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jump start my kaleidoscope heart

already out of foolproof ideas

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[cigarettes keep you skinny and your mind off the rain.]
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someone got kind of bored today.


and after. I actually really, really like this colour.

now all I need is an actual haircut. also, fear my squinty eyes. I can't control it.
...and yes, that's a vg cats shirt. I have the best boyfriend.

That haircolour suits you! It enhances the colour of your eyes So yay you! ^^

ohhh, pretty~ :)

also, omg vgcats. <3

Eee, I have that shirt too!!~ It's ended up being one of my weekly essentials XD

Wow... that really suits you, and as someone pointed out above it makes the colour of your eyes stand out more ^^

Pretty Sarri is pretty!

You are in my internets, stealing my t-shirts! xD