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jump start my kaleidoscope heart

already out of foolproof ideas

[i am on the mend.]
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let me just say this.

[livejournal.com profile] kiraras_lemon is a fucking star. she is one of the people who I know will always help me out, listen to me and tell me when I'm a complete idiot.
and when it's okay for me to say 'no, i can't do this.'

thanks for everything. ♥ when all these exams are over, you, me, and a fuckload of bandom dvds.


i am on the mend,
at least now i can say that i am trying,
and i hope you will forget,
the things i still lack.
yeah. yeah.

[give your immortality to me, i'll set you up against the stars.]
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last couple of days have been surprisingly fun! went to a gig last minute last night, which was oh my god awesome. Katie wins everything, ever. she's good at converting people. also, after, had some good conversations with her and Indie James. [we have to categorise the James. there is Indie James, Pirate James, Laura's James... apparently Laura has started naming them after Star Wars movies. A New James, etcetera.] pretty good, especially since I've never really spoken to him much before.

and today, Anisha came to Manchester, and we had delicious, delicious noodles and tempura. and sorbet! so good! *dead* depending on how many people turn up to the meet, we should go there again. also finally remembered to burn a dvd of emo for her. 1100+ tracks. booyah. plus, I made her watch youtube videos. okay, I am addicted to it. no... huge secret there.
['...you have livejournal as your home page?!']

doors 2 - Anisha 0.


6. Sarritchi
[ happy, rand0m, fair, debatable, unique ]
Sarri is awesome. XD I might not talk to her tooooo often but when I do, it's a conversation made of win. Sarri's also a bit of a ninja. Just when you think she can't see your LJ entries, she is actually lurking beneath the shadows. Although she's an anime fan, she listens to emo music, which I don't put against her. She adores it, and isn't ashamed of it which takes a lot of guts against the whole anime clique scene. However, her personality isn't emo itself. =3 I love our conversations and I love who she is. ^^

dude, is it 'say randomly nice things about me' week or something? [livejournal.com profile] xia_hime AND [livejournal.com profile] quaaaack have both been up to it lately. ♥ ♥ ♥ for you ALL, okay? I'm such a sap, but pfft, oh well. I do read everything you write, and you all mean a lot to me.

[although, dude, you spelt my name wrong.]

I'm just in a mood of loving everything lately, which is kind of weird, considering how awful I felt the other night.


[oh, how we shouted, how we screamed- take notice, take interest, take me with you.]


any ideas for a cheap Halloween costume?

[we hide and go seek, and you know they'll never, never, ever find us.]
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good Reading news on two fronts! We have tickets again! booyah. and also, in my attempt to be super cheeky, I was telling my parents I really hadn't had much for my birthday - at the current moment, it's a hoodie and a tshirt - so could I have more money for Reading. and they were 'um, didn't we pay for Reading?' 'uhh, no, I did.'
...long story short, as long as I iron and my mother's work people have a spare power supply for my pc [moar on that later], I'm getting my Reading money back. Which is like, £180. ahhh man, you have no idea how freaking awesome that is. booyah x2.

continuing on my endless quest to get my computer fixed... my dad phoned up Dell yesterday to find out that, um, yeah, the guarantee ran out nearly a year ago. he emailed them later, and found out we could buy a new psu off them and install it ourselves. dell then denied having that part and refused to let my dad talk to a supervisor. yeah, I know, some people say dells are shitty pcs [and guess what, if that's all you have to say then stfu plz :] ] but we've been using them for the last 20 years, almost. yeah. not happy.
but, as I said, the guys at my mother's work might have one for free. booyah.

also, my dad is getting a new car. strange. but in time to take me back up north. [i miss the north.]

basically, yes, I'm an overdramatic so-and-so, which means that- it's time to talk about ame, bitches. [photos will be later. but who really wants to see lots of photos of [livejournal.com profile] dogmop being a drunken spaz?]
what what, amecon. )

my caps got lost somewhere.
not mentioned is the millions of people I saw! millions and millions! and I love you allll. ♥♥
amecon next year? um, fuck yeah.

[And our fingers, they almost touched.]
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I am so super special, I managed to get ♥ twice into my interests.

I also spent part of today playing football with my puppies. Things like that are cool. Because they are so adorable and give me puppy kisses, which are actually more disgusting dog slobber, but details, details.
Also makes me reflect on just how short this holiday really is. I'm going back up in a week, which is like, no time at all.


ganked from [livejournal.com profile] shuraiya~
RULES: Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 10 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. No tags back.

  • I wear glasses. I just... don't wear them. Contacts all the way, unless I'm really ill or feeling lame. It's a self confidence thing. It just means everyone goes 'omgwtf' when I do wear glasses - example is last year, when I was going through my hayfever/allergy week, my eyes were too itchy to wear contacts, and my tutor was '...Uh, what happened?' [This is the same guy who said 'You woke up and your hair was pink?']

  • I'm actually really shy around new people. I always think I'm really annoying and not cool to be around, so I'm awful at starting conversations, and end up latching on people I do know and sticking to them. however, once you've got me into a conversation, there's no shutting me up.

  • I have real problems with things like body language and facial expressions. I'll get told off for making a certain face, when I'm actually just trying to have a blank face and I have no idea what I'm actually doing. It really bugs me, because I always get told off for it.

  • I've only ever been to the emergency room twice - once they told me I was fine and my wrist was fractured, once I was actually only having a panic attack. Ironically - I did not go to the hospital when I hit my head.

  • I hit my head off a wall in nursery, and I have a scar from the stitches on the very top of my head.

  • People insulting me because of my music choices really annoys me. [Okay, you probably knew that.] Most of the time, I just don't get why people can't say 'I don't like this, you do, okay.'

  • I also really hate being made to feel like I'm one dimensional or something. I get down, I deal with it. It doesn't mean I am always angsting. In fact, I can be quite upbeat and silly most of the time. I have lows, and I have highs.

  • I am permanently set as busy on msn. It's really hit or miss if I'm there. [but try anyway! I can get back to you!]

  • Despite everything, I think I'm actually much better off at the current moment not being in a relationship.

  • I fall in love with words very easily. And it makes me want to flail and go 'Oh my god, listen to this!' and I forget that people don't always like the same things as me.

I tag whoever, feh. I am not picky.


I read a quote from somewhere that said something along the lines of 'If you're happy all the time, then you're not living life.' I can't remember it exactly, but I definitely remember the sentiment, and I don't know, I like it.

[also, losing time is fun. I keep doing it. whole hours disappear.]

[This song is not for you lovers.]
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Monday was a fantastic day. Ellie came over, and then we went to the park to play. Because it's not like we're 19 or anything, right? Right. So, swinging and shopping and giggling and talking and pick and mix were had, and I really do love this girl. ♥ She is far cuter than I will ever be, alas. I was being a spaz and showing her pictures, and she looked at a few and said 'Is that a girl or a boy?' And ahh, this is true love. ♥ ♥ Because Ryan Ross is a girl.
The Atlanta show is ♥ 'The poor groom's bride is a... slut.' And Brendon looks like Brandon Flowers from the Killers all of a sudden. I... approve.
I also really love the new Killers video. The dinosaur! Playing beatmania games! Teaching Japanese school children how to dance!

Most of my days are spent revising, trying to revise and picking ambiguous msn names. Plus playing Maple, because I have a new guild! With people I know! If only Alex hadn't abandoned us, sob sob, emo, etc. And also kicking fics. Because they are mutating.

[hooker demons. demons... that are hookers. oh god, i love my fandom so much.]

Exchanges like 'Tomorrow is SPPPAAAAAARRTTTTAAAAAAA.' '...No, tomorrow is Friday.' make my life better. ♥

[livejournal.com profile] eleclya_m, next year, do you fancy going to the horse riding club with me? I'll try and stick with it this year, but I'm really not sure which class I'll be in.
But I'm riding Banner again, and I love him so much.

What? My house is like a black hole for my jacket. There's this one jacket I brought like... Well, it was America, and I haven't been to America since 03. And I wore it a lot in lower sixth. So yeah, almost four years ago.
For some reason, it was on the banisters the other day. But hey. I wanted a new hoodie. I'm still eyeing that Panic hoodie for my birthday. [if anyone loves me, I'm twenty in June. ahaha.] I'm also thinking of being really mean and sending my mother to go to Hot Topic for arm warmers for me when they go to America - if they go. But seriously, they'd be staying in one of the Disney hotels. And I can't go. [Plus, it'd be including the day of my dad's 50th birthday. Talk about random.]

I should be seeing Neko on Wednesday. At last! I mean, I last saw her at Auchi, which was too long ago.

I love being at home. The internet is so fast.