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jump start my kaleidoscope heart

already out of foolproof ideas

[i've been here once before, you keep me running in circles.]
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yesterday was amusing in the end. for a while, I hid upstairs with the eldest of my cousins - he's 3 years younger than me and is off to uni next year, probably the same uni as me, aha - playing with his iPhone and talking music. iPhones are kind of super annoying to navigate. but he's got pretty good music taste - likes Fall Out Boy, Brand New and a fair amount of indie too.
he was an elf again. oh man, that never ever gets old. this year, he had no tights. err, do not want.

although looking at the entry I just linked to, oh god, were the puppies ever that small? they were almost pocket sized back then.

Boxing Day is the only day I can get away with having apple pie and ice cream for breakfast. :D

I just watched the adaptation of one of my favourite childhood books - Ballet Shoes. had a load of well known English actors and Emma Watson was actually quite good in it. they added random romance in though. but I remembered what a brat Posy was in it. I didn't like her much, ahaha. her dancing teacher has a stroke and her reaction is 'I'm not crying for Madam, I'm crying for me. what about my training?' she runs away from home to see a Russian dancing instructor who offers her a place in an academy in Prague, when her guardian doesn't have enough money to keep them in England. so her eldest sister gives up her dreams for it. [performing in movies as opposed to theatre.]

god, so tired lately.

[don't call me up when the snow comes down.]
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public service announcement.

Merry Christmas, motherfuckers! ¦D ♥

ahaha. have a fantastic day~

...I don't know whether to be amused or not that my parents keep buying me Doctor Who gifts. I have an annual and a sonic screwdriver. pwned.
I also have a ds lite that is not a Christmas present. pwned x2.

did anyone else see the Shrek Christmas special thing? oh god, Puss In Boots playing the the fuzzy thing on top of his hat. 'I have shamed myself.'

[Some rules are made with all intentions to break.]
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There's always one part of Christmas that makes me feel a little... down, I guess. We all go to my cousins' and then my brother dresses up in a Santa outfit and tells everyone that he accidentally delivered some presents to the wrong house. [Yes, it's lame. Even the 4 year old sees through it.] And I get to sit there while my cousins get mountains and mountains of more presents. Like, one got a camcorder already this morning, and another a guitar, and another a snowboard. Wtf, we live in Birmingham. Not much snow here. I'm happy with my presents, I have some fantastic things, it's just... yup, let me sit and twiddle my thumbs for half an hour while they get spoilt. I know it makes me sounds like a brat, oh well.

Other moments of tonight - I am 15, 16, younger than my 16 year old cousin, me and my parents live in Manchester, my hair is ginger. We also went to see my nan, who seems to be getting better. Don't know if she'll be out on Wednesday then. The puppies have a pheasant that sounds like a dog and is adorable. Yet to watch Doctor Who too, oh well. It's the week of Doctor Who spinoffs, what with the Sarah Jane adventures soon too.

Ahaa, the list~
- Camera *___* I've obsessed and gazed on this camera from afar for the last 6 months, and now it is mine. Hvaing a few quality issues, but hopefully it'll work itself out?
- A creepy little Japanese doll, which apparently means 'lucky flower'. Hmm.
- Hello Kitty watch. It itches.
- Pucca clock
- A polar bear stuffed toy 8D
- Brand New - Deja Entendu
- Teddy bear
- Also, is taking me shopping.
- A make up bag :/
- Perfume
aunt and uncle the first:
- £20 Amazon vouchers
aunt and uncle the second:
- £30 :D I forsee those velcro trainers!
aunt and uncle the third:
- more perfume, actually smells kinda nice :D
- Hello Kitty game :3;;
- plussssshies. But obviously, they are not mine yet.

So here. Photospam.

puppies! )

So yes, these are our lovely puppies. X3;


visiting my cousins )


haircut and the creepy doll )

[This is when I say, oh yes, yet again, can you stop the cavalry?]
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Christmas :0

Been spending most of the last few days cleaning like crazy, along with last minute shopping, wrapping presents and visiting my Nan in hospital. So crazy fun. Or not. Ha. Got my hair dyed yesterday, so photos shall come after Christmas. And the puppies are mad.

I still don't feel that Christmasy yet. Don't know why, but it doesn't feel right. But a lot of people feel like that I guess. I'm more excited about Maple, hehe. Finally level 45. Although the 2x exp, it does nothing.

Tomorrow will be crazy, and I must find shirt with no dead things on. So I think the 'giggle like a killer' and the 'wanna play?' shirts are also out.
Hmm, getting sleepy. Pity I have midnight mass.

msn is amusing, no? )

[Ten nine eight and I'm breaking away, all dressed up and I'm ready to play.]
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[This entry began at 10am. I procrastinate on procrastinating.]
asdkj. Tireds.

But, what's that you say? Aren't you meant to be in Scotland?
...I left the con early. I really didn't want to, but in a way, I did. My bed + boyfriend + being able to do my work = better than con? Sanj's floor isn't that comfortable, heh. And at least this way I can have a day of hitting java with a stick without being 'omg streesssss' tonight. It felt like Sunday yesterday anyway.
I left my heart in Scotland. Emo face. I'm also getting the 'zomg teeth' feeling, which means maybe my wisdom teeth are finally coming through?

So, the con. It seemed... empty. Was super cool to see everyone, and I made Steve happy with his poster. I love Neko lots, and I love Iso on days that end with e. Pinali is great fun on train journeys, and Monopoly kills my phone dead. Loui's hair is awesome, and mujs people scare me. Tegan and Jordan are several kinds of awesome but they knew that already, right? And I enjoy pulling scary faces at Eli.

[I'm seeing how many people are fooled by my 'in Scotland really' name. Heh.] [Curses! I was foiled! At... like 5pm, I've been back since yesterday.]

Now is the ever perplexing question of - when do I go home? Heh. It will all depend on if the uni ever pays me - if they do, I have £30 worth of food + what money I actually have. Which isn't that much, but it's enough. And plus can't really see Steve much over the actual break, so proper time with him would be cool. I'm a sap, sue me. I'll talk to my dad tomorrow, he's giving me my blankie and my advent calender.

And guess what! Soon! It will be mine. All mine, my precious. I have wantes this so long. Emo face. And also, I'm eyeing up those Snow Patrol shirts too. Heh.

...Okay. Today wasn't too productful, but I'm kinda glad I did come home, I guess. *shuns you all*