.
06. silly applications on facebook.
05. crushes that don't make me sad. yet.
04. electropop with silly lyrics. can't help smiling.
03. boys in bands.
02. my friends. ♥
01. brand new. oh my god. in love with them, like, times ten.

if there are ten things that make you happy, tell your flist right now!


I realised today I've been blogging since I was 14. since I was in year nine. while the older of my two journals has now been deleted, it scares me a little. oh, the melodrama of a 15 year old. things were such srs bsns back then. god, how did people ever put up with me, ahaha. [oh, becky, oh, jordan, you guys are truely awesome, you know that?]
some people say they could never put thoughts and personal things on the web, but it's almost like a coping mechanism now.
although one of these days, I need to erase all the places I've put my full name. aha.

it's also funny when I'm so happy someone has heard a band I really like, until I realise they've only heard of them because I made a somewhat hyper post about seeing them live.


sometimes, I feel like if I expect less from people, I won't get let down. like I keep expecting people to flake out on me. [in truth, i am the flaker-out of late.] it's honest to god, nothing personal. case in point, Brand New signing. the girl I was talking to in the queue said she'd send me the photos. maybe she forgot my email, maybe she forgot in general. who knows.
keep surprising me. keep raising my expectations. I can put myself back together, just take a chance.
[maybe i'm talking to you, maybe i'm talking to me.]

[believe me, there was truth in all those stories that i told.]
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ahaha, oh shit. someone's clever and has lost their student loan id and password. and has been spending too much money.

I'm off to see Motion City Soundtrack tomorrow! truth be told, I'm far more excited about the support. Straylight Run, people.

yesterday was the mujs chinese buffet, which I turned up to feeling awful. but food makes everything better, as does The Umbrella Academy. I've got a standing order for it, but really, I didn't need to bother - there was a huge stack of them in both comic shops we went into. also, Potato was talking about it because he likes comics and had heard it was good, and I was 'yeah, I'm not one of the people who are buying it just because who wrote it... really.' we went into the the most random pub and stayed there for ages, but it was good to talk to Dory about everything.

today [yesterday] has been a day of suspended time. time flows strangely on sundays, I've never quite figured it out- just all of a sudden, it's the early morning and there are no more cars or trains. just streetlights. I can't even see the hills.
all my vices, all the things I need to stop buying start with c.
when I think someone is interested, it's only in being friends, and vice versa. it gets confusing after a while. spell it out for me, I don't mind hearing no. the sweetest thing a boy has done for me lately is not cut me out. we're not best friends, but we talk.
what becomes of our hearts? don't break mine, I'd like to find out. I'd give my heart to anyone who asked, but take it back as soon as they gave me theirs. that's just the kind of girl I am, I'm sorry. we're all still reeling from the past. but. we'll make it. together or apart. we'll make it and break it and carry on.

I have animal magnets on my speakers, and that kind of makes me happy. other things that make me happy are you, those boys in those stupid bands, and the fact I have drank a whole carton of orange juice today.

[you were the worst idea that i have had tonight.]
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I have a strange desire for a polaroid camera and some skullcandy headphones. the second is all your fault, [livejournal.com profile] shuraiya.

I turned on my phone and three requests to do something today, one after the other. popular?

I got my birthday present off my brother today. it's a random poppunk cd that I've had on my pc for a few months [and adore] but it was meant to come with stickers and there weren't any left. but I have a hand written note saying they'll send me one when they have some more in. ¦D

My memory is a strange thing. i can remember some things from when i was younger rather vividly. Like random events. but the things that matter, that's a different story.
A few years ago, a girl from my old school got in contact with me. or at least, her parents, I'm not sure. but long story short, she told me something. told me not to tell anyone. and as things go around, I guess they needed evidence or something. didn't remember any of it. didn't even remember her telling me not to tell anyone.

...I'm going to go eat toothpaste now.

[i've wished summer away waiting for these days, and now i'm just trying to hold onto them before they disappear. what mark have i left - on the world, on someone, on a small small part of something bigger, on myself? all i have to show are pointless ambitions and moments of happiness. won't you come lie in the grass with me? watch the sun set and count the stars? make an afternoon last forever.]

[oh, we're so c-c-c-controversial.]
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I feel so tired of being nice. which sounds really fucked up, I know.

I've spent the weekend with my brother sniping at me with things like how much he's earning, how he's trustworthy and how intellectual and grown up he is. I mean, of course, totally mature for the person who spent all morning sitting on the sofa watching television while my mother was at work, my dad was ill and I was cleaning the house. I try and be nice, but obviously, I'm just not worth being nice to, right?
I never said I was mature, I just don't pretend I am.

if plans fall through, what else can you do apart from shrug and move on? things have a habit of doing that lately, and it almost feels like I should stop putting my faith in these things.
I don't want to go back to mistrusting everybody [new] that I know. when people say 'let's do this' and actually follow through, it's something that means a lot to me. I'm still partially convinced I'll get back to uni and be in the same situation as last year.

I'd show my heart to anyone who ever gave me five minutes of their time.

I'm just tired of biting my lip.

I'm also really hungry.

[when you're putting all your time into the things that don't mean anything to me.]
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be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high. then life seems almost enchanted after all.

I'm a little in love with Luna Lovegood. So yeah, we saw the movie, twas awesome.

but isn't world domination something worth fighting for? nothing quite as sentimental, but it's a reason. go figure.

my life is measured by the lengths of songs. how many tracks it talks to walk down the road, train journeys being defined by how long it takes to hear the same song again.

[asleep is the safest place you could be.]
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If anyone wants to get hold of me this weekend, text me, okay? I'll have no net access until Monday afternoon. Also, I'm missing Doctor Who, oh noes. But we have this super awesome tv thing that records it for me. Sunday should be fun, but Saturday will be mostly just washing clothes and actually getting to Manchester. And Monday is totally about getting back to Sutton.
Also, I'm somewhat amused at how similar mine and [livejournal.com profile] dogmop's music tastes are. We were talking about festivals and the bands playing, and getting excited over the same things, heh.

I'm also thinking about when I go back. I'm tempted to turn up with blonde hair with blue and pink extensions [okay, you have no idea how much i want that to happen, because blue! blue hair and me do not talk often.] and one blue eye and one green. why? Because I'm a dork, duh. [I'd also like to be fitter, but that one will take a while.]
I'm also kind of toying with the idea of moving back earlier - nearer to the start of September as opposed to fresher's week, which is nearer the end. Mainly because I think most of the others should be back? Still won't be much to do, but getting myself settled. Maybe start swimming more.

Serenity still kind of hurts to watch. But the outtakes are awesome.
However, I'd really like high quality caps of the series, I have a craving for a Simon and River layout.

I'd still like to know why England have a player who isn't too good at Twenty-20 opening. But hey, we won. [also, Warwickshire are top of the table for our division, awesome. clear by 4 points, awesome x 2.]
...Yes, I'm a girl who rather likes cricket, I'm a freak of nature, ahah.

I also realised something, maybe it's the whole, y'know, knowing I won't see him until September, added in with the radio silence... um, well, it's easier to deal with.
[you can say 'he's a gentleman' all you like, doesn't change the fact that he just might not like me like that.]

[the other day, we were talking about a boy I used to like. like seriously. it's somewhat ironic that he's gay and rather emo now. tuesday, he gave me a hug and said he hadn't seen me for many years. whatever, it was a year.]

I so totally love my friends, okay? ♥

[this is a matter of life or death and we are not prepared, we just want you to know.]
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Today went from okay to mildly meh to pretty good again.
It was Bex's aborted picnic turned pub crawl despite the fact it was kind of sunny, aha. Good to see some familar faces, but everyone was pretty cool to be honest. Got a little down after trying to work things out for next weekend - spending an evening in an empty flat is really not in my idea of a good time - but people are awesome and cheer me up. Ended up walking around town with Hope and Vanesha and then going to the cinema. I have never before been in a cinema where the employees are so chatty, haha. Spent a bit of time sitting outside talking to Hope before my dad gave us a lift home.

Also, I kind of liked my hair today. I'm at the stage where it's really too long for me too like - and this is just below shoulder length. If only it stayed straight. So it went in two tiny ponytails and I straightened my fringe. That probably need cutting as well.

My plans for next weekend are still up in the air. Eh.

I was writing comment!fic and thought 'wow, I've written so much' and it turned out to be just under 600 words. aha, oh well.

The puppies are in the doghouse, literally. They got my mother's handbag and [always]Indy threw up because he's greedy. [he's alwaysIndy becaus it is always Indy! the only pup that can't climb on the haybales and the one who always gets picked on by the others and does the silly things, it's always Indy.]

The other day, we went on a walk through a field with the puppies. And you know, I never really realised how close I live to the countryside.

sometimes, 'it's going to be okay' is the reason I keep going.

[And we've learned that life is one big game, where the winners are all getting paid.]
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I am awesome again! Because dancing makes me feel awesome. My feet hurt and I can't hear properly and my throat hurts and my ear is itchy and maybe I'm crushing and my hair feels ratty and soggy and my shoes are soaked through--
But that's part of what makes it awesome.

Caffeine is my anti-drug, but it's still a drug, I guess.

However, emos doing the conga. What. But so many songs, so much dancing and headbanging and being silly. Screaming 'die young and save yourself' also works! Dancing from 12 to 3 seems a lot longer, but the rain feels so good when you're finished.
[livejournal.com profile] miss_ren, [livejournal.com profile] black_sonnet, srsly at some point - come here with me! [livejournal.com profile] acestar too! Or anyone!

Also, why is the indie society following me? ahaha.


In random fandom related news that nobody really cares about, wtf tattoos.


Region unlocked? Yes plz. We'll be checking that one out soon.

[You're so nineteen-ninety, and it's nineteen-ninety-four.]
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Some things are awesome, and some are not. And some words are just overused.

+ TWICE in the week and a day I've been back at uni, two of my tutors have gone 'do I know you?' because of my hair. Ahaha, what. However, it doesn't quite beat the 'you woke up and your hair was pink?' from my first year tutor.
- We do nothing in our tutorials of any worth.
+ We began talking about where the money in the university goes. We are so random. And our tutor agrees with us on the pointlessness of tutorials! [My answer: 'Open day lunches :D']
+ My projectwork is suddenly a lot easier because they decided to change how we're doing it.
- I still have to do it.
- Coursework in for tomorrow. And I'm being a troll instead.
+ Pokemon has shipped. My pokemans, let me show you them.
- It is raining today, and I snapped my umbrella in half. I brought it last week too.
+ I finally have lemsip and proplus.
+ I am feeling much better! I always feel worse in the mornings, but thank you for all the love. ♥
- I'm becoming an internet meme. [why is not internet a word, semagic! it is a valid word! believe me and my data networking notes on this!]
- I find random people cute, which is bad. Really. [ahahaha, what am i like? completely awful is the answer.]

[One awkward silence, and two hopes you cry yourself to sleep.]
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So, incredibly sleepy, but one of those fantastic days.

We watched a movie and ate some food and shared some ice cream. Played on the swings and sang some songs, the kind of days that are just friends hanging around. But with extra porn, ahah.
I did not participate in the porn.
I guess that kind of sucked.

Product placement and innuendo, what more could a girl need?
Someone else maybe, but I'm not picky, and I'm not looking. Really. I think.
Who knows. Certainly not me, and maybe I like it that way.

It's funny how similar people act when they're stone cold sober and high as a kite.

So close your eyes.
And let's just hope the world is still there when you open them.

And maybe play some Lemmings, cause damn, that game was fun.

[I couldn't bring myself to call, except to call it quits.]
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...It's just music, right? Don't I have the same right to say 'Well, I don't like metal, you shouldn't play that?'
No, seriously. I don't really care what music you do or don't like. Just... don't insult me as a result of my music. Don't say about how everyone who listens to it should get punched. If you say 'I don't like that music, it's not my thing', that's fine, it's your opinion. Even for kicks, tell me what music you do like. I love music, k?

I wish that things like this didn't make me feel guilty about my music taste. And I wish I didn't let myself feel guilty about it either.

...I'm going to go eat my nice breakfast now. And possibly watch Pokemon on tv.

[because really, there are far better things to make fun of than a few bands I really like. I am way too defensive.]

[Another miss, and anyone can see me laughing now.]
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plans and aims )


I am nobody's starcrossed lover.

[The songs you grow to like never stick at first.]
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Ugggh, gigs.

So, sometime after Leeds tickets went on sale, Jonny decided to show me the lineup.
...Oh my god, the bastard. Because Panic!, Fall Out Boy, Lostprophets and Brand New are all the on line up. But of course, all the tickets are sold out, and ebay has them at horrendous prices. Gaaah.

Bex, tell me when you start looking and can find any that aren't way overpriced? IO have a feeling it won't happen.
I mean, I can see Panic when they tour - if they tour - after the new album, but not FOB. Because the Manchester gig is a) sold out and b) in Easter.
I am sads.


Admin at uni are still awful, and nobody knows whats happening. The only person who does comes back tomorrow.
However, I might have gone mad by then from being constantly told to plead my case.

...I do have a lot of anger, I guess. Ha.


I also have a lot of hunger. And desire for a new haircut. I have no idea if bangs would actually suit me.

I'm just sitting here humming the Imperial march. Life is good for the moment.

[I didn't mean that, I really mean that.]
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Anonymous texts freak me the fuck out. Especially when people are ':D We miss you!' which just makes me go ':D! ...Who are you?'
[Turns out it was Izzy, aha.]

[I think part of my problem is that my phone scares me. I jump every time it goes off.]

Today kinda sucked. But hey, it's the start of a new week, right? right.

Organised water gun attack squad at Toko? sounds like a plan. Water of contempt? Yes plz.
I seriously can't wait for the cons.

[so everything gets put off a little, and I don't know if it helps or not. apparently, I have a lot of anger. I also have a lot of denial. but it's all ok.]

['We miss you like furries miss fur.' WHAT. WHAAAAAT.]