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[i've been here once before, you keep me running in circles.]
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yesterday was amusing in the end. for a while, I hid upstairs with the eldest of my cousins - he's 3 years younger than me and is off to uni next year, probably the same uni as me, aha - playing with his iPhone and talking music. iPhones are kind of super annoying to navigate. but he's got pretty good music taste - likes Fall Out Boy, Brand New and a fair amount of indie too.
he was an elf again. oh man, that never ever gets old. this year, he had no tights. err, do not want.

although looking at the entry I just linked to, oh god, were the puppies ever that small? they were almost pocket sized back then.

Boxing Day is the only day I can get away with having apple pie and ice cream for breakfast. :D

I just watched the adaptation of one of my favourite childhood books - Ballet Shoes. had a load of well known English actors and Emma Watson was actually quite good in it. they added random romance in though. but I remembered what a brat Posy was in it. I didn't like her much, ahaha. her dancing teacher has a stroke and her reaction is 'I'm not crying for Madam, I'm crying for me. what about my training?' she runs away from home to see a Russian dancing instructor who offers her a place in an academy in Prague, when her guardian doesn't have enough money to keep them in England. so her eldest sister gives up her dreams for it. [performing in movies as opposed to theatre.]

god, so tired lately.

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