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jump start my kaleidoscope heart

already out of foolproof ideas

[we'll shake up this town and shoot down the stars for our enjoyment.]
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I am swimming in hoodie.

Turns out that girls large- was a large. I misread the page XD
It's a little long and a little too long in the arms. But oh well. But literally, swimming in it.
It will be fantastic in winter.

...Plus, it's a Panic hoodie. :D

Is there any song on I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love that isn't about vampires? srsly.

...Oh my god. Hemingway is the coolest dog ever.
[new fob video with catgirls, breakdancing post men, and talking dogs. i am happy.]

[the more i hang around you, the more hangups i get.]
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So, um, haha, thanks computer. You lulled me into a false sense of security... and are actually still broken. Which means... on and off again, mended computer for birthday.
At least I should get my hoodie and tshirt sooon. Soon-ish.

We ended up going out to dinner two nights in a row. I feel spoilt. We went to the fish restaurant down the road which is always good. Although my dad tried to walk in the wrong door, people were making fishy jokes and my mother didn't enjoy her food. And we talked about programming over dinner.

Okay, a few summers okay - two years, to be precise - a woman at the stables asked me how old I was, and was super surprised I was 18. She thought I was 14.
When I said it was my birthday tomorrow, she said she thought I was 18.

It's maybe too warm to sleep. Or I'm too tired.

I seem to be off all over the place in the next few weeks. Possibly going to London on Sunday, then Bex's birthday the weekend after, then back up to Manchester. July is relatively empty, then it's a month of awesome - Tokonatsu, Amecon and Reading. Then I'm back at uni. And who knows?

[dream of demons while you sleep that make you stutter when you speak.]
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So I realised all I've done lately is make vague handwavy motions about my birthday. Most of you who are on Facebook and live near Manchester have heard about my birthday party. That's the week before my birthday, the 8th of June to be precise. [in Manchester? want to come? sure! XD]

But my actual birthday. So hay, who wants to come hang around Manchester Birmingham with me? I'm not doing anything fancy like Alton Towers this year, but it would be cool to see a few of you, lie in the park, have lunch and some fun! ♥ I don't care if you're anime type people or not, I just want to have some fun. And take dorky photos. Come on, I need some good photos for facebook.
And uh, just for the record, this is Birmingham! [I can't believe I wrote Manchester, ahaha.]

I'm rather looking forward to it, despite all the 'oh noes, no longer a teenager' type feelings. No idea what my main present will be, although at this rate, it will be a working computer. But that would be very good.

I'm a shameless procrastinator of an attention seeker, I know. Did that even make sense?


The weather here is kind of freaky. Well, mildly annoying. All sunny and warm, sweatshirt off blinds down, then the sun goes away again and I'm cold.
But hmm, it's almost summer. Here's to not getting burnt this summer. I'd wear spaghetti strap tops if I didn't hate my arms so much. However, I feel like buying some and getting some fake tan or something. Should at least disguse the red marks at least a little.
...I can't believe I'm going camping twice. Becky, can I stay in your tent? haha. I'd forgotten about that part.

And continuing in the summer theme, we won the cricket. Although it's a case of being the better of two bad sides. We've got the batting down, now just the bowling...


I promise I will stop updating daily sometime this century.

[I'm in the business of misery, let's take it from the top.]
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Bad news, Koi no Megalover is actually growing on me. I can withstand the crazy screamo bit, because the hyper bit is just awesome. But seriously, uh what. Yay for random Engrish.
In other news, I played some Arma Angelus for Paws today, just to prove how different they are from Fall Out Boy. XD

Old meme is old!
Hung out with [livejournal.com profile] kiraras_lemon, [livejournal.com profile] penanna, [livejournal.com profile] loki128 and [livejournal.com profile] pawsaldo today, and there was general madness and violence. And Pokemans. And because Paws kept stepping on the ripped part of my trousers, there's now a part by the hem where I had to hack off the torn bit with a knife so I'd stop tripping on it.
And me being a total loser and being half an hour late when I live ten minutes from the station. Oh, priorities, what are those?

My mouth is kind of hurting at the moment, it might be my wisdom tooth, but who knows? I have bonjela, but that actually makes it hurt a little worse.

Now, um, I have to go wash out this glass that had chocolate milk in, it's beginning to go green around the edges. Ahahaha, yes, I need to clean my room like whoa. Especially since I have people crashing here for the next three weekends! [it makes me feel popular. I really don't mind, because as well, noodles, pirates and dancing are involved.]

Also [although I know I'm going to have to e-mail them as well] Loki, Tegan, Ellie! Regarding my birthday thing - I have one sleeping bag! So it'd be super useful if you could tell me if you had anything we could be able to use!

Noodles, noodles, noodles.

[it's all a case of 'he said, she said', 'I would', 'I think', and nobody's sure, least of all me. so maybe I should ask someone who knows?]

[But tonight you'll get it right.]
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So if you wake up one morning and it's a particularly beautiful day, you'll know we made it.
The quote is from Sunshine [which I babbled about yesterday] and I have to say, I really like this line. It actually made me cry a little at the end.
But you know, I cry super easy in films. I cried a little in Spiderman. Betcha didn't know that.

I was being all 'yeah, gonna be super healthy' and was eating some melon. However, it was actually kind of disgusting, so I had poptarts. Which the toaster didn't eat. :D
However, this means I'm actually rather giggly. If I can turn the giggly into interest in Communication Principles [fucking Fourier Transforms] then it's all good.

I still have no idea what I want for my birthday. It's a toss up between a DS lite and an external harddrive, because it looks like I'm gonna shell out for a permanent account on my own. Because I'm an lj whore.

I also realised how much I talk sometimes. In fact, a lot of the time, conversations involve me talking nonstop. And people never tell me to shut up. Er, oops, haha.

I'm spending a lot of time chewing things. Like those tag things on clothes. Not really tasty, but oh well. I should really cut down my nervous habits, especially since I've started biting my nails again.

When my fringe is straightned/brushed forward, it kind of goes in my eyes. But it's not quite an emo fringe.

Also I changed my layout. :x I was getting a bit bored of the dj. So evil oranges!

[I still have intense not so internal dilemmas. oh, let me tell you internet, I like making life difficult.]

I may as well conclude a list of random statements with a meme. Comment, and I'll tell you why I love you. Or like you. Whatever. ♥

[Let me be honest, let me be the one to shake you home.]
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It's really great knowing I don't have to be in the labs for 9. So half the time I turned up at 10 anyway, shut up. What's not great is looming exams.

However, my birthday is just over a month away, how did that happen? I'm totally not sure what I'm doing - I mean, I plan to do something in Manchester after the exams, but as for my actual birthday... I might do something at the weekend for more people, but anyone want to come just hang around with me? I'll chase after people later anyway.

Me and Keith ended up going shopping [yep, I make him go make up shopping with me. I attack him with the glitter blushers.] and they had gifts if you spent over a fiver. It's a little make up bag with faries and flowers on it [but is still possibly kind of ugly] but it had eyeshadow and nail polish. Um, not that I really wear nail polish. But it's shiny nail polish.
I'm just a whore for anything pretty and sparkly, it's true.
Also, it's cool to hang out with Keith, for we make far better friends. And I get to sound all pretentious and shit while actually helping.

I'm going to be awol pretty much all weekend - going to the cinema, then out, then home. It's a weekend of madness. I'm going out for the lovely [livejournal.com profile] eleclya_m's birthday tomorrow, and on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, it's my grandma, my brother, my uncle and my dad's birthdays. Pretty freaky.
I got my dad the first Life On Mars dvd, which kind of sucks, since I would rather like to watch it. Just to see where I actually know. [We were watching the last episode, when Sam stands on the roof... And me and my dad were both 'that's not Manchester!]

Also, Pinali should never take me out drinking, she encourages me to have shots. Come out with me more, Pina!


3 interests, 3 icons meme. Comment? :P

Battle Royale
- Japanese horror/thriller, I guess, film about a class of high school students dumped on an island and ordered to kill each other. A little fucked up, kind of gross. But interesting, The sequel kind of sucked, but I enjoyed it, as weird as it is to say.

Fruits Basket
- One of my favourite anime/manga series, with a really weird plot. As I described it to my mother when she was watching it with me 'So, there's a family, and they all get turned into animals when they're hugged by a member of the opposite sex. And this random girl goes to live with them.' ...And really, it's better than it sounds. It's a lot about family, and finding a place to belong and being accepted for yourself.

- Kind of an old interest, but they're interesting animals, I guess.

fireflies sparkle
- It's some of Kurt Halsey's artwork, and I like fireflies. And I like sparkly things. It was also part of my effort to stop having so many anime icons.

potc - yo fucking ho
- Got this right after Dead Man's Chest, when I was 'okay, need icons!' I like having icons to represent being pissy, because I get annoyed a lot. And plus, Norrington is kind of cool, even if he is one of the bad guys.

fall out boy - pete - narnia
- So I love Fall Out Boy, but I also like making fun of them. And a picture like this is just asking for it really. Because he is hanging up in a closet. [It's a picture from the lyrics booklet from Infinity On High] Oh, Pete Wentz. You kind of terrify me at times.

(no subject)
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Um wow. Thanks to Iso, LeiLei, Loki, Kody, Mio, Steve and Koneko X3 Was that everyone? XD And Rizu and Hime for their shoutouts, plus Kody, Koneko and Steve... again. XDDD

The multiconvo would have worked better if I hadn't been completly dead at about 11. *cough*

I am old 19, and I love you all :3

*noms 333333:*

[But your secret's safe with me.]
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*twitch* I was making some sort of comment of glee about moving out, to the point of 'Yay, someone else will be paying for the food. X3'


...Bitch. ¬___¬ I meant it as I don't have to go shopping everyweek and plan all my meals and shiznit for a few months. No need to make me feel like a complete BITCH cause I get help off my parents, and as such am not in my overdraft. :3
But seriously, do I go 'YOU DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY, YOU'RE IN YOUR OVERDRAFT, I'M NOT, NER NER NER!1!' eh? No! Because I'm not a bitch. That much. I will act lovely and pleasant [as I get] to your face but I don't like you X3 I'm not going to be all 'I never have to see you again so I'll just be a bitch :D'
I'm sure you fucking knew what I meant. I think Laura understood me at least. But assadlkjadslk. I don't spend that much, k.



Yeah, exams are over. WOW.
We had a fun day after the exam, played some pool, sat and had really weird conversations in the union, and then to 5th Ave. Missed getting in free by a few minutes. Fail.
Then we stayed in bed most of the morning then cleaned up my pit of a room.
And now I'm hideously bored.


This gets caps.

MY BIRTHDAY IS NEXT WEEK. [Tuesday 13th :0] Anybody who's free on the day, leave a comment and come hang with us. :3
On Saturday 17th, there's gonna be a mini meet, so again, please, come ;___;

[I want to hear you laugh like you really mean it, collapse into me, tired with joy.]
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Let's have some good and some bad. Okay, not much bad.

Snow Patrol - Eyes Open is good. This is a wonderful, brilliant album. >_> I love it. There's some songs that I haven't really taken to yet, but there's four or five that I love and adore. Strangely enough mostly about 'this relationship is fucked up, but I still love you.' Awww. :3 [And crap, Snow Patrol are touring. I may have to consult teh boy. Because... this may mean. I will see the two bands on ym 'omg see' list this winter.]

Muse - Supermassive Black Hole. I want to like it cause, hey, Muse! But... it doesn't sound like Muse. Therein my problem. I'm sure it'd be ok if it wasn't Muse. But... I may be coming around. [I just like going 'IT SUCKS' it seems.]

Shopping makes me gleeful. I have 'roar' pajamas. Um, how cool is that?

...Revision. Oh noes.

And I might have hayfever. ;D


Here's an emo
There's an emo
And a little furry emo
Slutty emo, girly emo
Emo, emo, KICK.


And also, in other news. MY BIRTHDAY, BIATCHES.
Okay two things. One, on my birthday, there'll be a small thing in Birmingham, with food, and ddr, and shopping for converse, and then going back to mine for... movies? Anime? Ultimate lols? Being terrorized by small children? Who knows.
Saturday, a meet. Of meetlike proportions.
Just comment, k. >_>;