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[i know you want to run away.]
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yes. ahaha. we can.

my god, I totally cannot wait. Chloe and Katie are going to talk more to the landlord tomorrow so. we'll see. there's a few little issues like storage space for the back room, but it can be worked around.


'Pretty. Odd.', huh?
Panic make me gleeful, if not bemused by their punctuation. but hey, just release the goddamn uk dates already.
I'm eyeing the window of time between the Europe mainland dates and the Honda Civic dates hopefully. June is too far away.
I might have to try and convince Katie she wants to see them, haha. but I already have a list of 3 people to go with.
but oh god. I am so looking forward to this. I've been checking the website daily, moreorless, to see the updates on the puzzle.
also, disappearing exclamation marks ftw.


last night was fun, if not slightly bemusingly awkward, in the best possible way.
good nights always end with wet converse and static in my ears.


I feel detached from situations.
this isn't my life defining moment. or does it define my life by saying that?
my logic is always circular.


I have my Skullcandy headphones. ♥
they're green and shiny and awesome.

HOUSE! Househousehouse! (I love how every time we want to show someone how awesome our house is we always use that photo ^_^)

I have decided that if I do get a kittycat he will have to be called ninja!Bob. Regardless of whether it's a boy or a girl.

oh wow, I envy you so much...I wish I had someone I could share a house with

awww =[
this is the first year I'll actually be living with friends, I've been in halls for the last 3 years. XD

I wish we could keep it :P but only rent for the year at current. but omg, so awesome!

Nice looking living room. How much is the rent?

for the house per month, it's just over £1000, about £62 per week. but since two of the others are sharing a room, we're splitting it evenly, I think, so somewhere around £50? not quite sure how much we'll actually pay quite yet, need to wait for the others to get back from seeing the landlord.

aghhh panic! website, why/how did i forget about you?

yay for fun. :)

eee skullcandy, what type? ♥

how are they real, i swear. Brendon sings the super mario theme.

green lowriders. I almost want a pare in red as well.

Hoping you guys get the house, every student house should have a proper living room!

we've got it, phoned up the landlord the other day \o/

awesome for parties :D also, good luck for you and dory's house hunting~

New MUJS party house then? :D

(just as well as the girls&Damian are moving out of theirs).

not quite as close as current mujs house but xP it's 15 minutes walk from fallowfield and on a bus route.

Is it on Birchfields Road? Since Sophie was saying it was further down but still on the 50 bus route I think... Though I don't know where the 50 goes after Birchfields heh.

We've got the contracts and stuff to sign. He seemed ok with swapping the bed for a frame one but he didn't say 100% for certain if he would.

mm, katie said apparently the room was better laid out this time. I shall come see you guys sometime after monday then, unless any of you are around here.