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jump start my kaleidoscope heart

already out of foolproof ideas

[it's hardly what i'd be doing if you gave me the choice.]
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ever had one of those days when you just wish you'd never woken up?
yeah, that was kind of today.

in more amusing news, Kristin Chenoweth [Glinda in Wicked OBC] is in the west wing.

in hideously pathetic news, my cricket team of choice suck.

[asleep is the safest place you could be.]
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If anyone wants to get hold of me this weekend, text me, okay? I'll have no net access until Monday afternoon. Also, I'm missing Doctor Who, oh noes. But we have this super awesome tv thing that records it for me. Sunday should be fun, but Saturday will be mostly just washing clothes and actually getting to Manchester. And Monday is totally about getting back to Sutton.
Also, I'm somewhat amused at how similar mine and [livejournal.com profile] dogmop's music tastes are. We were talking about festivals and the bands playing, and getting excited over the same things, heh.

I'm also thinking about when I go back. I'm tempted to turn up with blonde hair with blue and pink extensions [okay, you have no idea how much i want that to happen, because blue! blue hair and me do not talk often.] and one blue eye and one green. why? Because I'm a dork, duh. [I'd also like to be fitter, but that one will take a while.]
I'm also kind of toying with the idea of moving back earlier - nearer to the start of September as opposed to fresher's week, which is nearer the end. Mainly because I think most of the others should be back? Still won't be much to do, but getting myself settled. Maybe start swimming more.

Serenity still kind of hurts to watch. But the outtakes are awesome.
However, I'd really like high quality caps of the series, I have a craving for a Simon and River layout.

I'd still like to know why England have a player who isn't too good at Twenty-20 opening. But hey, we won. [also, Warwickshire are top of the table for our division, awesome. clear by 4 points, awesome x 2.]
...Yes, I'm a girl who rather likes cricket, I'm a freak of nature, ahah.

I also realised something, maybe it's the whole, y'know, knowing I won't see him until September, added in with the radio silence... um, well, it's easier to deal with.
[you can say 'he's a gentleman' all you like, doesn't change the fact that he just might not like me like that.]

[the other day, we were talking about a boy I used to like. like seriously. it's somewhat ironic that he's gay and rather emo now. tuesday, he gave me a hug and said he hadn't seen me for many years. whatever, it was a year.]

I so totally love my friends, okay? ♥

[dream of demons while you sleep that make you stutter when you speak.]
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So I realised all I've done lately is make vague handwavy motions about my birthday. Most of you who are on Facebook and live near Manchester have heard about my birthday party. That's the week before my birthday, the 8th of June to be precise. [in Manchester? want to come? sure! XD]

But my actual birthday. So hay, who wants to come hang around Manchester Birmingham with me? I'm not doing anything fancy like Alton Towers this year, but it would be cool to see a few of you, lie in the park, have lunch and some fun! ♥ I don't care if you're anime type people or not, I just want to have some fun. And take dorky photos. Come on, I need some good photos for facebook.
And uh, just for the record, this is Birmingham! [I can't believe I wrote Manchester, ahaha.]

I'm rather looking forward to it, despite all the 'oh noes, no longer a teenager' type feelings. No idea what my main present will be, although at this rate, it will be a working computer. But that would be very good.

I'm a shameless procrastinator of an attention seeker, I know. Did that even make sense?


The weather here is kind of freaky. Well, mildly annoying. All sunny and warm, sweatshirt off blinds down, then the sun goes away again and I'm cold.
But hmm, it's almost summer. Here's to not getting burnt this summer. I'd wear spaghetti strap tops if I didn't hate my arms so much. However, I feel like buying some and getting some fake tan or something. Should at least disguse the red marks at least a little.
...I can't believe I'm going camping twice. Becky, can I stay in your tent? haha. I'd forgotten about that part.

And continuing in the summer theme, we won the cricket. Although it's a case of being the better of two bad sides. We've got the batting down, now just the bowling...


I promise I will stop updating daily sometime this century.

[That's all you need to know, you have it or you don't.]
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Well, you know. That's really fucking weird.
England. Are doing well. In a cricket match, of all things! So hay there, alternative universe.

I am unable to go into the city centre without buying cds, it seems. Today it was the first MCR album, and the two Taking Back Sunday cd/dvds. My weakness.

Exam went kind of well - apparently the same questions were on the 05 and 06 papers, but I'd been going through all the notes. Which we didn't need. Feh.

Multiconvos are kind of love.
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oh hay England, remember when you used to win cricket matches?

Close, but still pretty depressing. Ugggh.

[This is normally about the point I start supporting South Africa or New Zealand.]